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  •  The Watchdog Sump Pump BWD - Big Dog Battery Backup Pump is given a 90% rating by customers.
  • This pump can run on electricity or battery power. It has a redundancy (two float-switches in one cage) float switch system.
  • The float switch cage is separate from the pump body.
  • The float switch is attached to the discharge pipe and plugged into the switch controller and the controller into an electrical receptacle.
  • At a 10 foot lift the BWD Big Dog will pump 2200 gallons per hour.

Glentronics INC Bwd12-120c "Basement Watchdog" Computer Operated Ac/dc Sump Pump System
Pictured is the Watchdog Big Dog BWD. It is the top of the line for Watchdog Battery Backup Sump Pumps.
Why is the Basement Watchdog Big Dog Battery Backup System BWD liked by  customers? Glentronics has redesigned the float-switch mechanism since 2007 to provide double float-switch protection and reliability. The float switch is generally the first thing that fails on a sump pump.

Are you looking for a reliable battery backup pump system that is easy to install and has additional float switch failure protection?

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Watchdog BWD Big Dog Pump Features
The Basement Watchdog Big Dog Battery Backup Sump Pump uses a dual float switch and controller to trigger the sump pump into operation.

The controller, BWC-1, provides a protective cage for the two floats. This eliminates the possibility of debris or cords interfering with the float switch operation.

BWC-1 is independent of the sump pump. This makes it easy to install and replace. The float-switch is plugged into the controller, the pump is plugged into the controller and the controller is plugged into the wall. Its configuration is like a piggyback switch.

The height at which to place the cage on the discharge pipe is adjustable. Since the cage is independent from the pump it is possible to change its height; however, it is important to keep the water level in the pit below the water line marked on the basin wall. 

Two float switches exist in the cage; therefore if one fails the other one begins operation to provide ultimate protection against a flooded basement.

You can find out in more detail how the BWC-1 dual float switch works and how to install it on the following page on this website. Watchdog-BWC-1 Dual Float Controller. 
Pictured is the Watchdog (Glentronics) Dual Float Switch and Controller used in Basement Watchdog sump pumps.
The pumping capacity of this pump is 2,200 gallons per hour at a lift height of 10 feet. It pumps 3,500 GPH at a 0 foot lift. Do remember that check valves, 45 and 90 degree angles of the PVC discharge piping do cause resistance and the stated number of gallons may be less.

Glentronics INC Bwd12-120c "Basement Watchdog" Computer Operated Ac/dc Sump Pump System
This pump is energy efficient.

The Big Dog BWD can run on AC (Alternating Current) or DC (Direct Current).

The pump runs on electrical power (AC) when such power is available using 10 to 12 amps. This saves the battery power for usage during power outage.

When electrical power is not available it runs on battery power (DC). A fully charged battery will provide enough power to run the Big Dog continuously for 7 1/2 hours.

Two batteries can be hooked up in parallel with parallel jumper cables which doubles the length of continuous run time to 15 hours.

Here are the batteries for the Watchdog BWD.

7.5HR Deep Cycle Battery

Here's the acid for the battery.

Glentroics Battery Acid Z-Pack Battery Acid 6 Quart

The battery charger is 20 amps; therefore the battery is recharged quicker. It takes approximately 6 to 8 hours to recharge the Group 30 fully depleted battery. The battery charger is only in use when the battery is in operation. This prevents additional drain on the battery.

The battery requires maintenance. The battery is sold dry. This means that acid must be added in order to activate it. See more details on maintaining the battery on the following web page. Watchdog battery maintenance.

The battery will last from 5 to 7 years. The more frequently the battery is topped off with distilled water the longer it will last.

Thermo override protection is present and the pump can operate in a liquid temperature range of 40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

The pump housing is thermoplastic and the impeller is made from reinforced thermoplastic.
Pictured is the correct hookup for the Glentronics battery.
The Watchdog Big Dog sucks up the water from the bottom of the pump. A protective plastic strainer fits on the bottom of the pump to protect the impeller from clogging.

Check valves are not included; however it is recommended they are installed. They prevent the backflow of water when the pump stops running. A check valve adds life to the pump motor.

Pictured is strainer to protect impeller at bottom of Watchdog BigDog BWD Sump Pump.
Controller and monitoring features are very extensive. They provide knowledge of what is happening with the pump.

The alarm will sound when the battery has a low charge, needs to be charged or replaced, when the battery cables need cleaning (By the way you can use baking soda and water instead of buying battery terminal cleaner.), when the water level is low around the cells. (Only distilled water should be used to fill the fluid levels.), when the pump has been activated for any reason at all,

The alarm can not  be silenced when the red light for the battery or fuse appears. The problem must be fixed first. The alarm can be silenced if the issue is water, the pump or the power. In this circumstance, the reset button can be pushed.

The system also comes equipped with lights. The battery red light means the battery terminals may need cleaning, the battery power is low and may need recharging or replacement or the battery cables are loose and need tightening. The red light for water indicates distilled water needs to be added. The red light for the fuse means the 20 amp auto fuse needs to be replaced. The red light for the pump indicates the pump was activated. The red light for power means the circuit breaker may have tripped or the charger needs replacement. The green light for charger indicates the charger is operating. The green light for operating system means it is operating properly.


Monitoring of system failure. The controller monitors the soundness of the system. An alarm will sound if the battery is low, if it needs to be recharged or replaced, the battery cable is loose and needs tightening, the battery terminals need to be cleaned, if the fluid level is low in the battery (distilled water need to be added), the primary pump failed and the backup pump was activated, the electrical power was interrupted (check the circuit breaker and system connections), or the power plug is unplugged from the wall.  The alarm can be silenced when the backup pump is running due to power outage.   

Pictured are the warnings and alarms provided by the Watchdog Big Dog Computer Controller Unit
Pricing and Purchase Links
The price is very competitive for what you get - The Big Dog has so many excellent features. Compared to competitors pumps the price is reasonable.
Basement Watchdog Big Dog BWD Battery Backup Sump Pump 2200 GPH at 10 Ft Thermoplastic Housing 2 yr Warranty Dual Float Switch Vertical Battery Group 30 7.5 hrs Continuous Runtime Check valve not built in 20 amp Battery Charger Bottom Suction with protective case AC or DC
Glentronics INC Bwd12-120c "Basement Watchdog" Computer Operated Ac/dc Sump Pump System
Customer Reviews
The Watchdog Bigdog is highly rated by customers since the float-switch design has changed after 2007. Overall the rating of this pump system is 90% recommend. Here is what some customers are saying.
I Have Peace of Mind, April 17, 2011
Dave M., Amherst, OH
The manual was very easy to understand. I hope I don't need to use the Big Dog but now I can relax knowing I have something in place just in case.

I had a plumber put it in however because I wanted the backup pump to run in a separate pipe out of the house into the yard in-case there was a city sewer backup.

Great Pump, March 12, 2011
John, Council Bluffs, IA
The Big Dog easy to install, very powerful. This system operates good and more is than what I was expecting. I've had it for 6 years and it still operates flawlessly and I am still on the original battery. I watch the water level very carefully. This is the best system for me to in best in since I value the contents of my basement. 
Very pleased with Watchdog BigDog, May 22, 2010
Jay Fleming, Michigan 

This was recommended to me by my plumber. I am very pleased with it so far. The warning light was on once & I just had to reset it. It indicated that it went on during a power outage. I had occasion to call the company with a question & the tech connected me with management who were so helpful & explained in detail their answer to my query. 6 mos. of usage & it has saved me several times from a flooded basement. Buyinig the Watchdog Big Dog was a good think for me.


Glad we had a Basement Watchdog Big Dog,April 25, 2010 
Denise W., Des Plaines, IL,  
It saved our finished basement from flooding.


Works well so far - I another one of this brand..., March 2, 2010

Both my neighbor and I have had a Watchdog BWD for over a year with no problems. I've tested it by unplugging my primary pump and it has worked well.

I bought this pump for the basement of my addition after having great success with the Basement Watchdog Special Backup in the sump pit in the original basement. That pump has been in place for about 5 years now - with only occasionally needing to add distilled water. The unit beeps when I need to add water; however someone told me if I added water before it beeped the battery would last longer. Once the primary pump was inadvertently unplugged and the Basement Watchdog handled the next rain just fine (and beeped to warn me that it had come on).

I noticed that a few people mentioned they had a problem with the control unit.  I would suggest they plug the control unit into a surge protector.

So far I am very impressed with this Backup Pump.
Brian Miller, Michigan, February 2, 2010
I installed the Basement Watchdog Big Dog Backup Pump 8 weeks ago. It was relatively easy to do. The instruction manual was good and it had diagrams which helped a lot. 

I tested the pump after installing the pump and battery. Everything worked fine. I check on it every once in awhile and everything seems to be fine.

The light on the control box is helpful since it tells me if the backup pump ran. Having the backup pump on my system gives me a lot more peace of mind now.


Pictured is the Basement Watchdog Big Dog Battery Backup Sump Pump with dural float switch.

The Watchdog BWD Big Dog Battery Backup Sump Pump is a good backup system choice.

This pump has versatility. It runs on AC and DC. You  determine the height at which to place the float switch.

The design of the BWD has you in mind. The float switch offers has dual protection. This is a big deal since float switches are usually the first thing to fail. 

Monitoring of the system is very defined. Each of the main functioning parts are listed on the Control Unit and have indicator lights and alarms to keep you informed of the pumps activity.

The Big Dog will protect your basement during a power outage and provide extra pumping capability when your primary pump cannot keep up.

Check it out now. Glentronics INC Bwd12-120c "Basement Watchdog" Computer Operated Ac/dc Sump Pump System

Here's the Battery for the BWSP (Watchdog Special).
Group 30 Basement Special and Big Dog Battery 7.5HR Deep Cyc Battery

Here's the Acid for the Battery.

Battery Acid for Watchdog Special, Big Dog and Emergency (Glentronics Battery Acid Inc Z-Pack Battery Acid 6 Quart


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