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Basement Watchdog BW4000 Review  

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The Basement Watchdog BW4000 is given a 93% high rating by customer. It is a combination pump system with the primary submersible sump pump BW1050 and the Battery Backup BWSP (The Watchdog Special). It offers good quality for the cost. At a 10 foot lift the BW1050 pumps 37 gallons per minute and the BWSP pumps 29 GPM. Each pump has a dual float switch that is independent of the pump thus allowing the owner to determine the height of the switch cage placement.

BW4000 without the battery and acid
Basement Watchdog (Glentronics) BW4000 Combination Primary and Back-up Sump Pump System
Pictured is the Watchdog BW4000 which is a combination pump system with the Primary BW1050 sump pump and the BWSP Battery Backup Sump Pump sold as one pump system
Why is the Basement Watchdog Combination Pump System BW4000 rated highly by customers? It has both quality and many unique features for  homeowners who need both a primary submersible and an emergency backup pump to provide from protection from basement flooding.

Are you looking for a complete pump system that is easy to install and has additional float switch failure protection?

Topics covered for the Combination Basement Watchdog BW4000 (Primary BW1050 and Battery Backup BWSP)

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Combo Pump Features
Four float switches. The Watchdog BW4000 handles the float switch failure in a very unique way. Both the primary pump and the battery backup pump have 2 float switches each. If one float switch fails the other one begins operation. And if both fail on the primary pump the battery backup pump can begin operation and keep operating since it also has two float switches.  Because there are 2 float switches per pump, it does not have a piggy back switch for manual operation. This means that once all four float switches fail to operate the will no longer run. The float switches are vertical requiring little room in the pit. When the float switch is activated it only moves 1/4  inch.

Eco-Friendly. This combo pump is very green. The motor is water filled rather than the usual oil-filled. The primary pump uses only 4.7 amps to run. Most competitor pumps require at least nine. The battery backup pump uses 10 to 12 amps.

Pumping capacity. The primary BW1050 can pump 3200 gallons per hour at a 10 foot lift with a maximum lift of 25 feet. The battery backup BWSP can pump 1730 gallons per hour at a 10 foot lift with a maximum lift of 14 feet. If the primary pump cannot keep up with the water flow into the pit, the backup pump will also kick in so the two pumps work together in moving the water from the pit.

Construction material. Both the primary and battery backup pump housing is thermoplastic. The impeller is polycarbonate, the strongest of the thermoplastics.

Thermo protection. Both have thermo override protection. They can operate in a liquid temperature range of 40 to 140 degrees.

Power supply. The primary BW1050 required a 115 V circuit at 50/50 Hz and runs on 4.7 amps which is very low compared to its competitors. If the pump ran every 5 minutes ti would cost $75 per year less to run this pump than another pump running on 10 to 12 amps. The battery backup BWSP runs on a 12 volt 140 amp battery. Using a group size 30 battery, this pump will run 7.5 continuous hours with a fully charged battery and longer if it runs intermittently.

Suction type. Both pumps have bottom suction. To protect the impeller from clogging they have a hard thermoplastic slotted case that fits on the bottom of pump base.

Foot print size in pit. These pumps are small in comparison to other competitor combo sump pumps. Together they require a minimum sized pit diameter of 12 inches. They would fit in a 18 inch high pit, however a deeper pit is recommended.

Check valves. The combo pumps come with a built-in check valve.

Discharge pipe size. 1 1/2 inches.

Installation. The combo pump system comes pre-assembled. This means all necessary plumbing is already assembled. The only thing you need to do is connect it to your main discharge pipe. You may need to add or shorten the length of your main discharge pipe. Customer reviews confirm this system is easy to install.

Battery charger strength. The battery charger is 1.6 amps. Some competitive systems have stronger chargers and other have less. It takes around 46 hours to recharge a completely depleted battery. When power is restored after battery usage, the battery charger will automatically recharge the battery. The charge shuts off when the battery is fully recharged so power is not drained from the battery.

Monitoring of system failure. The controller monitors the soundness of the system. An alarm will sound if the battery is low, if it needs to be recharged or replaced, the battery cable is loose and needs tightening, the battery terminals need to be cleaned, if the fluid level is low in the battery (distilled water need to be added), the primary pump failed and the backup pump was activated, the electrical power was interrupted (check the circuit breaker and system connections), or the power plug is unplugged from the wall.  The alarm can be silenced when the backup pump is running due to power outage.   

Battery. The battery requires maintenance, the adding of distilled water every six months or so. The battery is not active on the shelf thus you can be sure it will last five to seven years. The life of maintenance free batteries is shortened by shelf life. Buying the acid and adding it to the battery is not that difficult to do. When in service, the alarm will let you know when the battery requires the addition of distilled water.

Warranty. The Combination Basement Watchdog system has a two year warranty.

Pricing and Purchase Links
The price is very competitive for what you get - a primary and backup sump pump system ready to install with all of the parts already attached except for the battery and acid. The price ranges from $395 to $520.

Basement Watchdog (Glentronics) BW4000 Combination Primary and Back-up Sump Pump System
Customer Reviews
The Combination BW4000 is highly rated by customers. Overall the rating of this pump system is 93% recommend it. Here is what some customers are saying.


Best sump pump for sure, November 15, 2009
By Tim Collins, Midwest, (USA)
It's expensive but not as bad as having a basement flood while away on vacation. This comes with everything you need. Everything is assembled already and you just have to connect it to the outlet pipe with the included rubber coupler. The instructions are amazing and easy to understand. It comes with a check valve as this unit includes one for each pump. Replacement parts seem to be available in case something fails.
Great idea and great product!, May 16, 2009
By Dale Dennis, Columbus, Ohio
We have been having problems with our basement flooding. Our old pump would get stuck sometimes and couldn't handle the amount of water that we get. The BW4000 can keep ahead of the water and it gives peace of mind knowing that is has alarms if it is not working properly. I would highly recommend this to anyone with a problem basement.
Excellent Product, January 15, 2011
By J Fred, Cincinnati, Ohio
The BW4000 is well worth the money. The installation instructions are easy to follow. Even I could do it without experience. Everything is working flawlessly. I dumped a bunch of water in to test the pumps and it was gone in seconds. I probably did not  need such a powerful system, but it definitely helps me sleep at night during a storm! The power goes out for us when it rains hard to the back-up battery powered sump pump is really a necessity. I am not disappointed in this product.
Peace of Mind, March 25, 2011
By Mr. Homeowner, Illinois
I purchased a house in a new subdivision built on a pre-existing farm field. The water table seems to be high. The sump pump in the house I bought was running on and off a lot. When I bought the house there were two pits but only one had a sump pump in it. I was worried. What would I do if the power went out. So I decided to buy the BW4000 so I have coverage for power outage. It was rather easy to install. I did have to buy the recommended Watchdog battery and acid fill also. But that was easy to set up also. So I have two primary pumps and one backup pump. I feel more relaxed now knowing there is a battery powered sump ready to take over in case of a power failure.
Works as advertised - installation precaution, October 27, 2010
By Tim from Council Bluffs, Iowa
I will freely admit the installation of this combination unit was straight forward and relatively easy. Upon installation, the main pump functioned quite well.

However, when I disconnected AC power and tested the battery backed-up pump by filling the sump pit with a garden hose, it switched on as required but it did not take suction and pump out any water.

I forgot to drill a 1/8" hole immediately between the discharge of the back-up pump and the check valve. After that it worked fine.
Easy install, main pump works great, April 15, 2011
I am very pleased with the BW4000 Basement Watchdog. It was very easy to install, with easy-to-read directions. It came pre-assembled so all I had to do was make one connection to the main outlet pipe.  The main pump works like a charm--very good pumping power.

I tested the backup pump and it worked fine. It has not needed to run yet because of power failure. Overall, this seems to be a solid product, backed by a company that thinks about its customers first. I highly recommend it.


Pictured is the Combo Watchdog BW4000 Pump System including Primary Submersible Pump BW1050 and Battery Backup Pump BWSP (Watchdog Special) Combination Basement Watchdog Sump Pump System includes Primary Submersible sump pump BW1050 and the Battery Backup Watchdog Special BWSP. Both pumps have a dual adjustable float switch. The 1/2 HP BW1050 pumps 2200 GPH at a 10 ft lift and the Backup BWSP pumps 1730 GPH at a 10 ft lift. A two-year warranty is included. 

The Combo BW4000 System without battery and acid.

Basement Watchdog (Glentronics) BW4000 Combination Primary and Back-up Sump Pump System

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