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Know What A Sump Pump Is To Protect Your Basement From Wet And Mold Conditions

A Sump Pump Is The Main Component Of The Sump Pump System

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What Is A Sump Pump? A Sump Pump Is ......

Pictured is a Zoeller M63 The upgrade for Zoeller Model M53 submerasible sump pump - The main component of a sump pump system that is used to remove water from a basement that would be damp and wet if drainage and a sump pump system were not installed.
- Used to remove water from a pit.
- Operates by some source of energy (electricity, water pressure, battery, generator).
===> Learn Why You Really Do Need A Sump Pump

What Are The Sump Pump Components?


Pictured is the inside and outside of a Zoeller sump pump Sump pump components may include motor, float, switch, volute, impeller, protection screen, cord, discharge port.

- Motor types are single pole, split phase.
- Float types are tether, vertical (mechanical or magnetic).
- Switch types are diaphragm, float-switch, controllers (microprocessor, digital level)
- Volute is the chamber in which impeller rotates
- Impeller rotates and pushes the water out.  Its source of power is the motor.
- Protection screens may be used to prevent small debris from collecting in the volute or obstructing the impeller.
- Cords are plugged into electrical current.  Piggyback switch cords are extremely valuable. The main cord is plugged directly into the electrical current; it is for the float-switch operation; the cord that plugs into the piggyback operates the motor. If the float-switch fails the motor cord can be plugged directly into the electrical current and controlled manually.
- Discharge ports are connected to a pipe (PVC or garden hose) through which the water is pumped.

What Construction Material Is Used For Sump Pump Components?

Pictured is many sump pump housing types. Cast iron Zinc, stainless steel, thermoplastic- Motor housing are generally thermoplastic. Zoeller is unique. Zoeller builds its own motors rather than using third party motors; Therefore it uses cast iron for motor housing.
- Pumping housing is generally made from thermoplastic, carbon steel, aluminum, zinc stainless steel and cast iron. Thermoplastic does not dissipate heat well so is used on one-fourth and one-third horse power pumps. Typically one-half, three-fourths and one horse power pumps use cast iron though Wayne uses stainless steel frequently with a cast iron base. Cast iron and bronze have the longest life span and dissipate heat the best. .
- Volutes are generally thermoplastic or cast iron.
- Impellers are generally thermoplastic or cast iron.
- Handles, float protection guards and fasteners are always stainless steel and will not rust.

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What Is Sump Pump Horse Power?

Pictured is a Zoeller M53 Performance Curve Chart. Zoeller M53 is one-third house power and most common horse power used for sump pumps.Sump pump size is defined by motor horse power. Here are some basic facts about sump pump size.

- The most commonly used sump pump horse power is one-third.
- The size of horse power to use depends on how much and how fast the water enters the sump basin.
- Manufacturers publish the pumps pumping performance curves and charts for each model. Pump performance is defined by horse power and vertical height the water must be pumped before reaching is 'away from the house' destination.

===>Learn How To Use A Manufacturers Pump Performance Curve

- Using too small of a sump pump is as bad as installing too large or a sump pump in terms of horse power. One-fourth horse power sump pumps cannot keep up with heavy continuous heavy rainstorms. And installation of a one horse power pump is too big and will short cycle the pump motor and cause a motor to prematurely fail.

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- Sump pump size is also defined by pit size required. Discover pit size required for each manufactured pump.

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Sump Pump Size And Float Type Affect Sump Basin Size Required

Pictured are float switches for sump pumpsMost submersible sump pumps are not affected by horse power as much as by float switch type. Here's why.

- Many manufacturers increase the height of larger horse power pumps rather than make them wider.
- A sump pump with a tether float switch takes at least 6 inches more of basin diameter because the tether anf float swing up and out as the water in the basin increases.
- A vertical float switch only moves up and down and that movement is up and down on a rod that stays stationary during pumping cycles.
- The diaphragm switch has no float; instead it has a diaphragm membrane that is attached to the sump pump. The diaphragm only moves in and out but very slightly and does not take additional sump basin space.

===>Learn more about how a sump pump float switch works and how its movement affects the size of basin required.


How Do Sump Pumps Work With Sump Pump Systems?

The sump pump has a motor which runs to remove water from the sump basin, but it is part of a much larger system.

Watch how the sump pump is part of a bigger system that works together to keep your home dry during heavy rain storms.

The following video is presented by Apple Drains.


How Do Different Sump Pump Types Work?

Pictured is a sump pump system and how water flows into sump basin. How sump pumps work depends upon their power source and their float switch.

- A primary submersible sump pump uses wall outlet electrical power so only has a power cord.

===>Learn more about how the primary submersible sump pump works.

- A battery backup sump pump runs with battery power so needs a controller to run the pump. The controller is plugged into the electrical circuit so its charger can recharge the battery after usage. But the pump itself is not plugged into the wall electrical outlet.

===>Learn more about how a battery backup sump pump works.

- A water powered backup sump pump does not rely on electrical or battery power. It is hooked up to the house city water inlet. Then water powered pump relies on water pressure to provide the power needed to run the pump.

===>Learn more about how a water powered backup sump pump works.

- A pedestal sump pump is different from primary pump and the battery backup sump pump because its motor is sits above the basin and cannot get wet. Many like this pump type because it is easy to service. But there are others who do not like the noise of the motor. When a sump pump is submersed in a basin, the basin walls absorb a lot of the motor noise. This sump pump type is made to run on either electric or battery power. The model determines which power is used. Like the primary and battery backup sump pumps, the pedestal sump pump has a float which rises and triggers the switch which provides power to the motor so the pump runs.

===>Learn more about how the pedestal sump pump works.

Many of us understand how a sump pump works by seeing it in action. Here is your opportunity to see all sump pump types in action.

===>Watch how each sump pump type works: the primary submersible, the battery backup, the water powered and the pedestal sump pumps.


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