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Why Water Powered Pumps Are Reliable Backup Pumps

Review by Comparison

How do Water Powered Sump Pumps Compare To Other Sump Pumps Types?

  • They are called water powered (water driven) because municipal water with its forceful pressure sucks the water collecting in the sump pit out the discharge pipe.
  • Compared to other sump pump types they are 
    • Rated by GPH (gallons pumped per hour) not HP.
    • Required to use municipal (city) water to operate.
    • Run with no moving parts or batteries.
    • Not capable of moving as many GPH at 10 ft as battery back up sump pumps.    
    • Designed to function as a primary or back up sump pump.

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Water Powered Sump
Review by Comparison

Why Water Pumps Are Reliable Backup Pumps

  • City Water is always available. Municipalities use generators to continue water available during power outages.
  • No batteries are required. Batteries deplete and need to be replaced every five to seven years.  
  • No float switch is required. Float switches can get caught and fail.
  • Maintenance is easy since the brains of the system sit above the pit.
  • Consumers agree this is the best pump type for usage during hurricane system because it can run for days without issues.

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