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Discover how Water Powered Sump Pump works so you will know if your watered powered pump is working properly and you can make a better selection of best sump pump suited for your pumping needs.  Here are the highlights about water powered pumps. 

  • There are two styles - those that sit above the pit and those that sit in the pit.
  • Municipal water is required for their operation. House well water will not work.
  • The greater the water pressure the more water they suck out. 
  • The have no moving parts.
  • They do not require a battery or electricity.
  • They suck water from the bottom of the pit; therefore if your pit is not clean of debris they are not a good pump choice for you. 
  • They have a low pumping capability.
  • The ratio of municipal water required to remove pit water ranges from 1 (municipal) :1 (Pit) or 2:1.

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