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Review by Comparison

Alarms are important because they can warn of

  • High water level
  • Sump Pump failure
  • Power outage.

What are differences between Sump Pump Alarms?

  • Which alarms have the loudest decibles? Glentronics (Basement Watchdog) BWD-HWA is loudest with 110. Reliance Controls TPH205 with 105 and the others range from 90 to 86 decibles.
  • Which alarms provide automatic phone out when the alarm goes off? Reliance Controls (THP205) and Control Products (WA-50001) alarms. 
  • Which alarms provide light when the alarms goes off? Superior (92060) and Reliance Controls (TPH207).
  • Which alarm provides the longest warranty? Glentronics (Basement Watchdog BWD-HWA) with 5 years.  Control Products, Reliance and Superior offer a one year warrantu.
  • All alarms warn of sump pit high water levels.

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Control Products - Sump Pump Alarm 

Control Products WA-50001 Water Alarm


Control Products WA-5001 WaterAlarm Plus Auto Phone Out No Monitoring Fees 1 yr Warranty 90 Decibles Runs on 9 Volt Battery Control Products WA-5001 Water Alarm Sounds up to 36 hours

Control Products WS-04 Water Siren


Control Products WS-04 WaterSiren 1 yr Warranty Runs on 9 volt battery Alarms sounds up to 72 hours Detachable water sensorControl Products WS-04 with Detachable Water Siren

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Glentronics (Basement Watchdog) - Sump Pump Alarm

Glentronics (Basement Watchdog) BWD-HWA Alarm and Flood Alert


Glentronics The Watchdog BWD-HWA Alarm and Flood Alert 5 yr Warranty 110 Decibels Runs off 9 volt batteryGlentronics The Watchdog Alarm and Flood Alert BWD-HWA 5 yr Warranty

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Reliance Controls - Sump Pump Alarm  

Reliance Controls THP205 Alarm and Flood Alert


Reliance Controls THP205 Sump Pump Alarm and Flood Alert 1 yr Warranty 105 Decibels Alarm Runs off 9 Volt BatteryReliance Controls Alarm and Flood Alert 1 yr. Warranty

Reliance Controls THP201 Phone Out Alarm Alert for Flood, Electrical Outage and Temperature Drop to 45 Degrees


Reliance Controls THP201 Automatic Phone Out Alarm with 3 Functions Electrical Outage, Temperature drop below 45 degrees, flooding 1 yr Warranty runs on 9 Volt Battery Calls up to 3 phone numbers Reliance Controls THP201 Alarm with Automatic Phone Out 1 yr Warranty

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Superior - Sump Pump Alarm

Superior 92060 Sump Pump Alarm


Superior 92060 Sump Pump Alarm System with 15-Foot Tethered Float Switch 1 yr Warranty 87 decibel siren alarm light runs off 9 volt batterySuperior 92060 Alarm Sump Pump 1 yr warranty alarm light

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