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Learn About Pump Manufacturers Before You Buy

Below we provide a list of name brand manufacturers along with the type of pump they manufacture for the home owner. If you already have a favorite learn more about them. The following information gives you an opportunity to learn about new brands. There are many good home systems available.
If you are looking for a good manufacturer, check out the topics list below to see what types of pumps are manufactured and find purchase links for the fifty best selling in case you are looking to buy a new one.

Who Are The Pump Manufacturers For The Home Owner?

Learn who the most popular manufacturers are for the home owner.  You may find some manufacturers you are unfamiliar with.

Read all about their pumps and the consumer reviews to determine if their product is for you.

Please Note: The links found within the Manufacturers Information below provide  models and reviews of their pumps.  

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The oldest independently owned pump manufacturer in the United States is Zoeller. It had its beginnings in 1939. Its first popular pump product was the dependable pedestal (column) sump pump. In recent years Zoeller has acquired the following additional pump companies: Clarus Environmental and Flint & Walling. Zoeller pumps include utility, sewer, sump, well, pool and lawn pumps as well as commercial pumps. 
Zoeller is known as the plumbers choice for home sump pump installation. Consumers also rate Zoeller pumps very highly. Zoeller pumps use high quality cast iron which provides durability and weight so the pumps move little during pumping. All Zoeller pumps are made in the USA and are tested before leaving the factory.
Existing models have been around for many years. However, Zoeller has recently introduced the 508-005 backup sump pump which pumps 30 gpm at 10 feet or 1800 gph which is twice as much as the 507-005. The Zoeller 508-005 allows connection to home security alarms and auto dialers to provide monitoring information to the homeowner when away from home.

Flint Walling and Star

Flint & Walling began operations in 1866. Their first products were the hand operated pump and the Star Windmill. In 1899 this pump manufacturer produced 15,688 pumps. Today Flint & Walling is the United States company to product its own 50Hz and 60 Hz motors for jet and centrifigal pumps. in 1985 they became a division of Mascol Company. In 2009 they became part of the Zoeller company. When reviewing Flint & Walling sump pumps, note how similar they are in design and construction material to the Zoeller sump pump.   


Another pump manufacturer in the industry is Wayne Water Systems which had its beginning in 1941. Wayne provides a wide range of consumer pump products including sump, utility, sewer, well, lawn and pool. Wayne also manufacturers the Ridgid pump products.
Wayne pump parts are not all made in the USA. Wayne specializes in residential pumps and has a vast product line so a homeowner will likely find something that meet their need. Wayne is innovative with new pump designs. 

Liberty Pumps

Liberty Pumps, located in Bergen, New York near Rochester, was founded in 1965. Liberty is a family owned company making all of their parts and products in the USA. They have become know as a leading domestic manufacturer of sump, sewage and effluent pumps for the homeowner and professional trade in North America.
Liberty pumps have some unique features including the unibody which eliminates the pump motor seal, a removable power cord, the magnetic float switch and a removable float on some models so the water can be pumped as low as 1/8 inch. Like the other pump manufacturers they include models with the tether as well as the vertical float with pump housing variations of aluminum, cast iron or engineered thermo plastic.

Little Giant

The Little Giant pump manufacturer dates back to 1941. It was the first company to invent the world's first submersible electric motor driven pump. Since that time Little Giant has specialized in water transfer products. Today it manufacturers sump, utility, sewer, well, lawn, pool and many other products.
Little Giant is known for using the diaphragm switch; however they also have models using the tether and vertical float switch.


FEMyers pump manufacturer had its origins in 1870 with the invention of the double acting hand pump. From that point in history, the Myers pump line grew and evolved over the decades to include wastewater removal and industrial pumps and systems. Myers was sold to the McNeil Corporation in 1960 and was acquired by Pentair, Inc. in 1986. In addition to its industrial pumps, Myers also manufactures sump pumps. 
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Simer was founded in 1972 with a manufacturing focus on industrial instrumentation accessories in Italy. Rival acquired it from Masley in 1992. Simer became known for helping those impacted by all of the bad weather that year with their Simer sump, well and utility pumps.


Sta-rite industries had its modest beginning in 1934. It has grown to become an internationally recognized industry leader in the pump and water system markets. It is known for its shallow-well piston pump and its swimming pool pumps; Sta-Rite is one of the few manufacturers of both pumps and pressurized water storage tanks.
Shurflo Pump manufacturer known for it water products was acquired by WICOR in 1993.
Pentair became known as a global pump manufacturer in 2004. Its acquisition included Sta-Rite Industries, Shur-flo Pump, Hypro Corporation, Flotec, Diamond and Simer.
Even though many acquisitions have occurred most of the pumps are still identified by their original pump brand name.


Basement Watchdog originated in 1989 and is headquartered in Lincolnshire, Illinois. The Watchdog backup sump pumps were invented with an electronics battery monitoring system to inform homeowers when the battery needed maintenance. It was the first of its kind in the early 1990's. In addition Watchdog primary and backup pumps have dual float switches for dual protection if one of the float switches fails.

Base Products Corporation

Base Products Corporation came into being in the late 1990s. They reside in Kenmore, New York. They are noted for their backup sump pumps, especially the Water Powered Backup Pump which is installed on the basement ceiling joists. They also have a backup sump pump which is designed to sit on the basement floor, out of the way, for small or congested sumps.

Superior Pump

Superior Pump is a family owned business which was created in 1999 and is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Superior specializes in residential pumps. Homeowners are especially fond of the fact that the float switch can be removed from the sump pump converting it to a utility pump. Not all parts are made outside of the USA.
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Which Pump Manufacturers Pumps Have The Most Best Selling Best Rated For The Sump, Utlity, Sewage and Laundry Drain?

We reviewed best selling and best rated pumps on several online stores. We found fifty pumps rated as best sellers and best rated by consumers. The fifty pumps represent seven pump types - the Prmary Submersible, the Battery Backup, the Water Powered, the Combination - With Primary and Battery Backup , the Utility, the Sewage and the Laundry Drain Pump.

Zoeller has the most best selling best rated water pumps with ten of the fifty.

Wayne ranked a close second with nine or the fifty.

Liberty Pumps ranked third with seven.

Superior ranked fourth with six.

Little Giant and Basement Watchdog ranked fifth with five pumps each.

Flotec ranked sixth with four.

Basepump ranked seventh with two.

Red Lion, Bur Cam and Simer ranked eighth with one pump each. The details for the rankings are found on the Best Selling Water Pumps List.


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Which Pump Manufacturers Have The Most Pump Types in the Best Selling Best Rated Category?"

Zoeller has the most varied product line - six of the seven types, the Primary Submersible (Models M53, M57, M98), the Battery Backup (507-0005, 508-0005), the Water Powered (503-0005), the Combination (507-0008, 508-0007) including a Primary and Backup, the Sewage (M267) and the Laundry Drain Pump (105-0001).

Liberty has five of the seven types - Primary Submersible (Models 247, 257, 287), the Backup (441), the Water Powered (SJ10), the Combination with Primary and Backup (PC257-441), and the Laundry Drain (404).

Wayne has five - the Primary Submersible (Models 58-321-WYN2, 57610-WYN1, EE980), the Backup (ESP25, WEM3300), the Combination including Primary with Battery Backup (WSS30V), the Utility (VIP-50, 57720-WYN1, 57710-WYN2 and the Sewage (58112-WYN2). 

Superior has five - the Primary Submersible (92330, 92250), the Backup (92910), the Combination including Primary with Battery Backup (92910), the Utility (91250) and the Sewage (93501). 

The Little Giant has three types - the Primary Submersible (6-CIA, 6EN-CIA), the Backup (506400 SPBS-12), the Utility (5-MSPR, 505176 5-MSP).

Flotec and Watchdog have three types. Flotec has the Primary Submersible (FPOS1800A-03, FPOS2450-A, E75VLT), the Utility (FPOF360AC), and the Laundry Drain (FPOS1800LTS).

Watchdog has the Primary Submersible (BW1033, BW1050), the Backup ((BWSP1730, BWD12-12DC), and the Combination including a Primary and Backup (BW4000).

Simer has two types - the Utlity (2305) and Laundry/Drain (2935B).

Bur Cam, Red Lion and Basepump have one type. Basepump has the Water Powered (RB750-EZ, HB1000). RedLion has the Primary Submersible (SC-50T). Bur Cam has the Laundry Drain Pump (300514W).

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