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Are Myers Sump Pumps Any Good?

Myers sump pumps are good sump pumps worth considering. Myers has a great history, uses quality materials and has multiple sump pump features options.

Myers was founded in 1870 by Francis and Philip Myers in Ashland, Ohio. Their initial focus was farm equipment; however according to Jan Shellhouse in twelve years they began patenting, making and selling water pumps. In 1960, Myers sold to McNeil Machine and Engineering Co. In 1986 Pentair Inc purchased McNeil and the Myers sump pump brand still exists today.

Myers has long been known for their cast iron sump pumps and their hydraulic design which yields more pumping performance. Recently the Myers brand has been expanded to include zinc housed sump pumps.

Our review and comparison of the Myers sump pump model series will help you to find a sump pump that best meets your water pumping needs.


What Are The Myers Seven Sump Pump Model Series?

Myers Sump Pump Model Series include the MSP, MS, MSCI, MCI, SSM, ME, MDC Submersible Sump Pump Series. Here they are. The Myers seven sump pump model series include MDC, MCI, MSCI, the MS with its variation MSP, the SSM Series, and the ME series.

These seven pump series vary by housing material, float switch types, pumping eprformance and volute style, but they are all submersible.

The ME series is included because it is both a sump pump and an effluent pump which means it can handle small solids up to 3/4 inch in diameter. The other series listed can handle a varying size of solids less than 1/2 inch in diameter.

We discuss the similarities and major differences between these pump models so you can find the one that best suits your water pumping needs.


The Myer Sump Pump Model Similarities

The seven Myers sump pump model series have many similarities. Knowing the similiarities helps in understanding why Myers pumps are a good choice as a dependable basement sump pump.

All seven model series sump pumps are known for the following features.

All Series models are submersible. Sitting in the basin and even being completely covered with water will not affect the motor or any part of the pump.
The standard discharge port size is one and a half (1-1/2, 1.5) inches. A reducer can be used if your discharge piping system is smaller or an enlarger to make it larger than 1 1/2 inches.
The voltage required is 115 volts.
All models offer a ten and twenty foot power cord length. Lengths can vary up to 50 feet. Using an extension cord is not recommended because using them causes circuit fuse overload and failure.
The minimum shut-off head offered is 23 feet. Some models offer 30+ feet. The footage considered is speaking of uphill pumping,
All series models offer a one-half and one-third horse power pump.
A generous 3 year warranty is offered.

The Myer Sump Pump Model Differences

Myers Sump Pump Models. Most of them include a tether, vertical and diaphragm float switch. Here's what they look like. Myers offers seven model series because they know homeowners have different water situations and different preferences. Its knowing the differences that will help you choose the best one.

Here are the most notable differences.

Five model series use cast iron pump housing for best motor heat dissipation: MDC, MSCI, SSM, MCI and ME. Two do not: the MS and MSP model Series.
The MDC, MS and MCI Model series are good for continuous pumping during heavy rain storms because they are made of cast iron.
The MS and MSP Model series is good for low water volume because it uses zinc which does not dissipate heat well during heavy pumping.
Three model series offer a tether float switch, a vertical float switch and a diaphragm switch option: the MS, MDC, MSCI model series and three do not: the MSP, SSM and MCI Model Series.
Four Model series offer a piggyback switch which allows the pump to run manually in case the switch fails: MS, MSP, MDC, MSCI Model series. Two do not: the SSM and MCI Model Series.
Three Model series offers PSC, permanent split capacity motor to reduce energy consumption and give a longer motor life: MS, MSP, MSCI Model series. Three do not: the MDC, SSM and MCI Model Series.
The ME Model series is identified as an effluent pump because it can handle 5/8 inch and three-fourth inch solids and the pump housing is cast iron.
All models offer a 10 and 20 foot power cord length; however the MDC and MCI offer a 30 foot power cord. And the MSCI models offer a 50 foot power cord.
The MDC and MCI Model series are cast iron and handle one-half inch solids.
The MS Model Series uses cast iron while the MSP model series uses Zinc housing with a thermoplastic or cast iron base and can handle 3/16 inch solids.

Myers Sump Pump Comparison By Model Features

Myers sump pumps have many component that play a key role in their functionality. Not all models are the same in their approach to providing the necessary specifications to make a sump pump work. The following information highlights the purpose of the features (specifications) and the different approaches used by the various Myers models.


Do Myers Sump Pumps Use Cast Iron Housing?

Yes, Myers sump pumps use cast iron housing. Here is what you need to know about cast iron pump housing.

Pump housing is very important because one of its key roles is keeping the motor cool so it does no overheat. When the motor overheats it's built in thermal overload protection mechanism shuts the motor off temporarily to cool it down.

Of the housing materials used by Myers, cast iron is the best heat dissipater. Zinc is good and thermoplastic is poor.

Cast iron housing is required for heavy duty pumping, Zinc is good for medium to light pumping and thermoplastic is only good for light pumping. This means that continuous pumping by thermoplastic pumps is not good because thermoplastic traps heat.

Which Myers Models Use Cast Iron Housing?

Cast iron housing is used for the Myers MSCI MDC, ME, and SSM Models. Keep in mind that the ME model series is both a sump pump and an effluent pump capable of handling 3/4 inch solids.

Myers Model MCI033 1/3 HP Cast Iron Sump PumpThe MCI033 model s very popular one-third horse power submersible sump pump. Its other features include a 2-pole vertical float Switch, a pumping performance of 2400 GPH at a 10 foot vertical lift, a 1 1/2 inch discharge port, a optional 10, 20 or 30 foot power cord which is easily serviceable, reliable capacitor free design with shaded pole motor and a 3 year warranty.

Zinc housing is used for the MS and MSP Models.


Sump Pump Float Switch Types

Myers sump pumps use three types of switches: the wide angle also known as the tether, the vertical and the diaphragm.

The float switch closes the electrical circuit which sends electrical power to the motor to run the pump. So its role is very important. All Myers pump switches respond to increased water levels in the pit, but how they work varies.

The Tether Float Switch

Myers Sump Pump The tether switch and how it works pictured. The tether switch requires the largest basin diameter because of its construction. A float is attached to a long tether (cord) which dangles by the side of the pump until the water in the pit rises. As the rises, the tether and float rise. Eventually when the water reaches a set height the float snaps up and out and the switch closes the electrical circuit and the pump runs. As the water lowers, the tether and float drop and return the side of the pump and the electrical circuit is open and current stops flowing.

The tether float switch is preferred by some because the ON and OFF point can be customized to some degree by lengthening or shortening the tether. The biggest disadvantage of a tether float switch is that its free floating allows for easy basin hang-up which causes pump failure.

The Myers Models MSCI. MS, MDC, SSM, ME offer a tether float switch option.

The Vertical Float Switch

Myers sump pump vertical float switch goes up and down on a rod. This is what it looks likeThe vertical float rises and lowers as the water level changes in the basin; however the float is attached to a vertical pole so does not move uncontrollably.

The biggest advantage of the vertical float is that it takes less pit diameter and it does not easily get caught on the basin wall. However, unlike the tether float its ON and OFF point is preset at the factory. One disadvantage is that over time the switch connection can wear out causing pump failure.

The Myers Models MSCI, MS, MDC, MCI, SSM offer a vertical float switch option.

The Diaphragm Switch

Myers sump pump diaphragm switch diaphragm goes in and out with the change of water pressure in the basin. The diaphragm switch is unique because it relies on a thin membrane to sense the height of the basin water by the amount of pressure exerted against its membrane. When the basin pressure becomes great enough it pushes the membrane against the switch behind it and completes the electrical circuit and the pump turns ON. As the water level lowers, the pressure against the membrane dissipates and the switch opens and the electricity stops flowing.

The biggest disadvantage of this type of switch is that over time the elasticity of the membrane weakens and fails to trigger the switch. Occasionally small stones can lodge in the membrane as well.

The Myers Models MSCI, MS, MDC, ME offer a diaphragm switch option.

Regardless of which float switch type is chosen, they all fail sooner or later because they are mechanical. One recent solution offered is buying a manual pump and installing an electronic switch which is more failure proof for a longer period of time.

The Electronic Switch

Myers sump pumps do not offer an electronic switch option; however, a mnaual pump comes without a switch and allows the home owner to install a favorite switch which can include an electronic switch. This is such a great option because electronic switches have no moving parts and thus do not fail as quicly as the traditional mechanical float switch.

The Myers Models MSCI, MS, MDC, MCI,SSM, and ME offer a manual option which means you can install an electronic switch to use with it. In fact an electronic switch can be installed with a piggyback plug sump pump as well by tying the float switch cord to the discharge pipe and plugging the pump cord into an electronic switch piggyback plug.

The HC600v2 Electronic Switch has no moving parts and works great with any manual or piggyback plug submersible sump pump. Myers has both piggyback and manual sump pumps so the HC6000 Switch can be installed with them. This is what the HC6000v2 looks like. Our Favorite Electronic Switch The HC6000 This switch is giving us unbelievable service. We installed the HC6000 in 2011 and it is still working perfectly. It's over 10 years old without failure.


What Is Sump Pump Horse Power?

Horse power is rating of the amount of pumping a sump pump motor can do when its required source of power is available.

Factors influencing the amount of pumping includes the vertical height at which the water must be pumped, how frequently pumping occurs and the size of a sump basin.

In general a one-third horse power pump can handle continuous water flowing into the basin at a medium rate while a one-half horse power pump is needed for faster rate and larger horse power motors are needed for heavy continuous water flowing into the pit.

Rather than guess what size horse power pump is needed it is best to measure what is needed. Measuring what size pump is can be done following the steps found at How To Right Size My Pump.

Myers One-Third Horse Power Sump Pump Series include: MS, MSP, MDC, MSCI, MCI, and SSM.

Myers One-Half Horse Power Sump Pump Series include: MS, MSP, MDC, MSCI, and MCI.


Pump Performance

Myers sump pump models pump performance is more important to know than horse power. This is what a pump performance chart looks like Our Favorite Electronic Switch The HC6000 Rather than rely on choosing a sump pump based on horse power, it is much easier to choose one based on its pumping performance expressed in GPM, gallons pumped per minute, or GPH, gallons pumped per hour at various vertical heights.

Myers provides a pumping performance graph for each pump series by model and horse power.

Pumping performance requirement for your water pumping needs can be calculated as follows.

1) Measure the diameter at the top of the basin. If the diameter is eighteen inches, one inch of height equals one gallon of water. If the diameter is twenty-four inches, one inch equals two gallons of water.
2) Measure the vertical distance from the bottom of the basin to the discharge piping that is horizontal and runs out of the house. Eight to ten feet is a common height.
3) Measure the height of the water in the basin when the pump is not running and then measure it again when the pump turns ON. The distance between the OF and ON point will be something like five inches.
4) The next time a heavy rainstorm occurs, note how many times the pump turns OFF and ON in 6o seconds (one minute).
5) Take the above numbers and calculate the GPH needed for your water situation. For example, is the basin is eighteen inches in diameter, the vertical height is 10 feet, the distance between the ON and OFF pump cycling is 6 inches and the pump runs 3 times in one minute, the proper sump pump performance required would be 6 gallons of water pumped 3 times a minute which is 18 gallons per minute and 1,080 gallons per hour at a 10 foot vertical height.

Myers Pumping Performance by series is as follows.

The MSP, MS, MDC, and MCI model series one-third horse power pumping performance ranges from 40 to 44 gallons per minute at a 10 foot vertical lift. The one-half horse power pumping performance ranges from 51 to 55 gallons per minute.

The SSM model series one-third horse power pumping performance is 27 gallons per minute at a 10 foot vertical lift.

The MSCI model series is a known for its high performance. The one-third horse power pump is capable of pumping 60 gallons per minute at a 10 foot vertical lift. The one-half horse power pump is capable of pumping 73 gallons per minute at a 10 foot vertical lift.

The ME model series one-fourth horse power can pump 53 gallons per minute at a 10 foot vertical lift and the one-half horse power can pump 80 gallons per minute at a 10 foot vertical lift.


What Is A Sump Pump Volute Used For?

The purpose of the volute is to convert the water's velocity to pressure as the impeller discharges the water through its casing nozzle.

The water needs a way to enter the pump so its velocity can be converted to pressure and discharged through the impeller.

Myers uses two inlet types. One from the top of the volute and the other at the bottom. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Suction And Water From The Volute Bottom

Suction and water entering from the bottom means that a sump pump needs a way to handle solids. The Myers Sump Pump Series MDC, ME and SSM use a vortex impeller that can handle small spherical solids.

The use of bottom suction requires a a small 23 degree angled downward hole be drilled in the discharge pipe system near the pump discharge port. This allows air to escape and water to enter the volute for pumping. When top suction is used no inlet for the water is not found on the volute bottom.

Suction And Water From The Volute Top

Suction and water entering from the top of the volute prevent airlock and provide better pumping performances and longer shut off pumping distances.

The bottom is completely closed. This design style prevents air lock because when a pump runs too long and it sucks the basin water below the volute, the volute can fill with air and the air has no way of escaping. The next time the pump tries to turn on because the float is raised to the ON Height, it will be full of air and the motor will keep running and running and there is not enough water to keep the motor cool which can result in motor damage.

The MS amd MSP model series do not use bottom suction. Suction and water enter from the volute top.


What Is Myers Sump Pump Warranty?

The warranty period for the Myers Model Series MS, MSP, MDC, MSCI, MCI, SSM and ME is three years. This is an industry standard warranty period for pumps with cast iron housing and a generous warranty for zinc housing sump pumps.


Is A Myers Submersible Sump Pump Right For Your Water Needs?

Here's a list of questions to answer to find out.

Do you have concern about float hang up? Don't get a tether float switch. Myers MS, MDC, MSCI, MSP, SSM, ME and MCI have a vertical float switch option.

Do you want to avoid replacing the float switch every 3 - 5 years? Why not get a manual cast iron pump and purchase an HC6000 electronic float switch. Myers MS, MDC, MSCI, SSM, ME and MCI have a manual option.

Does your sump pump run continuously during heavy rain storms? Cast iron pump housing will keep the motor cooler, prevent warping and cracking. Myers MDC, MSCI, SSM, MCI, and ME models have cast iron pump housing.

Do you want an energy efficient model? The MS and MSP models are energy efficient.

Do you need an extra long motor cord - 50 feet? The MS and MSP models are energy efficient.


Pentair's Quick Video Introduction To Myers Submersible Sump Pumps

Learn more about the importance of a sump pump from the eyes of Pentair, the parent company that owns Myers Sump Pumps.


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