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Has your sump pump switch failed and you are looking for a sump pump float switch replacement? Are you aware that manufacturers expect float switches to last from three to five years depending upon how much it is used before the switch needs to be replaced?

Does Your Sump Pump Float Switch Need Replacement?

Now is a good time to evaluate your current float switch and see if a new switch option would be better.
What are your options?
Electronic sump pump float switch HC6000 replaces any existing sump pump float switch.

Consider A New Float Switch Replacement Option

The New Float Switch Replacement Option - Electronic Switch HC6000


What Is The Electronic Switch Replacement Hydrocheck Hi-Lo HC6000?

The Hi-Lo HC6000 is an electronic switch with probes used to monitor the low and high point of water in a sump pit and trigger the sump pump motor to begin operation when the preset high point of unwanted water in the sump pit reaches the top probe.
The concept of its operation is the same as a conventional sump pump float switch. However, instead of having a vertical float or a tether float that moves up and down as the water rises, the height of the water is monitored by probes. The probes remain stationary (attached to the discharge pipe). A signal is sent to the electronic switch when the bottom probe touches water. The circuit is complete when water touches the top probe; at that point the sump pump motor is activated.
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Sump Pump Float switch HC6000 is an electronic switch with two probes to activate the sump pump.

Why Is The Replacement Hydrocheck Hi-Lo HC6000 Rated So Highly?

The electronic HC6000 addresses the common problems occurring with sump pump float switches.

A Replacement Switch To Handle The Following Common Sump Pump Float Switch Problems - The HC6000

  • No sticking or getting caught during operation. This electronic float switch has no moving parts and it attaches to the discharge pipe so it cannot get caught or hung up.
  • No preset 'on' and 'off' height. You set the 'on' and 'off' height. This electronic switch has two probes. The bottom probe is set at the point where you want the water level to remain in the pit (enough so the sump pump impeller is immersed in the sump pit at all times.) The top probe is set at the highest point at which you wish the water level to rise before the sump pump begins emptying the pit.
  • No pump motor short cycle. The distance between the 'on' and 'off position placement decreases the frequency at which your sump pump runs to empty the pit water.
  • No need to remove the sump pump from the pit for float switch replacement. The Hi-Lo 6000 has a piggyback switch and two probes that are not attached to the sump pump. The motor cord from the existing sump pump is plugged into the electronic piggy-back switch. The two probes are attached to the discharge pipe. The float switch from your existing sump pump is simply taped out of the way. See below for more details.
  • No additional sump pit space is required. The HC6000 is attached to the discharge pipe.
  • No 'on' 'off' limit unless you want it to go on at 1/2 inch over over twenty feet.
  • No timer as to how long the pump will run once the high level probe is activated. The pump automatically shuts off when the water goes below the lowest probe.
  • Not affected by minerals or debri in the water. The probes never have to be cleaned.
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What Additional Features Make The Replacement Electronic HC6000 So Desirable?

  • Compatible with any sump pump that draws less than 14 amps. Replacement float switches can be difficult to locate for some sump pumps.
  • It works with the Zoeller, Wayne, Flint-Walling, Simer, Ridgid, Flotec, Myers, StormPro, Liberty, Watchdog and others.
  • Not affected by water contaminates.
  • High levels of calcium carbonate will not cause the probes to stop sensing because of calcium build up.
  • Not affected by washing machine water or brine from a water softener.
  • No TEN SECOND run time after the sump pump is activated into operation. The sump pump will stop running as soon as the water goes below the height of the bottom probe set for the low water level point.
  • No need to have a dedicated shelf to set the controller on.
  • This electronic switch is very small - 3 inches long and 2 1/2 inches high.
  • It is plugged directly into a wall socket.
  • Stak Enterprises, the manufacturer, offers a lifetime warranty.
  • Built in alarms for high water and motor failure
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Why Is The HC6000 Switch So Reliable?

The electronic HC6000 is reliable because
  • No moving parts exist. Therefore there is nothing to wear out.
  • No membrane to get old after years of use.
  • No getting caught. The probes are attached securely to the discharge pipe. They take very little room. In fact they extend about 1 1/2 inches out from the discharge pipe. No getting stuck in ON position. There is no mechanical ON position.
  • Chemicals in the ground water will not affect it. If washer water empties into the pit or a water softener is used, the probes should be attached to a separate 3/4 inch PVC tube and then attached to the discharge pipe.
  • Extensive testing and usage since 2002 has proven it is reliable.
Sump Pump Electronic Switch HC6000 Has 2 probes not affected by water contaminates.

Why Is The Replacement HC6000 So Easy To Install?

The Hi-Lo HC6000 is one unit - the electronic controller with two probes wired to it.

How To Install The Replacement Switch

(You will find pictures with step by step instructions by Stak Enterprises, Inc. included in the shipping carton.)
  • Attach the two probes to the discharge pipe with the strong plastic bands provided.
  • Plug in the electronic switch controller.
  • Plug in your existing sump pump motor cord into the switch controller.
  • Wait for the water to rise in the sump pit and watch the HC6000 work very efficiently emptying the sump pit water.
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Installed HC6000 Electronic Switch for sump pump. Use as float switch replacement

How Does The Hydrocheck HC6000 Work With Your Existing Pump?

  • For a sump pump with a piggyback plug, just unplug the sump pump motor cord from the piggy back plug, remove the piggy back plug from the wall socket and tape it securely out of the way, plug in the HC6000 electronic switch controller into the wall socket, then plug in the motor cord into the controller.
  • For a sump pump with a float that is internally wired within the pump, the HC6000 controller plugs into an electrical outlet and the sump pump then plugs into the back of the controller. The controller has two sensors on long wires that are placed in the sump pit and attach to the discharge pipe with cable ties. One sensor is attached at the level you want the pump to turn off and the other sensor is attached at the level you want the pump to turn on. The float switch on your pump is tied up in the  ON  position so the pump will always run if the pump si plugged into the back of the HC6000 controller which is plugged into an active electrical outlet. When the water level reaches the upper sensor the outlet on the back of the controller becomes active and the sump pump runs until the water drops below the lower sensor.
  • For a manually operated sump pump, plug the HC6000 into the wall socket; and then plug the sump pump motor cord into the HC6000 piggyback. You now have an automatic sump pump which will run when the water reaches the height of the tip of the top probe.
  • If you have a 2 inch discharge pipe, the probes will attach to this size discharge pipe in the same way. Use the zip-ties.
  • If you use the HC6000 in an unheated crawl space where the temperature gets below freezing it will work. If the water freezes around the tip of the sensor then it will generate false readings. It is unlikely that the top probe will freeze as the discharge pump should always keep the water moving up and down away from the sensor. It's the bottom sensor that could receive a false reading but the pump will not activate until there is a confirming water level indicator from the top sensor. So it is possible that water could freeze around the bottom sensor. Will that create a problem? The switch will not activate until both sensors indicate a water level. So all that will happen is that the controller will enter into an "alert" mode where the light flashes indicating that it will fully activate when the top sensor senses the water level. So it will work.
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The HC6000 Sump Pump float switch has Piggy Back plug for exisitn sump pump.

Why We Installed The Hydrocheck HC6000

  • Traditional sump pump float switch gets caught on the side of the sump pit and runs so much it eventually wears out.
  • Our sump pump runs every fifteen minutes even when there is not a rainstorm. The gap between the ON and OFF position is set at the factory is too close; therefore our pump runs too much. Continuous running takes electricity and wears out the motor eventually.
  • We do not want to have a sump pump float switch failure during a heavy rain storm. The HC6000 is reliable and has not failed since we installed it five years ago. We have experienced no problems. We can trust it because it works; it has no moving parts and will not get hung up.
  • We have talked with the engineers. They are committed to providing the best sump pump float switch alternative because they also have basements they want to protect from flooding.
  • The HC6000 has a lifetime warranty. It is good to know that someday if the HC6000 should need replacement, I can get a free replacement.
  • The HC6000 was so easy to install. The instructions and pictures are very self explanatory.
  • The price is worth it because it has a lifetime warranty which means if something were to go wrong a replacement is sent free.
We highly recommend this electronic switch. Our HC6000 has been installed since November 2011. It is still working perfectly. It is very reliable.
Check out the HC6000 now. You will be glad you did. Here is the purchase link.
Electronic sump pump float switch HC6000 replaces any existing sump pump float switch.
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