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Which Brands Are Made In The USA?

The following water pump brands are still made in the USA: Zoeller, Liberty, Red Lion, Basement Watchdog, Myers, and Little Giant.

Wayne imports parts and assembles the pumps in the USA. Superior, Flotec, Simer, and ShurFlo imports most of their pumps sold in the USA.

Zoeller, Red Lion, Little Giant, Flint Walling, Myers and Wayne pumps have existed since the 1930's and 1940's. Liberty and ShurFlo have existed since the 1960's. Basement Watchdog, Flotec and Simer have existed since the 1980's. Superior has existed since 1999.

Which Brand Companies Are Family Or Employee Owned?

Zoeller, Basement Watchdog (Glentronics), and Superior are family owned and Liberty is employee owned.

The remaining companies on our list are owned by a parent company. Flint Walling and Star are owned by Zoeller. Wayne is a Scott Fitzer Company. Red Lion and Little Giant are owned by Franklin Electric. Myers, Flotec, Simer, and ShurFlo are Pentair companies.

Where Companies Are Located In the US?

The Midwest has the most pump companies. Zoeller resides in Louisville, Kentucky. Two pump compaies are located in Ohio. Wayne is located in Harrison and Myers is located in Asland. Two companies are lodated in Delevan, Wisconsin, Flotec and Simer. Superior is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Basement Watchdog (Glentronics) is located in Lincolnshire, Illinois. Little Giant resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Two companies are located in the west Red Lion is located in Okalahoma City, Oklahoma and ShurFlo resides in Costa Mesa, California.


Discover Four Brand Feature Differences For Submersible Sump Pumps

Which Brands Make Replacing the Sump Pump Float Switch Easiest?

Both Zoeller and Basement Watchdog have an externally attached float switch which makes replacing a switch during an rainstorm emergency fast and easy.

The Basement Watchdog has a dual float switch that is attached to the discharge pipe system which means the float switch is not directly attached to the side of the sump pump. A dual float switch means if one of the switches fails, the second float switch will operate. The placement of the float switch is key because the switch is timed to keep the pump running 10 seconds after the motor begins to operate. The bottom switch must be placed high enough so the water will lnot go below the impeller of the pump base. If the pump continues to run wihtout water, the motor will burn out.

Zoeller makes a non-automatic model of each of its automatic sump pump models. The float switch of your choice can be added to the non-automatic pump to contert it to automatic. The float switch which has a piggyback plug into which the pump motor cord is plugged into is attached to the discharge pipe system. It is really quick and easy to detach and replace the float switch even during heavy rainstorms. The pump does not have to be removed from the pit.


Which Brand Makes The Best Sump Pump Impeller Non-Clogging Design?

Both Zoeller and Liberty use the voxtex impeller design which prevents the need for a screen at the bottom of the pump base which can clog from debree and sludge. The Liberty and Zoeller vortex impellers are built to allow sludge and debree to flow through the impeller without clogging. Basement Watchdog, Simer, Flotec, Ridgid, Little Giant and Superior use a bottom screen and Wayne uses a top screen.


Which Brand Has The Best Sump Pump Float Switch Design?

Sump pump brands with solid state float switches designed with a two pole mechanical float switch and a solid non sinkable float protected by a float guard provide the best float switch design. Such a design is used by Zoeller, some Liberty, some Little Giant, and some Wayne pumps.


Which Sump Pump Brands Are Most Energy Efficient?

Sump pumps cannot have both high energy efficiency and high pumping performance. Energy efficiency is found most commonly in one-fourth and one-third horse power pumps regardless of brand. However their pumping performance is around 30 - 36 gpm. One-half horse power or more sump pumps loose 33% to 40% energy efficiency because they need a more powerful motor which pumps 56 to 65 gallons per minute. Energy efficiency is not brand based.


Learn About Four Brand Feature Differences For Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Which Brands Have The Strongest Charger For Battery Recharge?

Libertys newest battery backup sump pump (442-25a) has the strongest battery charger of 25 amps. Basement Watchdog is second with a 20 amp charger for its Big Dog. Little Giants SPBS-10 has a 12 amp charger. Zoeller with its 508 and Basement Watchdog with its Watchdog Special and Little Giant SPBS-12 are fourth with a 10 amp charger.

Which Brands Have A Dual Float Switch?

Waynes WSSM, Basement Watchdogs Big Dog and Special Dig, and Zoellers 508 Have dual or redunt float switches. If one float switch fails the other one begins operating.

Which Brands Accomodate Dual Batteries?

Wayne, Zoeller and Libertys 442-25a accomodate trwo batteries. Having two batteries at minimum doubles the run time for the backup sump pump. Having two baatteries makes a difference during several day power outages.


Which Brands Are Wi-Fi Enabled?

Zoeller, Liberty, and Waynes latest model Backup Pump systems are Wi-Fi-Enabled. Thses systems take aadvantage of our modern technology and provide email, phone or text notification when the backup pump is operating.


Discover Two Brand Feature Difference For Water Powered Sump Pumps

Where Are The Brand Pumps Installed?

The biggest difference between the water powered sump pump brands is the location of the system. Liberty and Zoeller water powered systems are located directly above the sump basin. BasePumps are located in the ceiling joists. All of the water powered sump pumps require 1 gallon of city water to remove 2 gallons of sump basin water.

Which Brands Have The Greatest Pumping Capacity?

Base Products Corporations Basepump CB1500 provides the highest water pumping performance. Liberty, Zoeller and Base Products other models pump round 1000 gallons per hour.


Discover One Brand Feature Difference For Sewage Kits

Where Brand Sewage Pump Kits Makes Replacing Failured Float Switch Easy?

Currently Liberty is the only brand that uses the Unique QuickTree Technology which allows easy access and removal of switches through a removable gourmet hole in the sealed cover.


Discover Four Features Which Make This Brand Pool Cover Pump A Best Seller

iSwitch Technology Controls When The Pump Runs

The Wayne Pool Cover Pump WAPC250 is a pool owners dream. You can plug it in and leave it wothout worry. It has the unique iSwitch technology which senses the presence of water telling the pump to run, and senses when the water is freezing and the pump should not run.

The Unusual Strainer Base Controls Debris Entry And Prevents Tip Over

The unusal size and design of the base keeps this pump from tipping over and becoming filled with pool debris. No more worries about the pump falling over making it unable to pump. The diameter of th base is wide enough to keep the pump upright.

Pull To Shore Rope

The "pull to shore" rope helps position the pump on the pool cover. What a unique idea. Nothing like getting some help when trying to position the pump on the pool cover.

Flow Rate Adapter Provides Flexility

This pump comes with an adapter. The discharge port can handle a 1.25 inch drain hose or a 0.75 hose. The 3/4 inch adampter when used helps prevent the pump motor from repetitive cycling.


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