What is a Sump Pump?

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What is a Sump Pump?  Here are the basics.  A sump pump is ......
  • The main component of a sump pump system that is used to remove water from a basement that would be damp and wet if a drainage and a sump pump system were not used
  • Used to remove water from a pit.
  • Operates by some source of energy (electricity, water pressure, battery, generator).
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What is a Sump Pump component?
  • Sump pump components may include motor, float, switch, volute, impeller, protection screen, cord, discharge port.
    • Motor types are single pole, split phase.
    • Float types are tether, vertical (mechanical or magnetic).
    • Switch types are diaphragm, float-switch, controllers (microprocessor, digital level)
    • Volute is the chamber in which impeller rotates
    • Impeller rotates and pushes the water out.  Its source of power is the motor.
    • Protection screens may be used to prevent small debris from collecting in the volute or obstructing the impeller.
    • Cords are plugged into electrical current.  Piggyback switch cords are extremely valuable. The main cord is plugged directly into the electrical current; it is for the float-switch operation; the cord that plugs into the piggyback operates the motor. If the float-switch fails the motor cord can be plugged directly into the electrical current and controlled manually. 
    • Discharge ports are connected to a pipe (PVC or garden hose) through which the water is pumped.

What is Sump Pump construction material used for components of a sump pump?
  • Motor housing are generally thermoplastic, cast iron, stainless steel or cast bronze.
  • Cast iron and bronze have longest life span.
  • Volutes are generally thermoplastic or cast iron. 
  • Impellers are generally thermoplastic or cast iron.

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What is Sump Pump size?

Sump pump size is defined by motor horse power.

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Sump pump size is also defined by pit size required.

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