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Battery Back Up Pump Review by Compare

A review by comparison reveals Battery Backup Sump Pumps ...-
  *  Fulfill a specific purpose
  *  Feature unique characteristics
  *  Possess problems different from other sump pump types
  *  Differ by brand and model
  *  Claim Top 5 Best Selling Best Rated
Be an educated shopper. Understand why a backup pump is so important, know the difference between models and their features, know your pumping needs. Learn before you buy so you purchase the best backup pump for your situation.

What Is The Specific Purpose Of A Battery Backup Sump Pump? Why Is A Backup Pump Necessary?

Backup pumps are to be used only for emergency situations - only when your primary sump pump fails. They are not built to operate day after day. Batteries have limited runtime before they become depleted. In addition, backup pumps are usually made of thermoplastic which can get hot and warp the housing after long extended periods of usage.
A backup pump is necessary because someday your primary pump will fail. There are many other situations besides loss of electricity or failure to keep up with the volume of water entering the basin. Primary pumps are known to fail because of the float getting caught, the switch wearing out, small pebbles lodging in the impeller, debris clogging the bottom screen, a gasket failing to keep a seal, a burned out motor or many other less common causes of failure. Because of so many possible failures and the dislike of cleaning up a flooded basement and possibly dealing with mold, we installed a second pit and have two backup pumps. Of course we get heavy rainstorms and live in a high water table area so the potential for pump failure is high. We prefer to be prepared rather than react to something we could have prevented.
Comparing features and lowest price sheds light on another reason why battery back up pumps are not a good substitute for the primary sump pump. Battery backup sump pumps cost more because batteries are required in addition to the pump.
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What Features Are Unique To The Battery BackUp Sump Pump?

Comparing features to other sump pump types battery backup pumps are ...
  *  Rated by GPM or GPH (gallons pumped per minute/hour) not Horse Power.
  *  Operated by batteries.
  *  Not capable of pumping over 3,000 GPH @ 10 ft lift height. Many can only pump 1200 GPH @ 10 ft lift.
  *  Built with an external float-switch which is height adjustable in the sump pit.
  *  Smaller width thus having a smaller foot print in the sump pit.
  *  Designed for placement in sump pit with a primary sump pump.
  *  Usually made of thermoplastic.
  *  Equipped with an alarm indicating back up pump activation and low battery.
  *  Made to be discarded when no longer working. Few repair parts are available.
  *  More costly due to price of backup pump and need for battery.
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What Problems Are Unique To Battery BackUp Sump Pumps?


Batteries Need Replacing

The biggest problem with a battery backup sump pump is that the battery lasts only three to five years depending on the type installed. The controller for the backup sump pump will monitor the remaining strength of the battery; however, it is up to you to check the controller to identify the condition of the battery.

Some Batteries Are Not Activated When Purchased

All battery backup sump pumps except the Basement Watchdog require already activated batteries; therefore if the battery should fail you can purchase a battery locally, install it immediately and the backup sump pump will begin running again. If the Basement Watchdog is installed it takes around six hours before the battery is activated by pouring the acid into the battery cells.

Not All Batteries Are Mainentance Free

Fortunately most battery backup pumps today will work with a maintenance free battery. Installing a maintenance free battery reduces the frustration because it is very difficult to remember to put distilled water in the battery.

Battery Shelf Life May Shorten Battery Life

When purchasing an already activated battery make sure to check the manufactured date. If the battery has been sitting on the store shelf for awhile, it will not last as long. Because the Watchdog batteries are not activated when purchased, they can sit on the shelf indefinately without affect upon the life of the battery.

Not Enough Amp Hours

The more amp hours the more expensive the battery; however it is wise to install the battery with most amps that will fit into the controller box. Make sure to measure the size of the controller box first. Not all batteries will fit into the backup sump pumps control box. A 75 amp battery will run 8 1/2 hours continuously. If it runs once a minute, it will run for 23 hours. If it run once every five minutes, it will function for 100 hours. If it only runs every ten minutes will will rund for 172 hours. Fourty amp batteries are also available; however the runtime is almost half. It is best to have the longest possible protection because the rainstorms these days cause electrical outages frequently for long periods of time.

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How Do Battery Back Up Sump Pumps Differ By Brand And Model

Brands and models do differ; therefore it is important to know what features are important for your water pumping needs.

Solids Handling

If you are concerned about small pebbles and debris getting caught in the pump, the Zoeller 507 and 508 Aquanot are the best. Zoeller uses a vortex impeller which can handle solids up to one-half inch. Superior 92910 handles 1/8 inch solids. Basemenst Watchdog BWE and BWSP, Liberty 441, Little Giant SPBS-10HF, Wayne WSM3300 , ESP25 and ESP15 have a bottom screen which prevents small pebbles from entering the pump; however the screen should be periodically cleaned.

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Float Switch

If you are concerned about the float switch, an external switch is used by all which means the switch is not attached to the pump. Instead it is attached to the discharge pipe. Four models have a dual float switch - The Basement Watchdog Special BWSP, The Basement Watchdog Big Dog BW12, The Wayne ESP25 and the Wayne WSM3300. Basement Watchdog and Wayne use a reed vertical float switch. Zoeller 507 and Zoeller 508, Liberty 441, Superior 92910 and Hydropump RH1400 use a mechanical vertical float switch. Little Giant SPBS-10HF uses a diaphragm switch. Each float switch type has pros and cons. Check out more detail on how each type of pump float switch works.

Battery Recharging

The strength of battery chargers varies by brand and model. The Basement Watchdog Big Dog BW12 has the most powerful charger with twenty amps. Zoeller 507, Zoeller 508, Watchdog Special BWSP, Little Giant SPBS-10-HF have a ten amp charger. The SPBS-12-HF has a 12 amp charger. The Liberty 441 has a seven amp battery charger. The Wayne ESP25, the Wayne WSM3300, and the Superior 92910 have a two amp charger. The Hydropump RH1400 has a one amp charger.

Pumping Capability

Knowing the pumping capacity required is extremely important in selecting the best sump pump for your water pumping needs. If you do not know how much water comes into your pit within a minute, put a yardstick in the pit and see how many inches the water rises in one minute. Each inch represents one gallon for an eighteen inch diameter pit. Wayne ESP15 pumps 720 gph at 10-feet. The Zoeller 507-0005, the Little Giant SPBS-12 and Superior 92910 have the lowest pumping capability - 16.5 - 18 gallons per minute or 990 - 1080 gph at a ten foot lift height. Little Giant SPBS-10-HF pumps 1200 gph and the SPBS-12-HF pumps 1440 gph at 10 vertical height. Hydropump RH1400 pumps 1400 gph at 10-feet. The Watchdog Special (BWSP) pumps 1730 gph at 10-feet. The Zoeller 508-0005 pumps 1800 gph at a 10 foot lift. Watchdog Big Dog (BW12) has a pumping capability of 2,200 gph (gallons per hour) at a ten foot lift. Wayne WSM3300 battery backup and ESP25 battery backup pump 2300 gph at 10 foot height.

Size Of Battery Case

The size of the battery case generally determines how large of a battery can be used; that is how many amp hours the pump can run before being depleted of a charge. The Zoeller 507-0005 and Zoeller 508-0005 battery cases are largest and allow for a Group 27, 29 or 31 battery size.  Mu.tiple batteries can be used with the Zoeller 508-0005. To use multiple batteries, extra battery cases can be order hookup with wire (P/N 007861). The Little Giant SPBS-10-HF, Superior 82810, Hyropump RH01400 and Wayne ESP15 allows for a Group 24 battery size. The Wayne ESP25 can use Group 24 or Group 27. Wayne recommends Group size 27 for WSM3300. Superior only specifies a 12 Volt Deep Cycle Marine Battery. The Hydropump RH-1400 has a battery case size of 17 in. length, 9 1/2 in. width, 11 in. high.

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Shut Off Height

Little Giant SPBS-10-HF has a shut-off height of 20 feet and the SPBS-12-HF shuts off at 23 feet. Zoeller 507-0005 shut-off height is 17.5 feet. Wayne WSM3300 will shut of at 18 feet. The Hydropump RH-1400 shuts-off at 19 feet. The Zoeller 508-0005 shuts off at 22 feet head. The Superior 92910 backup has a shut off height of 20 feet.

Battery Type

Each manufacturer recommends the battery type to use. Little Giant recommends a 12 VDC deep cycle battery rated 85-140Ah, lead-acid or AGM. Wayne recommends a wet cell (SLA) or maintenance free battery for the WSM3300. Zoeller recommends the wet-cell and AGM batteries. Basement Watchdog BWSP and BWD Big Dog use the wet-cell standby;

Dialer Notification

Wayne WSM3300 can notify up to 3 phones (cell phone, office, friend for example). The Zoeller 508-0005 has a  set of dry contacts which allow the  system to connect to home security alarm, auto dialers, or such devices for notificaion. The new Liberty 442 can notify cell phones, laptops and security systems.


Length of run time depends upon battery amp hours, how much charge the battery possesses and how frequently the backup pump runs. Liberty 441 will run 4 continuous hours or 30 hours of intermittent hours of operation. Zoeller 508-005 will run 5 1/2 hours continuously. Hydropump RH-1400 will run 6-7.5 continuous hours or 12 hour at 1 minute intervals and 48 hours at 5 minute intervals. Wayne WSM3300 will run 10-12 hours continuous time or 23 hours at 1 minute intervals or 100 hours at 5 minute intervals with a Group 27 75 amp hour battery but only 12 hours at 1 miinute intervals ro 53 hours at 5 minute interval using a Group 27 40 amp hour battery. Watchdog BWE and BWSP will run 6 - 7 1/2 hours continuously. The Zoeller 585-0005 Pedestal backup pump will run 8 - 10 hours continuously.

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Battery Back Up Sump Pump Reviews

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  *  Review all battery backup pumps by features. (Manufacturer, GPM, Construction Material, Switch Type, Charger Amp, Battery Size, Continuous Runtime Capability).
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Remember: A check valve is required. The best check valves are the quiet check valves. Quiet Check Valves are really silent. Find out why.
Be prepared. Battery backup sump pumps will provide emergency protection from basement flooding.
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What Are the Five Best Selling and Best Rated Battery Back Up Sump Pumps?

We did the research to determine which are the Top Five.




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Wayne Battery Backup Sump Pumps


Liberty Battery Backup Sump Pumps


Basement Watchdog Battery Backup Sump Pumps


Little Giant Battery Backup Sump Pumps





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