How does a Sump Pump Work?

Know How a Sump Pump Works

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How does a sump pump work?  Here are the basics.
  • Sump Pumps run when water rises to a specific height which causes a trigger to activate the pump. 
  • The trigger activating the pump depends upon the float-switch, electronic monitor or digital level controller used per sump pump type and manufacturer brand.
  • When the pump is activated the water is pushed or forced from the sump pit through the pipe, out of the pit and to a predetermined location. 

Compare how sump pump types and manufacturer brands work. Then discover best pump for your pumping needs.

  • Primary submersible sump pumps, Battery backup sump pumps, pedestal sump pumps and water powered sump pumps do NOT work the same.
  • The source of power used by Primary submersible sump pump is electricity (Alternating Current - AC). Battery back up Sump pumps use battery power (Direct Current - DC), and Water powered sump pumps use water to push water from the sump pit.
  • Some manufacturer brands use the tether float-switch; other manufacturer brands use the vertical float-switch, micro processor sensor, diaphragm switch or digital level controller.

Use the links below to discover (read more detail) on how specific sump pump types work or see how the actual sump pump types operate (Videos).  

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