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Review by Comparison

Construction for submersible pumps is important because

  • The pump housing for each pump is made to slow down the corrosion process.
  • Thermoplastic will not corrode; however, the sump pump is not built to last as long because internal parts are generally thermoplastic as well.
  • Zoeller Mighty Mate M57 and the Flow Mate series (M98, M137) are the most durable of all the submersible sump pumps.  Their housing, impeller and volute made of solid cast iron.  Mighty Mate M59 is durable as well with housing, volute and impeller made from bronze.  Flow Mate 139 is highly durable with housing of bronze and volute and impeller made of cast iron. 
  • StormPro (BA-33M, BA-33V, BA-75M, BA-75V) are durable as well since the base, volute and impeller are made of cast iron. The pump housing is made of stainless steel. 
  • Watchdog Green Line pumps are not as durable as Zoeller, however, they do have cast iron housing, metal volute and balanced cast iron impeller
  • Simer Ace-in-the-Hole has stainless steel housing, cast iron volute and impeller made from glass-filled polypropolyene.
  • Ridgid sump pumps have stainless steel housing and impeller made from cast iron.
  • Sump Pumps manufactured by Wayne, Little Giant and Flotec that have cast iron or stainless steel housing, may have a volute of cast iron, but the impeller is made of glass-filled polypropolyene, nylon or some form of thermoplastic.   

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