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Four Differences Between Zoeller Battery Backup 507 vs 508

Both Wi-Fi Capable

508 With Excellent Three Year Warranty

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Zoeller Battery Backup 507 vs 508 Review Reveals Four Differences

1) Warranty Period

Zoeller battery backup 508-005 pumping performance is 1800 gallons per hour Zoeller The 508-005 has a longer warranty - three years.

The 507-005 has a one year warranty. The 508 backup pump has is fast becoming a favorite among backup pumps.


2) Pumping Performance

Zoeller battery backup 508-005 pumping performance at 10-feet high is 1800 gallons per hour

The 508-005 has twice as much pumping capacity at a 10 foot vertical lift. The pumping capacity of 508 is 30 GPM (gallons per minute) or 1800 gph (gallons per hour)at 10 feet-vertical-height.

The 507 is capable of pumping 15 GPM or 900 GPH at a 10-foot-vertical height which is one-half that of the 508.


3) Discharge PVC Size

The inline PVC connection for the Zoeller 508 is one and one-half inches in diameter. It does not come with a size adapter.

The Zoeller 507 comes with an adapater to fit one and one-fourth or one and one-half inch discharge PVC piping. The 1 1/2 inch discharge pipe is used with the Zoeller 508 because the potential pumping capability is twice as much as the 507.


4) Installation Options

Zoeller 508-0005 battery backup sump pump

The Zoeller 508-005 can be installed inline above the primary sump pump with the discharge pipe system or on the basin floor beside the primary sump pump. The 508 has legs which raises it slightly above the basin bottoom.

The Zoeller 507-005 must be installed inline above the primary sump pump with the discharge pipe system. It has no legs.


Zoeller Battery Backup 507 vs 508 Review Reveals Six Similarities


1) Both Have Wi-Fi Notification Capability

The Zoeller Company has introduced the Z Control Gateway and the new APak which enables FREE email, text, and push notifications for all alert conditions that trigger the auxiliary output.

Using both the Z Control Gateway and the APak requires an internet home moden router and usage of the Z Control Cloud appliication oon the computer or mobile device. In either case a battery backup wire must be connected to the gateway or APak. If the Z Control Gateway is used the Gateway can be connected to a computer or mobile device via an ethernet cord or wifi. APak uses Wi-Fi only. Read more about Z-Control.


2) Both Allow Homeowner To Decide Battery Size

The battery case for 507 and 508 will accommodate maximum battery dimensions of 13” (33 cm) Length x 7-1/2” (19.5 cm) Width x 9-1/2” (24 cm) Height. This will fit all group size 27, 29 and 31 batteries. Multiple batteries can also be used by ordering an extra battery case with hookup wire (P/N 007861).

The battery run time with a fully charged (175 minute reserve capacity) battery when the pump is operating continuously is approximately 7-1/2 hours. If the system runs intermitently longer periods of time will be supports. The run time is dependent upon the frequency of stop-start cycles.

A battery does not come with the system. The battery used must be a deep cycle marine.



3) Both Provide Screen, LED Light Indicators, Audible Alarms And Reset Buttons

An LCD screen always displays battery voltage.

LED light indicators AC POWER status and blinks RED when the AC power is out; the CHARGED LIGHT remains solid GREEN when the battery is fully charged and YELLOW when power is going to the battery; the LOW BATTERY LIGHT blinks RED when the battery is below 10.8 volts and blinks rapidly when the battery is below 8.4 volts; the HIGH WATER LIGHT blinks YELLOW when the float is activated, and becomes solid after 3 seconds; the ALARM OFF is YELLOW when the buzzer is currently silenced.

An alarms sounds when there is high water, reverse polarity exists with the battery or the battery is low.

A button scrolls to display information on the system such as DC pump cycles and power outages. A button exits to resent the alarm and can be pressed and held for three seconds to silence the buzzer for 24-hours.

Auxiliary Alarms provide contact via a set of dry contacts to connect to home security alarm, auto dialers, etc.and receive alarms through the Z Control Cloud.


4) Both Use A Remote Vertical Float Switch

The vertical float switch attaches to the discharge pipe system.


5) Both Are Tested Before Leaving The Shop

Zoeller tests all of their pumps regardless of pump type. They want to be sure the pump with work after installation. Zoeller is the only company that tests each pump.

In addition, Zoeller handbuilds each of their battery backup sump pumps so they are definately made in the USA.


6) Both Can Be Installed With Another Primary Pump Brand

Measauring the height and width of the basin and the amount of room left on the basin floor if the Zoeller Backup 508 will be installed on the floor is extremely important. If sufficient space remains, installing both Zoeller backup pumps with another brand primary pump is no issue.


How To Install Sump Pump The Zoeller 508 Battery Backup

Preparation Before Install

The Primary and Battery Backup Pump require a separate electrical circuit. Putting them on the same outlet cuircuit will at some point cause the fuse to blow and neither pump will work.

If this is your first installation, leave enough time for resolving confusing and possible mistakes. Look for a sunny weekday so neither pump is needed and if you get stuck you can call a plumber for help. Do call Zoeller for help if you get stuck. their support is very helpful. (1-800-928-7867) or (1-502-778-2731).

Select a location for the battery box with battery and the charger. The wires are six feet. The box must not sit on the basement floor. We built a twenty-four inch high wood platform for our battery box. Installing a shelf on the walll is anothewr option.

Make sure the following are available: solvent primer (purpose) and solvent glue (clear), screw driver, maintenance free battery. Zoeller makes the AGM model 10-1450. Any deep cyle marine battery can be used as long as it is a group 27, 29 or 31.

Discharge piping size to use is 1-1/2 inch Sch-40 PVC. Sch-40 is capabile of handling the pressure created during the water pumping process.


Zoeller 508-0005 installation steps


Consumer Reviews For Zoeller 508 Battery Backup Pump

Excellent Pump Dan W From Chicago, August 2018

It comes with almost everything you need exce[t for some basic plumbing supplies (PVC primer/cement, teflon tape, a tool to cut your existing PVC pipe) and of course the deep cycle battery. A separate outlet is needed. Do not use an extension cord. The 508 has a lot of pumping power and is quiet.

Super Backup Pump Ryan W From Minnesota, Septemer 2018

Super back-up pump. It works like a charm we had an 18 hour power outage. It saved my basement from flooding. It did take a bit of work getting it hooked up to my existing pump. If had to do it over again, I would spend the extra cash and buy the complete primary and back pump assembly. A combo is so much easier to install

Works Great With My M53 Sam W From St. Louis, Septemer 2018

It has a very simple design and runs with low noise level. The monitor shows run time and failure with A/C failure alarm. In my opinion this is the best backup sump pump you can get on the market. I assembled it myself and it is easy to assemble. I am very pleased and it works great.



If you prefer not to measure and cut the discharge pipe and figure out how high to place with battery backup pump above the primary pump and where to place the check valve, a preassembled battery backup pump with primary sump pump is the easiest way to go.

Before buying a preassembled pump, it is necessary for you to know three things.

1) Know the height (depth) and diamter (width) of the existing basin.

2) Determine if the basin narrows at the bottom. Generally 18 inch diamter basins narrow at the bottom to around 16 3/4 inches.

3) Know how much pumping capacity is needed. Is your current primary pump able to keep up with the water entering the basin during heavy rain storms? Learn more about how to determine what kind of pumping performance is required. It is important to know how to measure the basin and determine the volume of water entering the basin.

How To Select The Best PROPak Preassembled Pump For Your Water Pumping Needs

If the volume of water to be pumped from the basin at a 10 foot vertical height is 34 gallons per minute or less, the M53 with the 507-0005 known as PROPak 507-0008, should be sufficient.

If you prefer the M53 primary pump and backup pump to have nearly equal pumping capability the PROPak 507-0006 is best.

If you need the primary pump to remove 61 gallons per minute from the pit during heavy rain storms, M98 with the backup pump 508-0005, which removes 30 gallons per minute, is best. The PROpak is known as 508-0007.

All of the PROPaks will fit in an 18 inch diameter basin because their maximum width is 13 1/2 inches. This is the width if the battery backup is placed inline with the discharge pipe above the primary pump.

All of the PROPaks (507-0011 - primary M53 and backup 507-0005, 508-0006 - primary M53 and Backup 508-0005 and 508-0007 - primary M98 and backup 508-0005) are 20 inches high. The PROPak 507-0008 (primary M53 and backup 507-0005) is only 187 4/3 inches high.


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