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As technology advances, so do sump pump products. Check back periodically to discover new innovations by sump pump manufacturers

The following sump pump products offer new features and more reliability because of technology implementation


The Hydrocheck HC6000 and HC8000T

Hydrocheck Electronic Switch HC6000 HC8000T For Sump PumpThese switch controllers replace a sump pump float switch. They monitor the water levels in the sump pit and turn the pump on when the water level reaches a present height. They are different than the traditional float switch because in place of the float they have a probe (sensor) which is attached to the discharge pipe. The tip of the probe senses the water which sends a pressure change to the controller which activates the pump to run. When the water recedes below the probe tip, the pressure change is sensed and the controller turns the pump off.


Reliable: We have had ours installed since 2011. It continues to operate without a glitch. It is ranked in Amazon extremely high (4.6 out of 5 with 83% ratings with 5 stars and 12% rated it 4 star)s. There is nothing mechanically to fail. There are no moving parts.

Adjustable: The sensor (probe) can be attached at any desired height. The HC6000 has two probes which allow the distance between the two to be over 36 inches. This flexibility allows the distance to be determined by the home owner based on the height of the pit, the horse power of the pump and the frequency of pump run time. This prevents motor short cycling; cuts down on motor wear and tear; and saves energy. The pump run time is not times like some solid state switches.

Easy To Install: There is no need to pull the pump from the pit because the switch does not attach to the pump. It is attached to the vertical discharge pipe. It can be used with all types of sump pumps and utility pumps. If an existing sump pump with a piggyback switch already has a float switch the cord for the pump float switch can be tied up and the motor plug can be plugged into the controller piggyback switch. If an existing pump does not have a piggyback switch it is necessary to tie the float up in the on position first and then plug the pump cord into the HC6000 or HC8000T controller piggyback switch. Read more about the Hydrocheck HC6000

No Maintenance Required: The sensors are not affected by ground water minerals, chemicals or laundry water (if laundry water does enter the pit the probe should be attached to a ¾ inch PVC pipe which then attached to the main vertical discharge pipe). There is never a need to clean the sensor tips like other controllers with probes on the market. The HC6000 and HC8000T just keep working. Ours has been working over eight years and we have done no maintenance to it. We have chemicals in the water, but they have caused no problems.

Space Saver: The probe takes virtually no space in the pit. It attaches to the vertical discharge pipe and only sits out around two inches from the pipe at the point where it is attached. The sump pump itself takes so much more pit diameter space. There is nothing to get hung up or caught. The probe fits so easily in the smallest sump basin.

Preferred over other competitor models such as the Level Guard.


Costs more than traditional float switches but has better reliability and lifetime warranty.

Read more about all of the Hydrocheck products using the same sensor technology including shopping links.
HydroCheck Switch Controllers Hydrocheck HC6000
HydroCheck More Switch Controllers HydroCheck Switch Controllers HC Series

Zoeller Premium Series Sump Pump M63

Zoeller Sump Pump M63 M95 Premium Series 5 Year WarrantyThe M63 is the newest sump pump available from Zoeller Pump Company. Zoeller has helped consumers tremendously by providing a sump pump upgrade. They realized that heavy rainstorms are more prevalent today and the home owner needs more protection so they upgraded the popular M53 Mighty Mate.


The float switch has been upgraded from being a purely mechanical switch to a micro mechanical switch. The micro support extends the life of the float switch; therefore the warranty has been extended from three to five years. This offers the homeowner much more peace of mind knowing that the float switch will last at least for five years under warranty and probably much longer before replacement is needed.

The switch cap has an additional covering over the switch which increases longevity. Before the upgrade, if the gasket failed and allowed moisture to seep in, the switch components would eventually fail. The extra switch covering prevents failure.

The plugin is illuminated when electricity is flowing to the pump. A fuse can fail or the pump can fail. Either way the plug will not illuminate if the pump is not operational.

The warranty is extended to five years. The warranty for the M53 was three years. A five year warranty is the best in the market. Gone are the days of a lifetime warranty for sump pumps.

Completely Cast Iron Construction The M63 is completely made of cast iron: the housing, the base (volute), the motor housing the switch case, and the impeller.


This premium pump cost around $50 more than the original M53 before the update; however getting the additional two year warranty makes the additional cost worth it.

Read more about the Zoeller Sump Pump M63 including shopping link.


Zoeller Sump Pump Floatless Switch 10-4659 and Sewage Pump Floatless Switch 10-4660

Zoeller Floatless Switch 10-4659 10-4660-Sump Pump Sewage PumpZoeller just introduced an industry setting trend toward electronic (solid state) run sump pump switches and sewage pump switches. The Trademark Zoeller floatless Switch was introduced November 2018. The introduction of the Zoeller Sump Pump Floatless Switch 1010-4659 and Zoeller Sewage Pump Floatless Switch 10-4660 comes as no surprise because in 2017 they introduced their two premium sump pumps M63 and M95 which use a float switch that is electro mechanically operated.

Learn more about the Zoeller Sump Pump Floatless Switch 10-4659 and teh Zoeller Sewage Pump Floatless Switch 10-4660 specs and installation.


Zoeller Utility Transfer Pump Model 314

Zoeller Utility Transfer Pump Model 314Zoeller introduced a cast iron portable ultility transfer pump Model 314 which is non-submersible or known as a pedestal transfer pump. It has a twenty foot cord and is capable of 1400 GPH (5300 LPH)

Read More about the Zoeller M314 specifications.


Zoeller Grinder Pumps M803 M805 and M807 Made For Residential Use

Zoeller Residential Grinder Pumps Model 803, M805, M807Zoeller also introduced the world's first integral automatic grinder with entire household flushable materials capability at smaller horse power for residential. The models 803, 805 and 807 are one-third, one-half and three-fourths horse power respectively. This cast iron grinder series is for difficult residential applications where ejectors struggle.

Read more about the new Zoeller Sewage Grinder Pumps Model M803, Model M805 and Model M807.


Zoeller Z-Rail Lift Station Grinder Pump Packages

Zoeller Prefabricated Z-Rail Lift Station QLS SeriesThe Zoeller QLS Series prefabricated Lift Station with Z Rail Technology has been introduced to provide additional support when installing and removing the packaged grinder systems. The grainder pump

The QLS SeriesTM basins come with an antifloatation collar to resist bouyancy in high groundwater locations. Several pump options can be used in the lift station including grinder pumps M810, M815, M818, M819, M20, M840 or sewage pump models M282, M295 or effluent pumps M161, M181

Read more about the Z-Rail System Preassembled grinder packages.


Sump Pump Monitor WIFI

The Z Control Cloud, The Night Eye, The WIFI Water Level Monitor, the BW-WIFI monitor and other innovative products make it possible to know when a sump pump fails. These devices enable connectivity to WIFI devices so text messages can be received. In fact the Z control cloud even enables remote status checking and testing as well as FREE email, text, and push notifications for all alert conditions for the home sump pit and its pumps.


Sump Pump Failure Immediate Notification: Receive text, email immediately on iPhone when a failure ocdurs.

Status Check Instantaneous: The system can be checked any time of the day via an iPhone.

Periodic Testing A testing schedule can be set up and results received by iPhone or email.

Provides Peace Of Mine This technology removes the anxiety associated with sump pump proper functioning.


The technology is new and therefore costly; however peace of mind may outweigh the cost.

Read More About the Zoeller Z Control Cloud WiFI Monitoring Module including price.

Learn More About Liberty Pumps NightEye WiFi monitoring Module including price.

Glentronics also has a WIFI Monitoring System. Check it out with pricing.

PumpSpy PSO100 WIFI Sump Pump Smart Outlet


umpSpy PSO1000 Sump Pump WIFI Smart OutletPumpSpy PSO100 is for monitoring the Primary Sump Pump. It monirors for more than just power outage. It collects primary pmp data to determin average draw, freqency of pumping and many more things. By the data it can even alert you when the pumps motor is about to fail because of old age.

The PumpSpy is very innovative and those who have installed it are very pleased. Learn more about the PUMPSPY SPO1000 WIFI Sump Pump Smart Outlet in our detailed review. It is worth learning more about and then deciding if it is something that would beneficial for your sump pump system.


Another WIFI monitoring Smart Module from Protese is gaining popularity








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