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Review by Comparison
How does the Pedestal Sump Pump compare to other pumps?
  • The motor sits outside the pit; it is not submersed in water. 
  • Compared to other sump pump types they are
    • Noisier since the motor is outside the sump pit. The walls of the pit do not absorb the sound.
    • Last longer since water corrosion is not such an issue.
    • Not as sturdy since the weight of the motor is not resting on the bottom of the sump pit. Brackets are usually used to provide sturdiness. 
    • More dangerous for pets and children since the motor is sitting above the pit.
    • Capable of pumping a maximum of 3800 GPH at 10 ft. lift height.
    • Easiest to repair since the motor is not in the pit.
    • Available both as a primary pump running on electricity or a back up pump running on battery power. 

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