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The quiet check valve is really quiet. The spring-loaded internal gate silences sump pump check valve noise.

Learn how the quiet check valve works. Understand how the loud noise happens, how the design makes a difference in the noise level, how to install them, what other consumers say about the quiet check valves for sump pumps.

Be an educated shopper. Know the difference between brands and their features. To help you make the best decision, we have some surprising facts from the manufacturer. We believe these facts will make your shopping easier.

Learn before you buy so you purchase the best check-valve for your water pumping needs.

Note: If you want to see them before reading more, here is the collection of best selling quiet check valves for purchase.


Seven Facts The Quiet Check Valve Manufacturer Revealed

1) Who Is The Real Manufacturer?
2) How To Use?
3) How Long Does It Last?
4) What Size Diameter Openings Are Available? What Size Do You Need?
5) What Body Colors Are Available? What Do You Want?
6) How Do They Attach To The Discharge Pipe?
7) How Do You Read The Model Numbers?
What Next?
The next step is yours to choose.
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Learn The Design And How They Work


Why Does A Check Valve Make A Loud Noise?

Check-valve installed with sump pump system

The force of water flowing backward through the discharge pipe when the sump pump shuts off causes a loud clunking thudding noise as the water hits the check-valve. Eliminating the check-valve is not the solution.

A check valve is placed in line with the PVC discharge piping connected to the sump pump discharge port to prevent water remaining in the discharge pipe to flow back down the pipe through the pump and back into the pit when the pump motor turns off.

The check-valve prevents the sump pump from pumping the same water over and over and prevents unnecessary wear and tear on the pump.


Why Install A Quiet Check Valve?

The quiet check valve is really quiet. The spring-loaded internal flapper silences pump check valve noise.
By installing a quiet check valve there will be no need to ask why there is such a loud sound when your sump pump shuts off. There will no longer be a loud clunking thudding sound. The quiet check valve will ensure quiet operation greatly reducing the noise level in your finished basement and on the first floor.
Surprisingly, your pump runs quietly; the noise you hear is the check-valve. Discover more about how the quiet check valve works and hear on the video below how much of a difference a quiet-check-valve makes.

How Does The Design Make A Difference In The Noise Level?

Sump-pump-check-valve design comparison

The sump pump motor and impeller give velocity to the water as it moves upward. The check valve gate opens upward as the water comes through. The profile of the gate makes a difference in how the liquid flows through.

The more specifically the gate is designed to give passage to the water and air without causing a change in its velocity, the smaller the amount of pressure loss. The lower the pressure loss, the quicker the gate moves back into closed position preventing air and water from going through the sides of the gate and causing water hammer.

The more precise the fitting of the gate to the wall of the inner chamber the better the seal and the lower the chances of water hammer.

By applying the explanation provided above, it becomes obvious there is a distinct difference between the hydrodynamic design of Magic Plastic branded by Brady, Campbell, and Zoeller and the traditional design (no spring loaded gate) sold at the Big Box stores.

In addition, when putting ones finger inside the inner chamber and feeling the movement of the gate, it becomes obvious that the spring gate of the quiet-check-valve will close rapidly.

The noise level of a spring gate and a swing flapper can be compared to a screen door which does or does not have a compression arm that controls the doors closing.

Screen doors with a compression closing arm at the top do not bang shut. The arm controls how fast the door closes and prevents it from slamming shut.  In the same way the spring of a quiet check-valve controls the closing of the gate.

Screen doors without a compression closing arm at the top of the screen door bang shut because there is nothing to control the closing. The swing valve does not have a spring and therefore bangs shut when the pump shuts off and the remaining water in the pipe flows backwards down the discharge pipe towards the pump.


How Does The Noise Of Sump Pump Check Valve Brands Compare?

Pump Check Valve Noise Comparison

Magic Plasitcs and Valterra ranks number one. The shape of the body between the two is slightly different however they both use the spring gate and extra wide chamber.

AyMcDonald ranks second. AyMcDonald uses a different design relying more on the disks to deafen the water clapping sound. Even though the disk has a spring, the spring has zero tension on it to control the closing.

Basement Watchdog ranks third. Basement Watchdog uses a completely different design. It has an additional air chamber to absorb the noise.

The traditional flap (non quiet with no spring gate) branded by Zoeller, Little Giant, Flotec and Wayne rank fourth. They have no spring loaded gate to control and thus reduce the noise level. They work fine if you do not mind a noise every time the sump pump shuts off and the water flows backwards and hits the flapper.

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Do Consumers Agree Quiet Check Valves Are Really Quiet?

Here is what they have to say.

The Campbell is quiet.    September 10, 2017
By Joseph White, New Jersey

My plumber put in a new sump pump. The new sump worked fine, but I began to notice after it finished its cycle there were two loud "clunks". I began to investigate and found the noise was due to the check valve closing and the pressure in there was making a "water hammer" clunk. I mentioned this to the plumber. He told me he put in a good quality check-valve, but I could tell he did not seem to know as much on this topic. So I did more research and found the Campbell model, purchased it and asked him to install it for me. He seemed a little skeptical, but said he would try it. There is barely a sound now. I am so glad I found this.

I Can Sleep! Silence at last    August 21, 2017
By Sally May, New Hampshire

Total silence. This has changed my life. To think I listened to the clunking thudding sound for over 20 years. Its so quiet I have to remember to check the sump pump system to make sure it is working. I do not hear a sound. I really think it is cool to see the gate work through the clear plastic. I love my Campbell check-valve.

I Agree It Is Quiet.    July 31, 2017
By Harry White, Aurora, IL

I have a one horsepower pump. I was having trouble with all other manufacturer check-valves either blowing apart (rubber type) or failing prematurely. I was wondering if I would ever find a good check-valve. I found the Campbell. It works with my one horse power pump. I can see the internals to see if everything is working properly. There is no noise either. If you want a reliable quiet-check-valve look no further. I have bought 3 of these, one for each pump in my house, and will never turn back to any other type.

To Think I Could Have Enjoyed Quiet Before.     July 25, 2017
By Henry, Bartlet, Illinois

The Ay McDonald silent valve has changed my life. Everything is so quiet in the house now. We live in a high water table so our pump runs every 15 minutes during dry days. I got so used to hearing the clunking sound but now I can't hear it upstairs any more. This is a great invention.

No more water hammer sounds.    April 22, 2015

For years I listened to the water hammer sound when our sump pump went off. I installed a Campbell silent valve 23 inches above the pump, and it solved my problem completely. No sound at all now! I have a 1 1/4 PVC so bought adapters to transitiion to the size of my 1 1/4 PVC since the ends are 1 1/2 inches. It was not that expensive either.

No More Thuds  March 9, 2017
By Dale Johnson, Indiana

Our sump pump made such a noise when it shut off. I thought it was the pump. In talking to a plumber I learned it was the check-valve. I asked him what he would recommend. He suggested the Campbell quiet-valve. I found one at Amazon for a great price. I installed it myself. Not really hard to do. Now it is so quiet when the pump runs. This is a great product.

Go to purchase links for Quiet Check Valves Quick Shop and compare models and prices.


Listen! Quiet Check Valve Is Quieter.

Listen for yourself. Can you hear the difference between a traditional and quiet-check-valve? The following video clearly demonstates the difference in noise level.


Go to purchase links for Quiet Check Valves Quick Shop and compare models and prices.


How To Install A Quiet Check Valve.

Quiet Chk Valve for Sump Pump
Quiet check valves are easy to install. Here are nine steps.
  1.   1)   Note how your old check-valve is attached to the PVC discharge pipe. Many valves have a rubber coupler on both ends held in place tightly by a screwed band. The quiet check valve has a coupler fitting that can be glued directly to the discharge pipe and a union that unscrews from the coupler fitting.
  2.   2)   Hold the new quiet check-valve next to the existing valve. Note the difference in length. Quiet check-valves are around nine inches in length. If the new valve is longer, then the PVC discharge pipe will need to be shortened. If the new valve is shorter, an additional length of PVC discharge pipe will need to be added.
  3.   3)   Before turning the pump off by unplugging it, remove as much water from the sump pit as possible.
  4.   4)   Remove the old check-valve expecting the remaining water in the discharge pipe to shower out when the old valve is disconnected.
  5.   5)   Determine if the distance between the two ends of the discharge pipe where the check-valve is installed is sufficient. To shorten, mark where the discharge pipe should be cut and use a hack saw to shorten it. To lengthen, add an additional piece of discharge pipe attaching the extra piece by either using a rubber union and stainless steel clamp or gluing a PVC coupler to attach it to the existing PVC pipe. We added an additional coupler.
  6.   6)   Make sure the new check-valve is in the 'up' position.
  7.   7)   Glue (prime first then glue) the quiet check valve coupler to the PVC discharge pipe. Wait for glue to dry according to manufacturer specifications.
  8.   8)   Plug the sump pump into the electic outlet.
  9.   9)   Listen how quiet the check-valve is.

What Eight Quiet-Check-Valve Connection Types Exist?

There are basically eight types of check-valve connection ends and connection types. Each connection type is different. Some connection types are easier to install. In addition some connection ends are easier to remove when it comes to replacing a failed check-valve. Knowing what kinds are available will help you make a wise decison when buying your next check-valve.

Eight Basic Connection Types

1) Hose Clamps Both Ends

Hose Clamp x Hose Clamp Comection Check-Valve At Pumps Selection

The rubber (hose) at both ends of the check-valve are slipped over the discharge pipe and held in place by clamps which are tightened by a screw driver. This type of connection is considered easiest to install and remove because there is no gluing required or cutting of pipe if the same length of check-valve is installed.

2) Slip x Slip Both Ends

Slip x Slip Comection Check-Valve At Pumps Selection

Both ends of the check-valve are smooth and slip inside of the check valve. To secure them in place both ends must be glued to the discharge pipe. Slipping the chec-valve into the discharge pipe and gluing them together isa easy however when it is replaced, the check-valve must be cut from the discharge pipe. If the replacement check-valve is too short to fill up the existing space between the two ends of the discharge pipe, additional discharge pipe and a coupler or untion will be required. A union is the best choice because it can be unscrewed.


FIPT X FIPT Comection Check-Valve At Pumps Selection

both ends are threaded on the inside. Both ends will accept a piece of threaded male PVC of the same dimension. Most of the time the discharge pipe is not threaded; therefore it is necessary to buy a pice of discharge pipe with a threaded union or coupler.

4) Spigot x Slip

Spigot x Slip Comection Check-Valve At Pumps Selection

The spigot end is a smooth (not threaded) male fitting that must be glued into another fitting that has a Slip end connection of the same size. A spigot end can be inserted into a smooth female ended pipe.

5) Spigot x Spigot

Neither spigot end can be connected to another spigot end, which is what a discharge pipe is, without adding a coupler or a union. A coupler can be glued in between the discharge pipe and the check valve end for connecting; however they cannot be taken apart. On the other hand a union can be inserted which means the discharge pipe is glued into one end of the union and the check valve end is glued into the other end; however the union has a collar and 0-ring so it can be unscrew so the discharge pipe and check valve end can be separated.

6) Union x Union

Union x Union Comection Check-Valve At Pumps Selection

Union x union (also known as true union) means the check valve is located between two threaded union ends and can be unscrewed from each end while one end of the union remains attached to the discharge pipe. Because the union end where the check valve is attached is threaded, the check valve can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement.

7) Spigot x Union

Spigot x Union Comection Check-Valve At Pumps Selection

Spigot x union means the spigot end of the check valve is glued into the discharge pipe and the union end not attached to the check valve is also glued into the other end of the discharge pipe. The check valve can be unscrewed from the union.

8) Compression

Compression Comection Check-Valve At Pumps Selection

Compression means the compression fitting itself consists of a threaded nut, anti-slip collar and compression ring rubber seal. The nut slip is removed from the check valve and slid onto the smooth non threaded PVC discharge pipe, then the slip collar is slid on followed by the black rubber seal ring. The nut is slid toward the check valve end and screwed tight. This makes for easy removable of the check valve for replacement or cleaning.

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When Should An Old Quiet Check Valve Be Replaced?

Quiet check valves do not wear out quickly. If your sump pump does not run much you will probably never have to replace it.

With a clear valve body you will see when the spring flapper no longer keeps the water from running back down the discharge piping and into the pit. When the pump shuts off, listen for the sound of water flowing back into the pit. When this water situation occurs it is time to replace an old valve.


Five Step Planning Before Buying

  1. 1) Decide on the type of quiet check valve (spring loaded gate, spring loaded gate with magnet, double disk or spring with swing gate).
  2. 2) Identify size needed (1/2, 3/4, 1 , 1 ¼, 1 ½, 2, 3 inches)
  3. 3) Determine fitting type desired (hose clamp, slip x slip, FIPT x FIPT , slip x spigot, spigot x spigot, spigot x union, union x union, compression)
  4. 4) Measure length needed. Measure the length of your existing check valve unit. If your previous check vale had hose clamps, union x union or compression end fittings you can replace just the check valve body. If your existing check valve end fitting were glued without a union, measure the distance between where the old check valve ends would be cut out from the discharge pipe. If the check valve unit is not long enough, an additional piece of PVC can be added to the discharge pipe with a union connection so next time the quiet-check-valve is replaced, the union end with the nut can just be unscrewed and the replacement check-valve can be easily screwed in.
  5. 5) Decide on the brand (Campbell, Brady, Magic Plastics, Zoeller, Wayne, Little Giant, AY McDonald) Not all brands have all types of end fittings, diameter sizes and quiet check valve types. Ay McDonald is the only brand using the double disk for reduce the water hammer sound. The other brands use the spring loaded gate to make the check valve quiet.



























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