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Pumps Selection, online since 2009, exists to help homeowners with sump pumps.

Our experience with sump pumps began over 40 years ago. Our home, with a finished basement built in a high water table area, gets a lot of heavy rainstorms and sump pit water. We never want to experience a flooded basement thus we continually research the best new products, read manuals and watch online pump brand training. It is our pleasure to share our findings so that you become an educated shopper and have confidence in selecting, installing and maintaining your own sump pump.

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Pumps Selection 5 Sump Pump Selection Guides

Many factors impact the selection of a sump pump. We provide five gudies to help with the selection of the best pump.
1) How To Help, i.e. How To Choose The Right Sized Pump
2) Brand Comparisons For Pump Housing, Float Switch Type, Pumping Performance and Horse Power.
3) Reviews For Sump Pump Models By Brand
4) Quick Shopping For A Pleasant Experience
5) Manufacturers Specs And Manuals
We are here to help you.
Regardless of your need we hope you will find PumpsSelection.com very helpful. Why not scroll down the page and see what is available to you.

Find Sump Pump Help


How To Pick The Right Sized Pump

It is natural to think installing a larger horse power sump pump is best because it will always keep up with even the unexpected heavy rains. But installing too big of a pump is as bad as installing too small of a sump pump. A sump pump that runs for short cycles frequently will experience motor burn out faster. So performing a size calculation is key to choosing a right sized sump pump. Learn how to calculate the right sized sump pump for your water pumping needs now.

Steps To Size Pump

Worried Because Your House Has A Sump Pump?

Sump pumps are both good and bad. They are good because they prevent a homes foundation from collecting water and eroding. They also keep the lower level or basement dry and free from mold. Mold is unhealthy for humans and causes home deterioration. They are bad because they are mechanical and fail. The key to owning a sump pump is learning how they work. Here are some videos showing how sump pumps work.

How Sump Pumps Work

Afraid Of Installing A Sump Pump?

Many years ago we were afraid to install a sump pump, but after watching a few videos online our confidence grew and we did it. Much To our delight we now install and replace all our own sump pumps. Installing our own pumps saves time, money and scheduling frustration. We no longer have to wait for a plumber. Replacing a sump pump is not that hard. Once the basin cover is removed there are only a few things to do.

Steps To Install Pump


Compare Sump Pump Brands

Want To See A Comparison Of 13 Sump Pump Brands?

Are you looking for a quick comparison of thirteen different sump pump brands? Look no further we compare eight popular pump brands by performance, float switch type, housing material and solids handling. Then we highlight features that make the thirteen brands unique. Last we present the product lines and model numbers for seven brands.

Compare 7 Brands

Want to See Zoeller and Wayne Sump Pump Differences?

Zoeller and Wayne are very well known sump pump brands. Both make pumps that work well. But there are big differences between them. Here are two of those differences. Zoeller makes their pumps in the USA while Wayne uses both domestic and imported parts. Zoeller tests all their pumps before they leave the factory. Wayne only tests a percentage.

Zoeller vs. Wayne

Are You Wondering What Makes Zoeller And Liberty Pumps Different?

Zoeller and Liberty Pumps are similar in many ways, but they also have big differences. Both make pumps that work well; both make their pumps in the USA, both use the vortex impeller for solids handling, and both test their pumps, although Zoeller performs two tests instead of one. But even though they have these similarities, they also have big differences between them when it comes to pump housing, design, float switch types and number of available models.

Zoeller vs. Liberty


Review And Compare Sump Pump Models

Zoeller The Plumbers Choice. Which Model Is Best?

Are you looking for a Zoeller sump pump, but wonder which one is best for your water pumping needs? There are three product lines and so many models to choose from. Each model has unique features with different pumping performance and float switch variance, but they all have a cast iron motor housing plus pump housing. Our comparison of models makes the selection process easier. Here are the most sought after models we compare: M53 vs M57, M53 vs M63, M63 vs M95, M95 vs M98, 507 vs 508 Backup, M267 vs M268 sewage pump.

Compare Zoeller Models

Wayne The Popular Box Store Pump. Which Pump Is Best?

Have you heard a lot about Wayne sump pumps, but wonder which one to choose? There are many models to choose from. Each model varies by pump housing, float switch type and pumping performance. Our comparison of the various models makes the selection process easier. Here are the most sought after models CDU790, CDU800, CDU980E and CDU1000.

Compare Wayne Models

Liberty Pumps Family Employee Owned. Which Series Is Best?

Are you not familiar with Liberty Pumps sump pumps, but would like to learn which one is best? There are so many to choose from. Liberty has a total of five series. Each one has unique features with different housing types and float switch options. Our comparison of series models makes the selection process easier. Here are the most sought after sump pump model series: 230, 240, 250, 280, the SJ10 water powered, and the 441 Backup.

Compare Liberty Models


Quick Shop Pumps For Quick And Easy Shopping

Quick Shop Pumps provides Quick And Easy Shopping if you are looking for basic sump pump specifications and want to quickly chose a specific one. Sump Pumps are grouped by category to save time searching. When you are ready to purchase the link will take you to Amazon to see the standard shopping info about the product and provide the buy now option.

As Amazon Associates we make a commission from qualifying products. We use our commissions to cover our time creating pages like this. Your purchase price is the same as if you shop directly on Amazon.


Manufacturers Specs And Manuals Downloads

Manufactures Specs and Manuals Downloads provide sump pump downloadable specs, manuals and parts lists for specific sump pump models. Once downloaded and printed, it is best to place these documents near a pumps installation so they can be accessed easily when needed. Often a sump pump float switch fails but the rest of the pump is in great operating condition. Rather than discard the pump, the Downloadable Parts Lists can be used to just purchase and install the broken part.


Want To See Manufacturers Specs For Specific Models?

Sump Pump Specs

Need To See Manufacturers Sump Pump Manuals?

Sump Pump Manuals

Want To See Manufacturers Sump Pump Parts Lists?

Parts Lists

- Ready To See The 20 BEST RATED By Type? Let the Reviews By Comparison help you discover quality, key specifications and discount price. See The 20 Best Sump Pumps By Type below.
- Are you wondering if you have the right size sump pump? See our step-by-step guide below. Steps How To Size Sump Pump.
- Do you want to learn more about sump pumps? You will find many resources to read and videos to watch. (Check the Resource section below for our Helpful Pump Information.)
- Would you like to test your pump knowledge and then shop? Our facts will highlight interesting facts you may not be aware of. (Check the Pump Facts below to increase your knowledge).
- Would you like to shop only for those pumps which are known as best sellers because of their consumer ratings and high purchase volume? Here is the Best Sellers Water Pump List.
- Or do you only want quick shopping links to buy now? (Here's the link to make your Shopping Quick.)
Sump Pumps provide Flood Protection

There is a lot of information here to help you find the best sump pump for your water pumping needs.

- Find help in shopping and discovering the Best Sump Pumps for your water pump needs at lowest prices.
- Discover which primary submersible, battery backup, water powered pump is the best for your water pump needs. Use the pump reviews to compare pumps by manufacturer brand, key specifications and pricing.
- Find the best check valve, and switch replacement for your existing sump pump system.
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The 20 Best Sump Pumps By Type

Reviews By Comparison Reveals Why These Pumps Are Best

Please note: All tether float switch types require a 14 inch diameter pit. All Vertical float switch types require a 10 inch diameter pit. GPH is based on 10 Foot Vertical Height
Many product links found on this website are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate we receive commissions from qualifying purchases. Your purchase price is the same as if you shop directly on Amazon.
WAYNE CDU980E 3/4 HP Submersible Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Sump Pump With Integrated Vertical Float Switch

#1 Wayne CDU980E

CDU980E 58321-WYN3 3/4 HP Cast Iron Base Stainless Steel Housing, Vertical Float Switch, 3500 GPH at 10 Feet, Top suction, 10 Amps, Power Cord 8 Feet, Weighs 20 lbs, 5 yr. warranty



Zoeller M53 .33 HP-Cast-Iron Submersible Sump Pump

#2 Zoeller M53

>Automatic Submersible Sump Pump 1/3 HP Cast-Iron Vertical-Float-Switch 115v 9.7 Amps 2040 GPH @ 10 Ft 1.5 Inch-Discharge-Port 9 Ft Cord 1/2 In.-Solids-Handling Float-ON-7-1/4 In. Float-OFF-3-Inch No-Screen To-Clog-Vortex-Impeller Made In USA, Weighs 21 lbs, 3 yr. warranty



Wayne Utility Pump WWB Water Bug


Utility Submersible 1020-GPH Thermoplastic-Housing Manual 1-Yr-Warranty Size-6 x 8-in




Wayne CDU790 Primary Submersible


Wayne CDU790 1/3 HP Cast Iron Steel Vertical-Float-Switch Submersible Pump Carbon Steel Housing Vertical-Float-Switch, Cast Iron base, Float Switch ON 9 In. OFF 4 inches, Top Suction, 8 ft power cord, 2700 GPH at 10 ft, 8.5 Amps, Weighs 16.95 lbs, 3 yr. warranty



Zoeller M57 Mighty-Mate


M57 Submersible Sump Pump 1/3 HP Cast-Iron Vertical-Float-Switch 115v 9.7-Amps 2040 GPH @ 10 Ft 1.5 Inch Discharge Port 9-Ft-Cord 1/2 In. Solids Handling Float-ON-7 1/4 In. Float-OFF-3-Inch No-Screen-To-Clog-Vortex-Impeller Made In USA, Weighs 28 lbs, 3 yr. warranty.



Zoeller Laundry Kit 105-001 Drain Kit

#6 ZOELLER 105-0001

Laundry Pump Package With M53 1/3-HP -2040-GPH- -Cast-Iron-Housing -Vertical-Float 3-Yr-Warranty Size-10-3/32 x 10-1/16-in




Wayne CDU800 Primary Submersible


CDU800 1/2 HP Carbon Steel Housing, Cast Iron Base, Vertical Float Switch, Top suction, 3840 GPH at 10 ft, Switch-ON 9 inches, Switch-OFF 4 inches, Power Cord 8 feet, 3.8 Amps, weighs 18.5 lbs, 3 yr. warranty.



Superior 92333 Pedestal

#8 SUPERIOR 92333

Pedestal Sump-Pump 1/3-HP 2280-GPH Thermoplastic-Housing Vertical-Float 1-Yr-Warranty Size-8.5 x 36-in




Wayne Battery Backup ESP25


ESP25 Battery Backup Equivalent to 1/3HP 1680 GPH @ 10 fett vertical height, Thermoplastic-Housing, Vertical Float Switch, 2 Year Warranty, Size-7.2 x 10-in




Wayne CDU1000 Primary Sbmersible

#10 WAYNE CDU1000

CDU1000 Wayne 1 HP Cast Iron Base, Stainless Steel Housing, Vertical Float Switch, Top suction, 3840 GPH at 10 ft, Switch-ON 9 inches, Switch-OFF 4 inches, Power Cord 8 feet, 8.8 Amps, weighs 22 lbs, 5 yr. warranty.



Superior 92250 Primary Submersible at SumpPumps.PumpsSelection.com

#11 SUPERIOR 92250

92250 Automatic Automatic Sump Pump, 1/4 HP 1200 GPH at 10 feet vertical height, Thermoplastic Housing, Tether-Float, 1 Year Warranty, Size-5.4 x 9.7-in



Superior 92341 Primary Submersible Sump Pump

#12 SUPERIOR 92341

92341 Superior Pump Model Submersible Sump Pump 1/3 HP, Cast Iron housing, Vertical Float Switchh, 4.1 Amps, 115-Volt, 1,800 GPH @ 10 Vertical Feet, Handles 3/8 Inch solids, Weighs 18.68 pounds, and 10-Ft. Cord, 3 yr. Warranty




Wayne WSSM40V Combination Primary Submersible Plus Battery Back sup


WSS30VNv Cmbination Sump-Pump CDU800 (Primary) + ESP25 (Backup) 1/2-HP 3150 GPH at 10 Foot VwetixaL Height, Carbon-Steel-Housing, Vertical Float Switch, 5 Year-Warranty, Size-24.5 x 12-in, with ESP25 Battery Backup Equivalent to 1/3HP 1680 GPH @ 10 fett vertical height, Thermoplastic-Housing, Vertical Float Switch,




Little Giant 6-CIA 521225 Primary Submersible at PumpsSelection.com

#14 LITTLE GIANT 6-CIA 506158

506158 6-CIA Primary Automatic Submersible 1/3-HP 1740 GPH at 10 Foot Vwretical Height, Cast Iron Housing, Diaphragm Switch, 2 Year Warranty, Size-10.3 x 9.7-in




Zoeller M63 .5 Horse Power-Thermoplastic Submersible Sump Pump

#15 Zoeller M63

M63 PREMIUM SERIES Submersible Sump Pump 1/3 HP All Cast Iron upgraded Vertical Float Switch, 1-1/2 Inch Discharge Port 10 Ft Power Cord, 1/2-Inch-Solids-Handling Float-ON 7 1/4 In. Float-Off 3 in. 9.7 Amps No Screen To-Clog Vortex Impeller, Made in USA, LED lighted power plug, Weighs 29 lbs, 5 Year Warranty<



Zoeller 508-0005 Battery-Backup Thermoplastic Sump Pump

#16 ZOELLER 508-0005

508-0005 1800 GPH @ 10 Ft 3 Yr Warranty Group size 27, 29 and 31 Batteries Set of Dry Contacts Allows System To Connect To Home Security Alarm, Auto Dialers 10 Amp Battery Recharger, 3 Year Warranty




Basement Watchdog BW1050 at PumpsSelection.com


SI33V Submersible Sump Pump 1/3 Horse Power cast-iron housing Vertical Float-Switch-115v 5 Amps 3200 GPH @ 10 Feet 1 1/2 inch-Discharge Port Bottom Screen, 10 Ft-Cord Weighs 21 Lbs. 3 Year Warranty.




Liberty 237 1/3-HP


237 Primary Submersible Sump Pump 1/3-HP 1800 GPH at 10 Feet Vertical Height, Cast Aluminum Housing, Vertical Magnetic Float Switch, 3Year Warranty Size-9.6 x 10.5-in



Liberty 287 Primary-Submersible


287 Vertical Magnetic Float 1/2 HP Mid Range Head Cast Iron Housing, Bottom Screen With Legs to Raise Pump Base, 3/4 In. Solids Handling, 4260 GPH At 10 Foot Lift Automatic Sump/Effluent Pump with Series Plug and 25-Feet Cord, Float ON height 9.5 inches OFF at 4 inches, Maximum Shut off Head height 37 feet, Weighs 29 lbs, 3 Year Warranty



BasePump RB750-EZ Water Powered Sump-Pump at PumpsSelection.com


RB750-EZ Premium Water Powered Backup Sump Pump with Water Alarm 1 Gallon City Water Removes 2 Gallon Basin Water, pump water at 700 to 900 GPH, olypropylene-Housing Suction-Tubing 5-Yr-Warranty Size-18 x 6-in





The 20 Best Sump Pumps Specs Review by Comparison

Review By Comparison GPH, HP, Float Switch, And Housing Material

- GPH, Float Switch, Housing Material and Warranty Specs show differences between the top rated sump pumps.
- GPH (Gallons Pumped Per Hour) comparison shows the Wayne CDU1000 has the highest GPH at 5100. If a large volume of water enters the sump basin during heavy rainstorms, this is the best pump selection; however, installing something with too much pumping capability causes the motor to short cycle and burn out prematurely.
- Horse Power comparison shows the Wayne CDU1000 with the greatest horse power. This equals its high gallons pumped per hour capability. Generally horse power is comparable to the pumping capability; however, Zoeller pumps are an exception. Their M53, M57 and M63 are one-third horse power but their pumping capability is equivalent to one-half horse power.
- Housing Material comparison identifies four housing types used. The strongest, most durable is cast iron. Thermoplastic is the weakest and least durable. The best selection for heavy pumping is cast iron because it will not warp or crack like thermoplastic and it will help the pump to remain more stationery in the basin because of weight.
- Warranty comparison shows four warranty periods available. The 5 year warranty is longest period offered. Based on warranty period, the Wayne CDU980E, CDU1000, Zoeller M63 and BasePump RB750-EZ are the best pump selection with 5 years.
Reviewing the comparisons definitely helps to make a more educated decision.

Steps How To Size Sump Pump

1) Measure The-Basin Height
2) Measure The-Basin Diameter
3) Find The Height Of The Vertical Portion Of The Discharge Pipe
4) Count The Number Of Elbows, Their Degrees, And Check Valves
5) Identify The Water Flow Rate Entering The Pit During Heavy Rains
6) Perform The Actual Calculation
7) Find A Sump-Pump That Can Handle The Water Flow Rate At The Measured Vertical Height
Learn More Details How To Size Sump Pump

How Pumps Work

Become an educated shopper. Learn how each sump pump type works.

See Just What Makes A Sump Pump Work

Is A Submersible Primary Sump Pump Best? Learn Why.

Is A Battery Backup Sump Pump Necessary? See How It Works.

Are Water Powered Sump Pumps Reliable? Learn Why.

Is A Combination Sump Pump Easier To Install? Learn Why.

What Is The Advantage Of A Pedestal Sump Pump? Learn Now.

Watch How Each Sump Pump Type Works Now.

Want To See Common Sump Pump Problems? View Now.

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Pump Facts Help - Compare Sump Pump Specifications - Quick Shop

Pump Facts Help

Not All Pumps Are Created Equal. Learn what makes them different. Discover which is the best sump pump selection for your needs.

Learn More

Compare Pump Specifications

Pump Manufacturers Include common BUT also unique features. Find out what these pump specifications are and why they could make a difference.

Compare Pumps

Quick Shop In A Hurry

Do you know which pump is the best for you? Are you ready to shop for it? Here are the QUICK SHOP links.

Quick Shop

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- Not all pumps are created and function equally.
- A 1/2 HP (horse power) may pump as many GPH (gallons per hour) as a 3/4 HP because of pump motor efficiency.
- Just because sump pump housing is cast iron does not mean the volute and impeller are.
- Using a quiet check-valve will quiet the loud clunking sounds caused by water hitting the check valve stopper.
- An Auxiliary Power Unit converts DC current (battery) to AC current so you can run your electric pump during power outages.
- Bronze sump pumps are expensive, but extremely durable.
- Some pump manufacturers test every pump before it leaves the plant.
- Professionally recommended sump pumps not available at the Big Box Stores can be purchased online.
- An external float switch can be installed with an existing pump. It allows you to set the ‘on’ and ‘off’ height and eliminate short cycling.
- One float switch has a lifetime warranty.
- Replacing a sump pump is something you can do without the help of a plumber.
- A Water Pumps Best Sellers list is available. It includes sump pumps, battery backup sump pumps, utility pumps, laundry pumps, sewage pumps and more is available. See them all.

Learn More Water Pump Facts

- Plumbers choice pumps are available online. What a deal! Find out which water pumps are the plumbers choice.
- Best Sellers For All Water Pump Types are identified. Discover the Top Rated Sump Pump Sellers!
- Quiet check-valves are quiet. Avoid the water hammer sound! See the quiet check valves now.
- The new Pump Switch does have a Lifetime Warranty. It works! We Installed it in 2011.
- Tips on how to find the top rated sump pumps for a basement sump pump do help a buyer make a better choice. Why not find out what the tips are now?
- Which battery backup sump pump is best for your water pump needs? Compare specs to find out.
- Which pump manufacturer brand is becoming increasingly popular? Find out now!
- Here is the growing popular water powered backup sump pump solution.
- Are you puzzled by a sump pump problem? Watch videos showing sump pump problems in action.
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We did the sump pump reviews by comparison for you.

To review by comparison the large selection of pumps, just select the pump type below (in the Review & Shop Pumps Section) you wish to review and you will soon discover the Top Rated Sump Pumps selection brand for your pumping needs at the lowest prices with free shipping.
Find out which is The Top Rated Sump Pumps For The Basement.>


We hope you will visit Pumps Selection again and again and discover more "pumps for your pumping needs".
OUR MISSION is to help you make the best sump pump selection at the greatest value. We want you to learn about water pumps and compare specs so you can be an educated shopper. Learn before you buy.
-Easy to Shop. Easy to Share..
- Know peace of mind when those heavy rainstorms come.
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Learn More About Sump Pumps

Primary Sunp Pumps At Pumps Selection

Primary Sump Pumps

Primary Submersible sump pumps come in many brands. How do you know which brand to get? If you are happy with the brand you currently have keep using it. However, if you are unhappy with your brand's performance it is best to check out what other pump brands offer. All brand pumps basically function the same however each brand is unique. Why not find out about what other brands have to offer?

Review By Brand

Or better yet, why not learn more about primary sump pumps? So many good specification options exist. Even find a Quick Guide to sump pump sizing and installation.

Primary Sump Pumps More Info

Battery Backup sump pumps at Pumps Selection

Backup Sump Pumps

Backup Sump Pumps are a necessity if your electricity goes out or your primary pump ever fails. Backup pumps are so inexpensive compared to the cost and frustration of cleaning up after a flooded basement and facing potential mold risk. If you have a small narrow pit, why not consider a battery backup pump that can be installed in the discharge line rather than on the basin floor. If you do not wish to deal with batteries, why not consider a water powered pump running on city water?

Battery Backup Sump Pumps More Info

combination sump pumps at Pumps Selection

Combination Sump Pumps

Combination Sump Pumps come preassembled. Do you wish you could install your own primary and battery backup sump pump? Why not consider a preassembled primary and battery backup combination pump system. These combination systems come preassembled so all you have to do is align the combination system's discharge pipe to your existing discharge pipe in the sump pit. Installing a sump pump system is not as hard and complicated as you may think.

Combo Sump Pumps More Info

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More About Parts & Accessories

Float Switch Replacement At Pumps Selection

Float Switch Replacement

Float Switch Replacement is available. Are you frustrated because the sump pump float switch fails too often and it is hard to install a new one especially when it fails during a heavy rainstorm? Our frustration led us to find out what else may be on the market. We found a winner. After seven years of being installed, it has never failed. This switch is the best thing we discovered. We no longer worry about switch failure during heavy rainstorms or when we are away from home.

Float Switches More Info

Check Valve At Pumps Selection Both Quiet And Tracitional

Quiet Check Valve

Quiet Check Valves makes a difference. Gone are the days of the clunking or hammer sound and water hammer when our sump pump shuts off. We found the quiet check valve. Our basement is finished with bedrooms. This check valve prevents the noise to such an extent we wonder if the sump pump ever runs. We were amazed at the difference. In addition we like seeing the check valve in action. Because the chamber is clear we can see what is going on. Why not read more about the quiet check valve and decide for yourself if it would be a better choice for you.

Quiet Check Valves More Info

Quiet Check Valve At Pumps Selection

Sump Pump Size

Pump Size must be determined. How do you know if your sump pump is the right size for your sump pump pit and for the volume of water it pumps during heavy rainstorms? We asked the same question. We found this handy way to measure water entering the pit during a rainstorm and how to determine what size pump we needed. Here's is what we learned.

Sump Pump Sizing Guide

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