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Pictured are the logos and pumps from the msot popular sump pump manufacturers and brands.
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Too many sump pump brands and sump pump manufactures names do make it difficult to choose the best sump pump for protecting your basement from flooding when those heavy rainstorms occur; therefore this sump pump review by manufacturer compares eleven sump pump brands associated with 11 different pump companies. It reveals what makes these brands and companies different and why those differences matter. Become an educated shopper with peace of mind that your sump pump purchase is the best choice for your water pumping needs.


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The Results Of Our Review By Manufacturer Will Help You Shop For The Best Pump

Nine Sump Pump Key Feature Comparisons


Comparing pumping performance (GPM, gallons per minute, or GPH, gallons per hour) reveals the range is much the same for all 1/3 and 1/2 HP motors with 1,740 to 2,040 GPH at a 10 foot vertical height for 1/3 HP and a 3300 GPH to 4,200 GPH for 1/2 HP. Superior and Little Giant 1/3 HP pumps are at the lower end of the GPH range. Zoeller, Wayne and Liberty Pumps 1/2 HP pumps are at the higher end of the GPH range.

By comparing the GPM of a Zoeller 1/2 HP with manufacturers of 3/4 HP  (Wayne, Superior, Ridgid, Watchdog, Flotec, Simer, Flint Walling/Star) you will discover that a Zoeller 1/2 HP GPM is the same as the 3/4 HP. Zoeller pumps are more efficient. In addition Zoeller motors only run at 80% usage with 20% in reserve.

Often there is concern about which horse power pump is needed. The simplest way to choose the right horse power sized pump is to count how many times the pump runs per minute during a heavy rainstorm. A run of 5 times a minute for an 18 inch diameter pit with the average 4 gallons of water removed from the pit per pumping cycle would mean that 20 gallons are removed per minute and 1,200 gallons pumped per hour. In this case a 1/3 HP sump pump would be adequate.

Pictured is Zoeller M53 1/3 HP Pump performance curve.

Pump Housing

Comparing the pump housing of cast iron sump pumps reveals that sump pump housing material options are increasing. Fifty years ago cast iron was considered the only smart option. Today, sump pump housing material options include cast iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, zinc and thermoplastic.

Cast iron is still the best option used by Zoeller, Liberty Pumps, Wayne, Superior, Flotec, Little Giant, Red Lion, Pentair Myers, Everbilt, Basement Watchdog and Hydromatic. Cast iron is known for its durability, weight to keep the pump in place during heavy continuous pumping, and heat dissipation. Unlike stainless steel that does not rust, cast iron housing must be epoxy coated to retard rust. Cast iron is most often used for one-half horse power or greater and therefore all manufacturers have at least one cast iron housing model. Cast iron handles heat without warping the housing and is strong enough to support continuous heavy pumping; however its cost is causing pump companies to find other options. Cost and material availability is why all brands offer multiple housing material options.

Stainless Steel used by Wayne, Superior Pump, Red Lion, Flotec, and Basement Watchdog, heats up quickly and cools quickly so is a good housing material alternative with a shorter life span. Because stainless steel is a light weight metal, a cast iron pump base is often used to add pump weight to keep the pump in place during heaving pumping.

Aluminum housing, used by Liberty Pumps and Everbilt, heats up much quicker, does not cool as quickly, and is not as strong and durable as cast iron, but is better than thermoplastic housing which traps heat.

- Brands using aluminum include Liberty Pumps, Star Water Systems, Red Lion, Everbilt and Basement Watchdog (Glentronics).
- Liberty Pumps takes extra steps to keep their pumps using aluminum housing cool by shaping the housing into a fin like surface allowing more water to cool off its surface.
Pictured is Liberty Pumps model 451 with its aluminum fin pump body design.

Zinc housing used by Flotec and Pentair Myers, is absorbs heat readily thus depends upon the pit water to keep it cooler during continuous pumping but is stronger than aluminum housing.

Thermoplastic housing. used by Liberty Pumps, Zoeller, Wayne, Everbilt, Flotec, Superior Pump, Little Giant, Basement Watchdog, Red Lion, and Pentair Myers, traps heat, warps and cracks easily but is less expensive. All pump manufacturers have at least one model with engineered plastic housing.

Bronze housing. is used only by Zoeller, Liberty Pumps and Little Giant. This is an extremely expensive metal. It is used for commercial cusmp pumps because of its durability and heat dissipation qualities.


Float Switch

Comparing sump pump float switches makes it obvious their purpose is the same: respond to the water level in the pit and turn on the sump pump when the electrical circuit is closed and flows to the pump motor; however the design by which they perform their purpose varies by manufacturer.

Four float switch types are still the most popular among sump pump brands: tether, vertical (magnetic and snap action), and diaphragm.

Pictured is the four float switch types, what they look like and how they work: the tether float swith, the vertical magnetic float switch, the vertical snap action floaot switch and the diaphragm switch.

Tether Float Switch

Tether float switches used with Zoeller, Liberty Pumps, Wayne, Superior Pump, Flotec, Red Lion, Pentair Myers, Everbilt, Basement Watchdog, and Hydromatic are popular for those who wish to adjust the ON OFF switch height, want six to eleven gallons of water pumped per pumping cycle and have an 18 inch pit diameter or larger and are not concerned about tangling and hang-up.

Pictured is a tether float sued with Zoeller model 49 Water Riddr 1/4 HP sump pump.

Vertical float switches are very popular for those with narrow pit space or those who wish to install a battery backup pump and are content with only 4 or 6 gallons or water pumped per cycle. Two styles of vertical float switches are very popular: the vertical magnetic and the snap-action.


Vertical Magnetic Float Switch

The vertical magnetic float switch used with Liberty Pumps, Superior Pump, Flotec, and Red Lion works very well with ground water not containing calcium carbonate. Unless calcium carbonate is removed every six months from the float magnet, early sump pump failure occurs.
Pictured is a tether float sued with Zoeller model 49 Water Riddr 1/4 HP sump pump.

Vertical Snap Action Float Switch

The vertical snap action float switch used with Zoeller, Wayne, Red Lion, and Everbilt is a great alternative because it is not affected by ground water contaminates though it is mechanical and wears out after one million pumping cycles.
Pictured is a vertical snap action foat switch  how it works and moves when the water rises and lowers in the pit.

Vertical Enhanced Snap Action Float Switch

Since the snap action float switch is tested only to 1 million cycles, Zoeller introduces the enhanced snap action float switch which contains an extra bar found between the two switch connectors to decrease friction wear and extend the life of the switch to 3 million pumping cycles. The enhanced snap ation float switch is used with Zoeller Premium Models M63 and M95.

Pictured is a vertical enhanced snap action foat switch  how it works and moves when the water rises and lowers in the pit.

Diaphragm Switch

The diaphragm switch used by Little Giant, Red Lion, and Hydromatic is not as popular because it relies on membrane concave and convex action as water fills the pit. Over time the membrane does wear out.
Pictured is the Little Giant model 506158 with a diaphragm switc.

Electronic Switch

In recent years electronic switches are a hopeful solution to the mechanical switch; however so many of them are not reliable. The Hydrocheck HC6000 is the most reliable. Its designed to sense water in the pit and can be installed with any automatic sump pump as long as the switch is tied in the ON position, the pump is manual or uses a piggyback plug. Ours is working without fail since 2011; that is over 13 years now.
Pictured is the electronic switch Hydrocheck HC6000. It is the most reliable electronic switch on the market. Ours has lasted 13 years and is still working without problems.

Body Design

Not all pump bodies are the same. Liberty Pumps is unique with a UNIBODY, one piece body. A one piece body eliminates the need for an additional bottom seal. Seal leakages are not too prevalent, but they can happen.

Pictured is Liberty Pumps model which is a UNIBODY.

Power Cord

Comparing a sump pump power cord reveals 3 differences: 1) Cord length 2) Plug type 3) Ease of disconnect. Cord length is important because using an extension cord is not recommended.

Cord Length

All brands offer a standard length and manufacturers like Zoeller and Liberty Pumps offer specialized lengths as well. Wayne and Flotec power cord standardized length is 8 feet. Zoeller and Star Water Systems offer a standard 9 foot cord length. Basement Watchdog, Red Lion, Liberty Pumps, Superior Pump, and Little Giant consistently offer a standard 10 foot cord.

Plug Type

As for plug type, two styles exist: non piggy back plug and a piggy back plug.

A non-piggy back plug has only one set of wires running through the cord that is plugged into the wall outlet. The switch wires are connected to the motor internally. This is especially true for a snap action float switch.

A piggyback plug designs the motor cord for plugin to the piggy back outlet and the piggy back be plugged into the electrical wall outlet. This means the float switch and motor have separate power cords and if the switch fails the pump can be run manually by bypassing the piggyback plug and plugging the pump motor directly into the wall outlet. Piggyback plugs are designed with the Flotec, Liberty Pumps, Superior, Red Lion and Basement Watchdog sump pumps with a tether and vertical magnetic float.

Pictured is a piggyback switch that has an outlet switch on it so the pump motor can be plugged in.

Ease of Disconnect

Quality made pumps rarely experience power cord failure; however when the power cord fails and needs replacement, Liberty Pumps makes replacement very easy. Their Quick Disconnect power cord design makes replacement so very easy. They are the known brand with this design.


Solids Handling

Comparison of clog prevention design also show differences. Many use a bottom screen to prevent debris from entering the impeller such as Basement Watchdog, Simer, Flotec, Ridgid, Little Giant and Superior. Wayne uses top suction. Liberty , Zoelle, Pentair Myers, Pentair Hydromatic, Red Lion, Everbilt and some Little Giant models use a vortex impeller which actually handles up to 5/8 in solids eliminating the need for a bottom screen.


Float Location

By comparing the placement of float switches, some are attached directly to the sump pump and others are not. Basement Watchdog (Glentronics) puts its dual float switches in a protective cage which attaches to the discharge pipe whereas other brands attach their sump pumps to the sump pump itself.


Basin Size

By comparing the basin size required by manufactures you will discover that some sump pumps are taller and narrower, while others are wider and shorter. Also those with a tethered float switch require more pit room.

The bnands known for narrower dimensions are the Basement Watchdog, some Liberty Pumps and Superior Pumps,


Amps Usage

sump pump amp usage varies by brand and pump horse power; however Basement Watchdog Star Water Systems, Superior Pump, Red Lion and Flotec pumps use less Amps. Brands such as Zoeller, Wayne and Little Giant require more Amp Usage.


Review by Manufacturer

What Is Unique About Each Sump Pump Manufacturer?

Zoeller is known as the professional plumber's choice. Zoeller uses the highest grade of cast iron for their submersible pumps. Zoeller is now the oldest manufacturer of residential sump pumps in the USA with its beginning in 1939 in Louisville, Kentucky where its headquarters are still located.

The Little Giant is known for its use of the diaphragm rather than a float switch.

Wayne is known for its innovation. Some new features are successful and others are not like the Switch Genius technology which uses a microprocessor (probe- water sensor) instead of a float. The idea was great however the probes were affected by calcification found in ground water. Stak Enterprises has been successful with their electronic switch with probes technology which is not impacted by water chemicals.

Glentronics (Basement Watchdog) is known for its external dual float switch cage which has two floats. One switch is used until it wears out then the other one operates providing double protection. Since the float switch cage is attached to the discharge pipe it is easy to replace. Basement Watchdog is also known for its energy efficient pumps.

Superior pumps are made with removable float switches so they can also be used as utility pumps.

Ridgid is a brand that uses stainless steel pump housing with a cast iron . Their models include tether and vertical float switches.

Myers is a trademark of Pentair Water known for many types of water solutions. Their model has an antilock air hole in the volute base and the pump is very serviceable. As of 2020, these pumps are now made in the USA in Delevan, Wisconsin.

Liberty Pumps is known for its one piece unit eliminating the motor seal ring. It also has a quick disconnect power cord and many of their models use a vertical magnetic float switch. They also use aluminum housing for some of the models. To keep fast heating aluminum cool, they have introduced fins to their body housing.

Hydromatic is a sump pump brand that has been around since 1959; however it has changed company ownership multiple times. Now it is owned by Pentair. Hydromatic is a pump known for its cast iron usage. .

Flotec and Simer are now part of the Pentair group. Flotec is the first to use zinc housing for some of its models.

Flint and Walling is now owned by Zoeller Company. Flint Walling uses cast iron housing for many of its models.

Red Lion is known for using cast iron for pump housing, pump base and impeller. They also favor the snap action vertical float switch.

Red Lion and Zoeller floats are solid so punctures will not cause float switch failure.

Only Liberty, Zoeller and BasePumps manufacture water powered sump pumps.

Only Zoeller, Liberty Pumps, and Pentair Myers continue to build their pumps in the USA. Other like Wayne and Ridgid assemble their pumps from foreign and domestic parts like a float switch to a pump motor with housing. Still others like Superior, Flotec, Little Giant, Red Lion, Basement Watchdog, Everbilt, and Hydromatic import a ready to sell sump pump.

Liberty, Zoeller, Wayne, Watchdog (Glentronics), Flotec, and Red Lion models include combination sump pumps. The combination pump comes preassembled with a primary submersible pump and a battery backup pump. These preassembled pumps are easy to install. Of course knowing the diameter of your pit is important to determine if it will fit into your pit.

Superior, Liberty, Wayne, Watchdog (Glentronics), Zoeller, Little Giant, Superior, Flotec, Simer, and Hydromatic offer battery backup sump pumps.

Pedestal sump pumps are easy to maintain because the motor sits above the basin and never is submersed in the water. The float is easy to replace. Zoeller, Superior, Flotec and Red Lion offer Pedestal Sump Pumps.


Most Popular Models And Most Recent Innovations By Manufacturer

Zoeller Pumps

The most popular Zoeller Pump models include the M53 (1/3 HP Cast Iron Vertical Float Primary Submersible), The M57 (1/3 HP All Cast Iron Vertical Float Primary Submersible, the M98 (1/2 HP Cast Iron Vertical Float Primary Submersible), the M267 (1/2 HP Cast Iron Vertical Float Sewage), the 105-0001 (1/3 HP Laundry Drain Kit), and the N53 (1/3 HP Cast Iron Non Automatic Sump which can be automated by installing a standalone float switch). The M63 and M95 also have an upgraded switch which is tested to run for 3 million pump cycles without failure.

Pictured are two of zoellers Automatic submersible sump pumps Model M53 and Model M63

The latest Zoeller Pumps innovation include the Premium Series M63 (1/3 HP all cast iron construction with 5 year warranty Vitron outer switch boot), M95 (1/2 HP cast iron construction except for the thermoplastic impeller 5 year warranty Vitron outer switch boot), and the Aquanot 508-0005 battery backup (1800 GPH @ 10 Ft. 5 year warranty, redundant float switch with Z Control Enabled notification and remote access). Zoeller also redesigned their water powered sump pump Flex 540 so it is now one of the most powerful water powered sump pumps for residential use.


Liberty Pumps

The most popular Liberty Pumps are the 237 (1/3 HP Vertical Magnetic Float, Epoxy Coated Aluminum) CSP-237 (1/3 HP Crawl Space), 297 (3/4 HP, Cast Iron, one-piece UNI-Body casting, Vertical Magnetic Float), SBX280A High Output Sump Box for new home construction with Debris Filter (1/3 and ½ HP primary totally sealed and radon ready and 12 Volt Battery Backup System), 257 (1/3 HP, Cast Iron Vertical Magnetic Float).

Pictured are two of Liberty Pumps  Automatic submersible sump pumps Model 251 and Model 257.

The most recent Liberty Pumps innovation includes the Night Eye which provides wireless connection to smart devices anywhere in the world. The Night Eye WiFi connectivity can be used with the Sumpjet SJ10A-Eye (Water Powered Backup Pump), The StormCell 442-10A and 442-25A-EYE Battery Backup Sump Pumps, and the Combo Pumps (PC257-442-EYE, the PC237-10A-EYE, and the PC457-442-10A-EYE). The battery backup system (441) has also be upgraded to the new system 442.


Wayne Pumps

The most popular Wayne Water Systems Pumps include CDU980E (3/4 HP, Cast Iron/Stainless Steel Vertical Float), CDU1000 (1 HP Cast Iron, Vertical Float), CDU800 (1/2 HP Vertical Float Switch Cast Iron), ESP25 (12 Volt Battery Backup), GFU110 Portable Electric Utility), and WWB WaterBUG Submersible Utility). WSS30V I1/2 HP Primary 12 Volt Battery Backup).

Pictured are two of Wayne Automatic submersible sump pumps Model CDU800 and Model CDU980E.

The latest Wayne innovation includes the WC550V (1/2 HP Cast Iron Vertical Float Sewage), CWS50 (Cast Iron Well Pump), PC4 (1/2 HP Cast Iron Transfer), WSM3300 (12 Volt Thermoplastic 2 Year Warranty 2300 GPH @ 10 Feet Battery Backup).


Superior Pumps

The most popular Superior Pumps are the 92342 (1/3 HP Cast Iron Vertical Float), 92330 (1/3 HP Thermoplastic Tether Float Switch Sump), 92333 (1/3 HP Thermoplastic Pedestal), 92572 (1/2 HP Thermoplastic, Vertical float Sump), 92900 (12 Volt Battery Tether Float Backup).

Pictured are two of Superior Pump Automatic submersible sump pumps Model 92341 and Model 92331.

The latest Superior innovation includes the 92751 (3/4 HP Cast Iron/Stainless Steel Vertical Float Switch 3 Year Warranty Quick Float Disconnect Sump to convert to usage as Utility Pump).


Little Giant Pumps

The most popular Little Giant Pumps include the 506158 (1/3 HP Diaphragm Switch cast iron sump pump) , 506807 (6EC-CIA-5FS 1/3 HP Snap Action Vertical Float Switch cast iron sump pump) and condensate pump. Little Giant is over 80 years old and is now owned by Franklin Electric. For two consecutive years Newsweek lists them as one of America's Most Trustworthy Companies.

Pictured are two Little Giant Automatic submersible sump pumps Model GIDDS-52125 and Model 506804.

The latest Little Giant innovation includes the Little Pit+Plus Jr. which helps homeowners who want to create usable space below-grade including a toilet. This 4/10 HP sewage pump delivers long-term performance and comes with several key features including a removable cover, easy access to the float, and the ability to service the pump without disconnecting the intake and discharge.

Also getting attention is the PES Series pumps designed to operate continuously with minimal energy consumption. These easy to install magnetic drive pumps feature a corrosion-resistant body specifically designed for submersible continuous use applications, including pond fountains and small waterfalls.


Basement Watchdog Glentronics Pumps

The most popular Basement Watchdog Pumps include BW1050 (1/2 HP Dual Vertical Float Cast Iron @ Year Warranty), Basement Watchdog BWE (1000 GPH @ 10 Feet Reed Float Switch 12 Volt Battery Backup).

The most popular Glentronics products are the BWD-HWA (Water Sensor & Alarm), DFC2 PHCC (Pro Series Deluxe Dual-Float Controller), SST1033-NS (1/3 HP Cast Iron Stainless Steel Dural Float Switch is Separate Purchase).

Pictured are two Basement Watchdog Glentronics Automatic submersible sump pumps Model BW1050 and Model SI50V.

The latest Basement Watchdog and Glentronics innovation is Glentronics' PHCC Pro Series allowing for two different connection options for home owners to be notified remotely. Option 1 uses the PHCC Pro Series WiFi Module ( PS-WiFi) which sends emails or text notifications and status alerts to the phone, tablet or computer. This option does not required monthly or yearly fees or subscriptions. Option 2 uses the PHCC PRO SERIES Home Automation Connection Module (PS-HZM) to connect to compatible monitored home security or home automation systems using Z-Wave Plus. Option 1 and Option 2 can be used with Primary Pump Models ST1033, ST1050, S3033, S3050, S3100, S5033, S5050) and the DFC2 (for clear water only) or VSC2 (for laundry and sewage) Controller Switch; the Ejector Pump Models (E7040, E7055, E7105) and the VSC2 Switch controller; the Combination Pump Models PHCC-PS-C11 and PHCC-PS-C22; and the Battery Backup Sump Pump ModelsPHCC-1850 and PHCC-2400.

The Basement Watchdog Battery Backup Systems have been modified to allow the usage of the GW27AGM Maintenance Free Battery.


Flotec Pumps

The most popular Flotec Pumps include the FPZ550T (1/2 HP Tether Float Thermoplastic Submersible Sump), FP4012-10 (1/2 HP Shallow Well Pump Jet), PF5172 (1/2 HP Self-Priming High Capacity Sprinkler), FPZ533V (1/3 HP Vertical Float Switch Zinc 1 Year Warranty Sump).

Pictured are two Flotec Automatic submersible sump pumps Model E50VLT and Model E50TLT.

The latest Flotec innovations is the FPCC5030 (Pre Assembles with Primary and Battery Backup With Virtual Water Assistant Which Provides Remote Monitoring And Sends Alerts To Cell Phone Or Computer. Primary 3000GPH @ 10 Ft Backup 1260 GPH @ 10 Ft.).


Red Lion Pumps

The most popular Red Lion Pumps include RL-SCSONV (1/2 HP Cast Iron Vertical Switch Sump),, RJS-100-PREM-602208 (1 HP Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet), RLSP-200 (2 HP Cast Iron Sprinkler).

Pictured are two Red Lion Automatic submersible sump pumps Model RL-SC50T and Model RL-SC50V.

The latest Red Lion Pumps innovation includes the RL-SPBS Series Battery Backup System (Diaphragm Switch, 1200 GPH @ 10 Ft 12 Volt 2 Year Warranty) and the Red Lion 5RLAG-2LKIT (Aluminum Water Transfer Kit 1 Year Warranty).


The Best Pump For Each Sump Pump Type

Each sump pump type includes many models. The following pumps are chosen as the best for each sump pump type. The pumps listed are selected because of their quality, features and customer review rating. Their features shown below provide guidance as to why these sump pumps are the best choice.

One model for a Primary Submersible, a Pedestal Non Submersible, a Battery Backup, a Water Powered and a Utility Pump is provided.

Choose the pump type of interest or scroll to see them all.


The Best Primary Submersible Sump Pump

The Zoeller M53 is the best submersible sump pump for those who need a reliable pump. Zoeller M53 is known for the following.

1) Made in the USA; Zoeller even makes the motor with cast iron housing for better heat dissipation. Pump housing and switch case are cast iron also. It's the Mighty Mate Series.
2) Known as the plumber's favorite for over 30 years.
3) Built with quality. Looking at it and lifting it indicates it is very durable. Ours is 18 years old and still pumping well.
4) Tested for leaks and pumping performance before leaving the factory.
Pictured is the Zoeller M53 Submersible Sump PUmp Mighty Mate series. It is the most popular submersible primary electric sump pump. It is a plumbers preferred sump pump.
5) Uses a snap action float switch which is not affected by ground water contaminates such as calcium carbonate. The switch will last 5 - 7 years or more depending upon its frequency of pumping. The switch is tested to run 1 million pump cycles before needing replacement.
6) Pumps 2,040 GPH at a 10 foot vertical height for a maximum pumping height of 19.25 feet. Since its switch ON height is 7.25 inches and its OFF height is 3 inches, it pumps around 4 gallons of water in an 18 inch diameter pit every pumping cycle. Based on its performance chart that would be 34 gallons a minute pumping every 8.5 seconds.
7) Powered with a 120-volt, 1/3 HP oil-filled motor with thermal protection to prevent overheating. Its carbon and ceramic shaft seal keeps water out.
8) Eliminates the need for a bottom protective screen by using a clog-resistant vortex impeller capable of passing ½ inch diameter solids.
9) Includes M55, M57 and M59 in the Mighty Mate series. M57 is all cast iron. M55 and M59 are made of bronze.
10) Makes float switch replacement easy because parts are readily available online and easy to install rather than discarding the pump when the switch fails. We replaced ours after 10 years.
11) Carries a 3 year warranty.

The Best Pedestal Non-Submersible Sump Pump

The Zoeller M84 1084-0001 1/2 HP is a good pedestal sump pump. Zoeller M84 1084-0001 is known for the following.

1) Easy to maintain because the motor and the float switch sit above the top of the pit not submersed in water. In fact the motor cannot get wet. This means there is no need to remove the pump from the pit as is the case with a submersible sump pump.
2) Fits in a 12 inch diameter pit. This leaves enough space for the installation of a battery backup pump in line with the discharge pipe. The pit must be at least 18 inches deep for the float to work properly.
Pictured is the Zoeller 84-0001 Pedestal Sump Pump Old Faithful series 1/2 HP.
3) Offers an adjustable float. The pump will turn ON at approximately 10 - 12-inches and OFF at 2-1/2-inches. For faster cycling, the lower rubber float rod stop can be moved up. The upper rubber float rod stop is placed about 8 inches from the float rod top.
4) Pumps 3,600 GPH at a 10 foot vertical height. As a ½ HP pump, 51 GPM is robust pumping. The discharge size is 1-1/2 inches.
5) Relies on air vents to keep the motor cool since there is no water to cool it.
6) Made of rugged cast-iron construction with a screened base ensure debris does not clog the impeller and column. The cast iron adds 22 pounds of weight so the pump remains in place when pumping. Secures the float rod in place with a metal rust proof arm.
7) Provides an 8 foot power cord. An extension cord is not recommended because too often the circuit breaker trips and causes pump failure. It uses 60 HZ and is 115Volts.
8) Works when installed because each pump is tested before leaving the factory.
9) Results in a safety risk for pets and children since the motor and switch are not submersed in the pit.
10) Provides more quality than the thermoplastic Superior Pump 92553 pedestal sump pump; however Superior Pump 92553 is more budget friendly.
11) Offers a 2 year warranty.

The Best Battery Backup Sump Pump

The Basement Watchdog Special BWSP is a good battery backup sump pump. Basement Watchdog BWSP is known for the following.

1) Pumps almost as much as a 1/3 electric submersible sump pump at 30 GPM or 1,850 GPH at a 10 foot vertical height. The BWE model pumps less GPM, 1000 GPM, and the Basement Watchdog model BWBD pumps more GPM, 2,200 GPM.
2) Runs for 48 to 60 hours intermittently. Obviously more time between pumping cycles extends how long a fully charged battery will work before being depleted and requiring recharge.
Pictured is the Basemenht Watchdog BWSP Battery Backup Sump Pump Speical Connect. Can be connected to Wi-Fi.
3) Uses a dual micro reed switch which means that if one switch fails the second one operates. As the water in the pit reaches the bottom float raising it ¼ inch, the 2 metal strips each carrying the positive and negative electrical current within an enclosed tube surrounded by a magnetic field come together and run the pump.
4) Offers the capability of sending remote notifications via an installed BW-WiFi module.
5) Works automatically when the electric pump fails. The height at which the backup pump switch is placed on the discharge pipe is key to its running when the electric pump stops working but the water in the pit is still rising.
6) Keeps the home owner informed of its status by means of an LED light screen showing the charge status at a glance by alarm and light.
7) Offers longer battery life span when the Basement Watchdog Model BW-27 AGM is installed; however its 1.6 Amp trickle charger works with any Group 27 or Group 30 marine-type deep cycle Wet Cell or AGM 12-Volt Battery.
8) Allows inline installation above an electric pump if pit space is limited; however the ideal installation is placement on the pit floor with its own discharge pipe.
9) Provides easy to install instructions and video for DIY home owners. We have done it successfully. If there are questions, Basement Watchdog customer service is very helpful and responsive.
10) Offers a 2 year warranty.

The Best Water Powered Sump Pump

The Liberty Pumps SJ10 SumpJet has long been the favorite water powered backup sump pump. Liberty Pumps SJ10 is known for the following.

1) Pumps without electricity or battery. It relies on municipal water and its pressure. As long as city water is available it will pump as needed.
2) Removes 2 gallons of pit water per 1 gallon of municipal water used.
3) Depends on municipal water pressure to determine its pumping performance. At an 8 foot vertical height with 60 PSI (pounds per square inch) it removed 17 gallons of water per minute. The SJ10 operates with 20 to 100 PSI; however the lower the PSI, the lower the number of gallons of water removed from the pit.
Pictured is the Liberty Pumps SJ10 Water Powered Sump Pump.
4) Fits in compact pit space with a maximum width of 5.1 inches. It does extend above the pit cover. If an out of sight, installation in the ceiling rafters, water powered sump pump is desired, the Zoeller 540 Flex is recommended. The Zoeller 540 Flex water powered sump pump has the same pump performance at the Liberty SJ10.
5) Includes a built-in check valve at the water inlet. Usually local plumbing codes require the addition of a back flow preventer.
6) Removes pit water as municipal water pressure causes suction to pull the pit water through a removable foot valve that comes with a built-in screen to prevent debris from entering the pump ejector.
7) Installs easier with the provided Sharkbite connection to a ¾ inch NPT water inlet. The PVC discharge size is 1-1/2 inches. It comes fully assembled.
8) Offers accessories including in-usage alarm and WI-FI connectivity notifications
9) Does not operate with a private well pump because it needs continuous water supply without interruption and a private well pump depends upon electricity.
10) Offers a 3 year warranty.

The Best Combination Sump Pump

The Wayne WSS30VN combination primary plus battery backup sump pump system is a longtime favorite for many homeowners. Wayne WSS30VN is known for the following.

1) Gives double protection when the volume of water entering the pit is too much for the primary pump to handle or the primary AC pump fails to operate. This system includes both an AC ½ HP pump model CDU800 and a robust battery backup sump pump model ESP25n.
2) Fits in an 18 inch diameter pit.
3) Installs quickly because there is only one discharge connection for the system. The primary and backup pump come pre-assembled as a unit (the wye is already pre-installed) ready for connection to the existing discharge pipe system.
Pictured is the Wayne Water Systems WSS30VN Combination Sump Pump. This sump pump systems includes a primary sump pump model CDU800 and a battery backup sump pump ESP25n which offers coverage when the electric pump fails to run.
4) Offers reliable pumping performance. The AC primary pump CDU800, ½ HP, pumps 3,840 GPH at a 10 foot vertical height and the ESP25n pumps 1,500 GPH. The AC pump snap action float switch tested to 1 million cycles is not affected by ground water contaminates such as calcium carbonate like a magnetic float switch it.
5) Assembled so if one of the pumps fails it can be replaced rather than buying an entire two-pump system.
6) Comes with steel primary pump housing, cast iron base and thermoplastic backup pump housing. The cast iron adds weight so the system is stationary during heavy pumping. Its total weight is 30 pounds.
7) Utilizes top suction so there is no bottom screen to clean or clog. Top suction means no weep hole is needed.
8) Assembled in the US with foreign and domestic parts so it not manufactured in the USA.
9) Alerts the home owner when the backup pump is running via an audible alarm.
10) Uses a standard 12-volt deep cycle marine battery as power source for backup pump.
11) Offers a 3 year warranty.

The Best Utility Pump

The Superior 91250 utility pump is a favorite for many homeowners. Superior 91250 is known for the following.

1) Offers multiple connection size options: 1-1/4 inch, 3/4 inch (garden hose size) or with an added adapter 1-1/2 inches for usage with a 1-1/2 lay flat hose kit. This utility pump with its connection size options gives it many application options.
2) Pumps down to 1/8 inch from the surface. Its bottom screen, which catches debris, is removable for cleaning by unscrewing its 4 rustproof stainless steel screws.
Pictured is the Superior Model 91250 Utility Pump 1/4 HP.
3) Uses no float which can fail; however that means the pump runs continuously until unplugged. It acts like a manual pump that runs only when plugged in. Offers a 10 foot power cord. Knowing the cord length needed is important because an extension cord should not be used with the Superior 91250.
4) Pumps robustly for a 1/2 HP motor. It will pump up to 25 feet of vertical height. At a 10 foot vertical height it pumps 1,200 GPH or 20 gallons per minute.
5) Can be submerged in water. This offers much usage flexibility. It can be used to remove standing water such as a flooded basement, flushing a hot water heater, removing AC condensate water collection to draining aquariums.
6) Made from thermoplastic which traps heat so the motor can overhead after continuous running for hours. If the motor gets too hot its overload thermal protection shuts the pump off. It is wise to only run in 6 - 8 hours continuously then give it a rest.
7) Converts to sump pump when purchased float switch is added.
8) Uses a bottom screen to reduce clogging from debris. This does mean however that the screen should be clean if used in debris filled water.
9) Requires low amp usage. The manual states it uses 3.8 Amps.
10) Offers a 1 year warranty. This gives enough time to make sure it works when installed.

Where Are Residential Sump Pumps Made?

The sump pump industry is changing these days. Twenty-five years ago many more manufacturers built their own sump pumps, but economic changes are noticeable now.

Three sump pump manufacturers for residential pumps (Zoeller, Liberty Pumps, and Pentair Myers) continue to build their pumps in the USA and the others either assemble their pumps from foreign and domestic parts like a float switch to pump motor with housing (Wayne, Little Giant, and Ridgid) or import a ready to sell sump pump (Superior, Flotec, Red Lion, Basement Watchdog, Everbilt, and Hydromatic). The ever changing economy continues to affect where residential sump pumps are built.

The degree of testing also varies by sump pump brand. Manufacturers like Zoeller and Liberty Pumps test each pump before it leaves the factory so it will work when installed.


Common Questions For Choosing The Best Sump Pump Manufacturer And Brand

How to choose the best sump pump manufacturer and brand depends upon your water pumping needs, matching your needs with the differences between sump pump brands and adding your personal preferences.

All sump pumps will protect against flooding; however some are more suited for your specific water pumping needs.

Here are common questions that will help identify your needs and preferences.

How big does a pit need to be for a sump pump?
An 18 inch diameter pit is needed for a tether switch. A vertical float switch and pump need around an 11 inch diameter. Don't forget to leave room for a battery backup sump pump so your basement is protected when the electricity or your primary pump fail.
What if the water must be pumped over twelve vertical feet high?
High head sump pumps like Liberty 280 0r 290 series work well for vertical heights over 12 feet.
Does ground water containing contaminates like calcium carbonate affect a float switch?
Yes. Vertical magnetic float switches become contaminated by calcium carbonate. after 6 months to a year the float head must be cleaned to prevent early sump pump failure. Vertical snap action float switches, diaphragm and tether float switches are not affected by water contaminates.
Is a 1/3 or 1/2 HP sump pump best?
A 1/3 HP sump pump is good if the water table is low, the sump pump runs only when heavy rains comes, the house elevation is above neighboring houses, the house footprint is 1,500 square feet or less, and it keeps up with the water entering the pit during heavy rainstorms.
A 1/2 HP sump pump is best if the water table is high and the pump runs even when there is no rain, the elevation of the house is lower than neighboring houses, the house footprint is larger than 1500 square feet, heavy rainstorms keep the sump pump running continuously or every 15 seconds frequently and almost causes the pit to overflow
Does it matter where a sump pump is made?
All sump pumps do their job of removing water from a pit to prevent basement flooding; however not all brands offer the same quality, dependability and longevity.
The most popular and preferred brand for plumbers is Zoeller. Zoeller sump pumps (Professional and Premium Series) are made in the USA. They are very dependable and their cast iron housing and motor last for decades. Our M53 is over 18 years old and is working well. We replaced the float switch once after 7 years. Our M53 runs a couple of times a day even though it is not raining because we live in a high water table area.

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We have done the work for you on over 160 sump pumps.

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Primary Sunp Pumps At Pumps Selection

Primary Sump Pumps

Primary Submersible Sump Pumps act as the main pump in the basin; therefore finding the best pump is very important. We provide help for you to determine what your water pumping needs are, so you can make a wise selection. There are many brands, models, sizes by horse power, performance capabilities by gallons pumped per minute, float switch types, clogging prevention designs, and pump housing materials. Select the best pump to keep your basement from flooding.

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Battery Backup sump pumps at Pumps Selection

Backup Sump Pumps

Backup Sump Pumps are a necessity since your electricity and primary pump will fail sometime during a rain storm. Rather than deal with a flooded basement, it is more cost and time effective to install a backup. Many performance capabilities, battery sizes, alarm types, footprint sizes and power source options are available. Select the perfect backup pump for your situation.

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combination sump pumps at Pumps Selection

Combination Sump

Combination Sump Pumps come preassembled with a primary pump and a battery backup. These combination systems come preassembled so all you have to do is align the combination systems discharge pipe to your existing discharge pipe in the sump basin. There are many brands, models, footprint sizes, horse powers, clogging prevention designs, pump housing and performance capabilities by gallons pumped per minute. Find the best pump for your water pumping needs.

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Water Powered Sunp Pumps At Pumps Selection

Water Powered Sump

Water Powered Sump Pumps are a good solution if you have long power outages during heavy storms such as hurricanes. City water is required and available during power outages because generators keep the city pumps running. Water powered pumps are also the preferred choice for homeowners who do not want to rely on battery power. Discover if a water powered system is best for your water pumping needs.

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Pedestal Sump Pumps at Pumps Selection

Pedestal Sump Pumps

Pedestal Sump Pumps are easy to maintain because the pump motor and float switch sit above the basin and therefore are not submersed in the water. The number of brands and models is limited; however horse power and performance capability for pumping gallons per minute vary. Find the best pedestal pump for your needs.

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Check Valves at Pumps Selection

Check Valves

Check Valves are an important part of any pumping system. They prevent the motor from having to re-pump water flowing back down the discharge pipe when the motor stops. They can also lessen the sound of water hammer. There are many brands, styles and end connector types. Select the best check valve for your needs.

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