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Nine Sump Pump Feature Comparisons

By comparing the GPM of a Zoeller 1/2 HP with manufacturers of 3/4 HP  (Wayne, Superior, Ridgid, Watchdog, Flotec, Simer, Flint Walling/Star) you will discover that a Zoeller 1/2 HP GPM is the same as the 3/4 HP. Zoeller pumps are more efficient. In addition Zoeller motors only run at 80% usage with 20% in reserve.

By comparing the housing of cast iron sump pumps you would think they were made equally. However, just because the housing is cast iron, only Zoeller has cast iron volute and impellers. Cast iron is more durable.

By comparing vertical switches you would think they all function the same. However there are two types of vertical switches - mechanical (manual) and magnetic. Flint Walling/Star and Liberty use magnetic switches which are more reliable.

Not all pump bodies are the same. Liberty Pumps is unique with a unibody (one piece body) which eliminates the need for an additional bottom seal.

Comparison of power cord design reveals power cord connection types vary. Liberty Pumps uses a quick disconnect power cord. Other pump manufacturers like Zoeller, Little Giant, Basement Watchdog, Superior, Wayne, Flotec, Myers and Simer wire the power cord to the motor.

Comparison of clog prevention design also show differences. Many use a bottom screen to prevent debri from entering the impeller such as Basement Watchdog, Simer, Flotec, Ridgid, Little Giant and Superior. Wayne uses top suction. Liberty and Zoeller use a vortex impeller which actually handles up to 5/8 in solids eliminating the need for a bottom screen.

Comparing pump housing reveals big differences. All pump manufacturers have at least one model with engineered plastic housing; however Zoeller and Little Giant are the only pump manufacturers that have at least one model with housing made of bronze. Aluminum housing is used for at least one model for Liberty Pumps, Little Giant, Glentronics and Everbilt. Cast iron is most often used for one-half horse powered or greater and therefore all manufacturers have at least one model. Cast iron handles heat without warping the housing and is strong enough to support continous heavy pumping

By comparing solid state verses external independent float switches, Basement Watchdog and Glentronics are the only pumps that do not have an attached float switch except those manufacturers like Zoeller who also provide non automatic models as well as automatic models. Those manufacturers who do not have solid state float switches rely on the homeowner attaching the float switch to the discharge piping system.

By comparing the basin size required by manufacturer you will discover that some sump pumps are taller and narrower, while others are wider and shorter. Also those with a tethered float switch require more pit room.

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Review by Manufacturer

What Is Unique About Each Sump Pump Manufacturer?

Zoeller is known as the professional plumbers choice. Zoeller uses the highest grade of cast iron for their submersible pumps.

The Little Giant is known for its use of the diaphragm rather than a float-switch.

Wayne is known for its innovation. Some new features are successful and other s are not like the Switch Genius technology which uses a microprocessor (probe- water sensor) instead of a float. The idea was great however the probes were affected by calcification found in ground water. Stak Enterprises has been successful with their electronic switch with probes technology which is not impacted by water chemicals.

Glentronics (Basement Watchdog) is known for its external dual float switch cage which has two floats. One switch is used until it wears out then the other one operates providing double protection. Since the float switch cage is attached to the discharge pipe it is easy to replace. Basement Watchdog is also know for its energy efficient pumps.

Superior pumps are made with removable float switches so they can also be used as utility pumps.

Ridgid is manufactured by Wayne. Their models include tether and vertical float switch.

Myers is trademark of Pentair Water known for many types of water solutions. Their model has antilock hole in volute base and pump is very serviceable.

Liberty is known for its one piece unit eliminating the motor seal ring. It also has a quick disconnect power cord and some of their pumps use a vertical magnetic float switch.

Flotec and Simer are known for offering Lifetime Warranties on their 3/4 HP submersibles with pump housing made from stainless steel.

Flint and Walling is a Zoeller company. Their pumps are shaped with a fin type body housing to increase efficiency.

Red Lion is known for using the snap action vertical float switch.

Red Lion and Zoeller floats are solid so punctures will not cause float switch failure.

Only Liberty, Zoeller and BasePumps manufacture water powered sump pumps.

Liberty, Zoeller, Wayne, Watchdog (Glentronics), Flotec, and Red Lion manufacturer combination sump pumps. The combination pump comes preassembled with a primary submersible pump and a battery backup pump. These preassembled pumps are easy to install. Of course knowing the diameter of your pit is important to determine if it will fit into your pit.

Superior, Liberty, Wayne, Watchdog (Glentronics), Zoeller, Little Giant, Flotec, Simer, and Hydromatic mnaufacturer battery backup sump pumps. Pedestal sump pumps are easy to maintain because the battery sits above the basin and never is submersed in the water. The float is easy to replace.

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Most Popular Models And Most Recent Innovations By Manufacturer

Zoeller Pumps

The most popular Zoeller Pump models include the M53 (1/3 HP Cast Iron Vertical Float Primary Submersible), The M57 (1/3 HP All Cast Iron Vertical Float Primary Submersible, the M98 (1/2 HP Cast Iron Vertical Float Primary Submersible), the M267 (1/2 HP Cast Iron Vertical Float Sewage), and the 105-0001 (1/3 HP Laundry Drain Kit), N53 (1/3 HP Cast Iron Non Automatic Sump Buy Float Switch to Automate).

The latest Zoeller Pumps innovation include the Premium Series M63 (1/3 HP all cast iron construction with 5 year warranty vitron outer switch boot), M95 (1/2 HP cast iron construction except for the thermoplastic impeller 5 year warranty vitron outer switch boot), and the Aquanot 508-0005 battery backup (1800 GPH @ 10 Ft. 5 year warranty, redundant float switch with Z Control® Enabled notification and remote access).


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Liberty Pumps

The most popular Liberty Pumps are the 237 (1/3 HP Vertical Magnetic Float, Epoxy Coated Aluminun) CSP-237 (1/3 HP Crawl Space), 297 (3/4 HP, Cast Iron, one-piece UNI-Body casting, Vertical Magnetic Float), SBX280A High Output Sump Box for new home construction with Debris Filter (1/3 and ½ HP primary totally sealed and radon ready and 12 Volt Battery Backup System), 257 (1/3 HP, Cast Iron Vertical Magnetic Float).

The most recent Liberty Pumps innovation includes the Night Eye which provides wireless connection to smart devices anywhere in the world. The Night Eye WiFi connectivity can be used with the Sumpjet SJ10A-Eye (Water Powered Backup Pump), The StormCell 442-10A and 442-25A-EYE Battery Backup Sump Pumps, and the Combo Pumps (PC257-442-EYE, the PC237-10A-EYE, and the PC457-442-10A-EYE). The battery backup system (441) has also be upgraded to the new system 442.


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Wayne Pumps

The most popular Wayne Water Systems Pumps include CDU980E (3/4 HP, Cast Iron/Stainless Steel Vertical Float), CDU1000 (1 HP Cast Iron, Vertical Float), CDU800 (1/2 HP Vertical Float Switch Cast Iron), ESP25 (12 Volt Battery Backup), GFU110 Portable Electric Utility), and WWB WaterBUG Submersible Utility). WSS30V I1/2 HP Primary 12 Volt Battery Backup).

The latest Wayne innovation includes the WC550V (1/2 HP Cast Iron Vertical Float Sewage), CWS50 (Cast Iron Well Pump), PC4 (1/2 HP Cast Iron Transfer), WSM3300 (12 Volt Thermoplastic 2 Year Warranty 2300 GPH @ 10 Feet Battery Backup).


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Superior Pumps

The most popular Superior Pumps are the 92342 (1/3 HP Cast Iron Vertical Float), 92330 (1/3 HP Thermoplastic Tether Float Switch Sump), 92333 (1/3 HP Thermoplastic Pedestal), 92572 (1/2 HP Thermoplastic, Vertical float Sump), 92900 (12 Volt Battery Tether Float Backup).

The latest Superior innovation includes the 92751 (3/4 HP Cast Iron/Stainless Steel Vertical Float Switch 3 Year Warranty Quick Float Disconnect Sump to convert to usage as Utility Pump).

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Basement Watchdog Glentronics Pumps

The most popular Basement Watchdog Pumps include BW1050 (1/2 HP Dual Vertical Float Cast Iron @ Year Warranty), Basement Watchdog BWE (1000 GPH @ 10 Feet Reed Float Switch 12 Volt Battery Backup).

The most popular Glentronics products are the BWD-HWA (Water Sensor & Alarm), DFC2 PHCC (Pro Series Deluxe Dual-Float Controller), SST1033-NS (1/3 HP Cast Iron Stainless Steel Dural Float Switch is Separate Purchase).

The latest Basement Watchdog and Glentronics innovation is Glentronics' PHCC Pro Series allowing for two different connection options for home owners to be notified remotely. Option 1 uses the PHCC Pro Series WiFi Module ( PS-WiFi) which sends emails or text notifications and status alerts to the phone, tablet or computer. This option does not required monthly or yearly fees or subscriptions. Option 2 uses the PHCC PRO SERIES Home Automation Connection Module (PS-HZM) to connect to compatible monitored home security or home automation systems using Z-Wave Plus. Option 1 and Option 2 can be used with Primary Pump Models ST1033, ST1050, S3033, S3050, S3100, S5033, S5050) and the DFC2 (for clear water only) or VSC2 (for laundry and sewage) Controller Switch; the Ejector Pump Models (E7040, E7055, E7105) and the VSC2 Switch controller; the Combination Pump Models PHCC-PS-C11 and PHCC-PS-C22; and the Battery Backup Sump Pump ModelsPHCC-1850 and PHCC-2400.

The Basement Watchdog Battery Backup Systems have been modified to allow the usage of the GW27AGM Maintenance Free Battery.


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Flotec Pumps

The most popular Flotec Pumps include the FPZ550T (1/2 HP Tether Float Thermoplastic Submersible Sump), FP4012-10 (1/2 HP Shallow Well Pump Jet), PF5172 (1/2 HP Self-Priming High Capacity Sprinkler), FPZ533V (1/3 HP Vertical Float Switch Zinc 1 Year Warranty Sump).

The latest Flotec innovations is the FPCC5030 (Pre Assembles with Primary and Battery Backup With Virtual Water Assistant Which Provides Remote Monitoring And Sends Alerts To Cell Phone Or Computer. Primary 3000GPH @ 10 Ft Backup 1260 GPH @ 10 Ft.).


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Red Lion Pumps

The most popular Red Lion Pumps include RL-SCSONV (1/2 HP Cast Iron Vertical Switch Sump),, RJS-100-PREM-602208 (1 HP Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet), RLSP-200 (2 HP Cast Iron Sprinkler).

The latest Red Lion Pumps innovation includes the RL-SPBS Series Battery Backup System (Diaphragm Switch, 1200 GPH @ 10 Ft 12 Volt 2 Year Warranty) and the Red Lion 5RLAG-2LKIT (Aluminum Water Transfer Kit 1 Year Warranty).

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Primary Sunp Pumps At Pumps Selection

Primary Sump Pumps

Primary Submersible Sump Pumps act as the main pump in the basin; therefore finding the best pump is very important. We provide help for you to determine what your water pumping needs are, so you can make a wise selection. There are many brands, models, sizes by horse power, performance capabilities by gallons pumped per minute, float switch types, clogging prevention designs, and pump housing materials. Select the best pump to keep your basement from flooding.

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Battery Backup sump pumps at Pumps Selection

Backup Sump Pumps

Backup Sump Pumps are a necessity since your electricity and primary pump will fail sometime during a rain storm. Rather than deal with a flooded basement, it is more cost and time effective to install a backup. Many performance capabilities, battery sizes, alarm types, footprint sizes and power source options are available. Select the perfect backup pump for your situation.

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combination sump pumps at Pumps Selection

Combination Sump

Combination Sump Pumps come preassembled with a primary pump and a battery backup. These combination systems come preassembled so all you have to do is align the combination systems discharge pipe to your existing discharge pipe in the sump basin. There are many brands, models, footprint sizes, horse powers, clogging prevention designs, pump housing and performance capabilities by gallons pumped per minute. Find the best pump for your water pumping needs.

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Water Powered Sunp Pumps At Pumps Selection

Water Powered Sump

Water Powered Sump Pumps are a good solution if you have long power outages during heavy storms such as hurricanes. City water is required and available during power outages because generators keep the city pumps running. Water powered pumps are also the preferred choice for homeowners who do not want to rely on battery power. Discover if a water powered system is best for your water pumping needs.

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Pedestal Sump Pumps at Pumps Selection

Pedestal Sump Pumps

Pedestal Sump Pumps are easy to maintain because the pump motor and float switch sit above the basin and therefore are not submersed in the water. The number of brands and models is limited; however horse power and performance capability for pumping gallons per minute vary. Find the best pedestal pump for your needs.

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Check Valves at Pumps Selection

Check Valves

Check Valves are an important part of any pumping system. They prevent the motor from having to re-pump water flowing back down the discharge pipe when the motor stops. They can also lessen the sound of water hammer. There are many brands, styles and end connector types. Select the best check valve for your needs.

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