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Are you looking for a heavy duty backup sump pump? Are you concerned when those heavy rains come that the electricity will fail and your battery backup sump pump will not be able to handle the deluge of water coming into the pit? Have you looked in the stores and checked online and cannot find a battery backup pump that pumps enough water during an electrical outage?



The following information will identify the battery backup sump pumps with greatest pumping capability; how to get greater backup pumping capability, how does the Sumpro 75 work, easy to install Sumpro Model 75, which heavy duty primary sump pumps can be used with the Sumpro 75, what is the best backup pump system for your water pumping needs and what do customer reviews say. 

Pictured is the Sumpro Model 75 generator running on batteries with automatic transfer switch.

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Battery backup sump pumps with greatest pumping capability

The battery backup sump pumps with the greatest pumping capability at a 10 foot lift include the following:


Zoeller Aquanot II Pedestal and the Basement Watchdog Big Dog BWD BWD12 at 36 gpm or 2180 gph;


The Wayne ESP25 at 38 gpm or 2400 gph;


The Wayne ESP45 and Glentronics PHCC-2400 at 40 gpm or 2400 gph;


And the Hydro pump DH1800 at 44 gpm or 2680 gph.

1) Zoeller Aquanot II
Zoeller 585-0005 Aquanot II Battery Backup Pedestal Sump Pump 2160 GPH at 10 ft 3 yr Warranty (Using Zoeller Battery)

How to get greater backup sump pump water pumping capability
Do you need more than 45 gpm pumping capability when your primary sump pump or utility electricity fail?

Did you know that the Sumpro Model 75 uses batteries and you can use your 3/4 HP or 1 HP electric pump with it?

The Sumpro Model 75 provides a great solution if you need to increase backup pumping capability to 70 gpm or 4200 gph at a 10 foot lift.
The Sumpro Model 75 offers pumping capability greater than 45 gpm or 2700 gph at 10 foot lift.
What is the Sumpro Model 75

The Sumpro 75 is an emergency power system that provides up to 1800 watts of electricity that can support a 12 amp electrical sump pump for 3 1/2 hours of continuous run time.  It takes the DC power of two 120 amp deep cycle marine batteries and converts it to electrical power (AC).

The Sumpro Model 75 has a power head which converts the battery power into electrical power and provides enough watts to run 3/4 HP and 1 HP electric sump pumps for 3 1/2 continuous hours of run time. The power provided is dependable for the entire run time. The power from the Sumpro is only used when the electricity fails because the Sumpro plugs into a wall outlet. The transfer switch in the power head automatically switches the Sumpro to run an electric sump pump plugged into it on the converted battery power when utility electricity fails.

Once utility power is restored, the Sumpro  automatically switches the sump pump back to run on utility power and the Sumpro immediately begins to recharge it's internal batteries for usage for the next power failure.

The Sumpro 75 includes two 16 gauge steel boxes that are attached together when installed. One of the steel boxes is the power head and the other steel box houses the two batteries. It is possible to purchase another steel box to house two additional batteries to

A 40 amp charger is used to recharge the batteries. Recharging may take 6 - 8 hours. Compared to other manufacturers battery backup sump pump systems, this is the quickest recharging since some models require up to 3 days with a battery charger amp size of .2.

Sumpro Model 75 Auxiliary Power Source System Converts DC to 115 AC. Transfer switch automatically switches to Sumpro power when utility power fails. Runs up to 12 amp primary sump pumps.
Pictured is the Sumpro Model 75 on a heavy duty stand with indicator lights.
Easy to install Sumpro Model 75

Installation of the Sumpro 75 is easy. No additional piping or wiring is required; however a dedicated wall socket is necessary.


The power head and the battery box should be placed on a heavy duty stand since the unit weighs around 100 pounds. 2x4 studs make a good, strong stand.


Facing the front of the Sumpro unit, follow the following steps: 1) place the batteries in the battery box so that the left battery terminal is the positive, and the right negative. 2) Then connect the fuse plate across the back battery terminals. 3) Connect the negative (-) battery lead (black) to the negative (-) post of the battery. 4) Screw down the bolt tightly. 5) Plug the Sumpro unit into the designated wall socket AC outlet. Within 30 seconds, connect the positive ( ) red battery lead (red) to the positive ( ) post of the front battery. 6) Close and secure the battery enclosure lid. 7) Plug the pump into the Sumpro.

Which Heavy Duty Primary Sump Pump can be used with the Sumpro 75?

The following heavy duty primary sump pumps can be used with the Sumpro 75 because they require 12 amps or less. This provides many options for the homeowner.


Here are some of your options.


The Simer 3986, Simer 3988, StormPro BA-75V, and Flotec FPSC4550A require only 6.4 - 7.7 amps;


Ridgid SP-1000 requires 9.8 amps;


Wayne CDUCAP995 Switch Genius and  Wayne CDU980; Zoeller M137 and Zoller M139 require 10.7 amps.


Wayne CDUCAP1000 and Little Giant 12-CBA require 11 amp.


For those sump pumps requiring only 7 amps, the continuous run time is extended to approximately 5 hours.

Pictured are the electric primary sump pumps when plugged into the Sumpro Model 75 provide heavy duty backup water pumping capability.
What is the pumping capacity of the above mentioned Heavy Duty Primary Sump Pumps?

Here is the pumping capacity of the heavy duty primary sump pumps that can be used with the Sumpro 75.


Wayne CDUCAP995 Switch Genius, Wayne CDU980, Simer 3986 and Little Giant 12-CBA which pump 63-64 gpm or 3800-3870 gph at a 10 foot lift


The Flotec FPSC4550A, Simer 3988, Ridgid SP-1000, and Wayne CDUCAP1000 which pump 66-74 gpm or 4100-4200 gph at a 10 foot lift


The Zoeller M137, Zoller M139 and StormPro BA-75V which pump 75 - 84 gpm or 4500-5400 gph at a 10 foot lift.

What is the best backup pump system for your pumping needs?
Do you need a backup pump system that has as much pumping capacity as a 1/2 HP or greater primary sump pump? The Sumpro Model 75 will support a 1/2 HP, 3/4 HP and even a 1 HP primary sump pump since they require less than 12 amps to operate.

Do you prefer to use your favorite sump pump model as a backup sump pump? The Sumpro Model 75 allows you to use your favorite electric sump pump as a backup sump pump. The only limitation is that the pump used must require less than 12 amps to run. 3/4 HP and 1 HP sump pumps require less than 12 amps to run.

Do you want a backup pump system that is dependable? The Sumpro will provide a consistent level of power until the batteries are completely depleted. 

Do you need a backup pump system that will power a heavy duty sump pump and provide continuous run time power for 7 - 12 hours? Two additional batteries can be added to the system with the purchase of an additional battery box and jumper cables for less than $200 to double the continuous run time.

Sumpro Model 75 Auxiliary Power Source System
What do customer reviews say?
It works good
By Paul White, Minnesota   July 15, 2011
I was leary of buying the Sumpro 75 because I thought converting DC to AC was wasting too much power. But I had the dilemma that I needed a heavy duty backup sump pump. I bought the Sumpro. It does work. I have a 3/4 HP primary pump plugged into it. It has never had to run over 1 hour when the electricity was out. It ran my pump just fine. Just listening to it as my pump ran on its power made me feel that it is very dependable. I am glad I bought it.

Sumpro Model 75 well worth the cost
By Rich, Minnesota, June 23, 2011
The Sumpro 75 is pricey. However, since I bought it I have talked with several plumbers and they say only good things about it. Plumbers highly recommend it. I needed a heavy duty backup system. This is a good unit.
Good and easy to install
By Bob Greene, Illinois, May 30, 2011
I read the manual and decided to install the Sumpro 75 myself. It was easy to install. I already had a dedicated wall socket. The unit is very heavy, but since the power head and battery box came unattached I was able to handle it. I set the battery box and power head on a stand I made from 2x4's. I made the stand high enough so I could easily access it for battery service. I put the batteries in the heavy duty battery box, hooked up the cables, plugged the Sumpro in, plugged my electrical sump pump into the Sumpro and that was about it. I am glad I bought it. Now I can have peace of mind that I have a powerful enough sump pump to keep up with the water flowing into our sump pit if the electric power goes out when the heavy rains come.

Owned a Sumpro 75 for 10 years
By Mr. Plumber, DesPlaines, IL, March April 20, 2011
I can say that the Sumpro 75 is a great unit. I purchased it 10 years ago and it is still functioning very well. This is a very effective solution for someone who has heavy rainfall when the electricity fails. It has been used seven times during the past 10o years. It runs so well with my 3/4 HP primary electric sump pump. As a plumber I highly recommend this backup system solution.
Great backup pump solution
By Brad, Wisconsin, August 20, 2010
The Sumpro Model 75 works flawlessly. It has a great charging system and provides me peace of mind. Initially I bought AGM batteries. They did not last long and cost a lot. Now I use cheaper 120 amp deep cycle batteries that require my adding distilled water every few months. My 3/4 HP sump pump is plugged into it. When utility electrical power is available my pump uses the utility electrical power; however when utility electricity fails, the transfer switch automatically switches the electrical sump pump to start automatically. This is a powerful, great backup system.
The Sumpro Model 75 provides a great water pumping solution if you need a backup sump pump that can pump over 35 gpm and even 70 gpm or more.

Sumpro Model 75 - Battery Powered Generator with Transfer Switch for Sump Pump Power Backup - Sumpro Model 75
Pictured is the Sumpro Model 75 that provides power for primary sump pumps so they can be used as backup pumps.

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