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Discover How Pedestal Sump Pump Works

Knowing how the pedestal sump pump works will help you make a better selection of best sump pump suited for your pumping needs.  First, here is a summary of the highlights about pedestal pumps.
  • The motor sits above the sump pit (outside the pit not in the pit water).
  • A brace is required for supporting the motor to hold it more stationery during heaving water pumping.
  • vertical float switch is used. 
  • They are noisier. 
  • They are a safety risk for children and pets. 
  • Debris is a major problem.
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Pedestal Sump Pump Features

Where is it placed?
A pedestal pump is designed so the base with the float and discharge pump sit in the pit, but the motor sits outside (above) the pit.  The motor should not get wet.

What about its stability?

The pedestal sump pump base containing the impeller, the float and discharge piping sit on the bottom of the pit, but the motor is outside (above) the pit.  A brace attached to the motor is required to make the motor stable.


What kind of float-switch is used?

The vertical float switch. The vertical float rod is held in place with a rod stableizer


How will you know if it is working?
Unlike most submersible sump pumps, the pedestal pump has a visible sentry light that indicates if it is operating.
How is the motor cooled?
The air circulating around the motor cools it. it is important that the pedestal pump is in an open area so there is sufficient air circulation. 

How easy is it to change the float-switch?

A pedestal pump float mechanism is attached to the motor which is outside the pit so does not require removal of the pump from the pit.


What about noise level?

Since the pedestal sump pump motor sits outside the pit, it is noisy. There is no pit wall of water to absorb the sound.  


What about safety?

Since the pedestal sump pump motor sits outside the pit, it can be touched by children and pets.  It is best to have the pump enclosed in a room that cannot be accessed by children.


What about life span and cost?

The pedestal pump has a longer life span since water cannot take its toll on the motor.  Pedestal pumps are known to last 2 to 5 times longer and are cheaper than submersible pumps.


Can it handle debris?

The pedestal style cannot handle debris. They work well in a clean pit; however if your sump pit contains small pebbles and or debris submersible sump pump is the best pump selection.


How Pedestal Pump Works

The vertical float sits in the pit. As the water rises the float rises. When the float is raised by the water to a preset height, the switch activates the pump motor and pumpiing begins. When the water lowers the float to a preset height, the motor turn off. This cycle is repeated over and over again as the water rises and lowers in the sump pit.

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Installed pedestal sump pump

Review by Comparison

Pedestal vs. Submersible Sump Pump

Pump Motor
Pedesal motors are outside (above) the pit and should never get wet. Submersible pumps sit in the pit and are made to be submersed in water which does not harm it in any way. Pedestal motors generally require less ampherage (electrical current) to start and run. The pedestal motor requires support to hold it in place during operation. A bracket works well.
Pump Housing
Most pedestal pump housing is thermoplastic; however a few use cast iron. Submersible pump housing used ranges from theormoplastic, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, zine and bronze.  
Float Switch
The pedestal pumps use the vertical float switch. Submersible sump pumps have many more float siwtch options: the tether, the vertical, the diaphragm, the digital and the electronic. The pedestal vertical float height can be adjusted; however a submersible vertical float cannot be adjusted unless it is installed independantly from the pump.
Solids Handling
The pedestal pump cannot handle solids. Many submersible pumps can handle solids, expecially when they use a vortex impeller like Zoeller. 
Pedestal pumps are much easier to maintain. The switch and motor sit outside the pit so they are easy to access. Submersible sump pumps must be removed from the pit to rfeplace the switch, gasket and other parts. 
Submersible sump pumps are made to handle greater volumes of water. Also when pumping they are more stationary. A bracket is required to brace the pedestal motor.  
Pump Housing
Most pedestal pump housing is thermoplastic; however a few use cast iron. Submersible pump housing used ranges from theormoplastic, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, zine and bronze.  
Motor Cooling
Pedestal pumps rely on air cooling. Subersible pumps rely on water and the pump housing material to dissipate heat. Cast iron and bronze housing dissipates moto heat best. Stainless steel, aluminum and zinc dissipate heat more than thermoplastic. Most pedestal pump housing is thermoplastic.   

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Pedestal vs. Submersible Sump Pump

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