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Are you wondering what others are saying about the Top 9 best selling battery operated sump pumps? Here are some customer reviews.  They provide another perspective. 

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#1 Wayne ESP25

Great Item

By sig1  October 19, 2009

I purchased the Wayne battery back up to replace my ACE -in-the Hole which did not have sufficient pumping power. I now have peace of mind during power outages. Also like the 2 year warranty. The pump is simple to install and maintain. I convinced 2 other friends to replace their existing units with this product. One replaced his Ace-in -the Hole and the under replaced his Watch Dog product with the Wayne pump. I will be having my son-in-law purchase one of these as soon as he moves into his new home. You cannot beat the quality and pumping capacity for the price."

Sits quietly until needed.

Great Product

By zj11 September 26, 2008

The pump is powerful enough to function alone if necessary, and with a proper deep cycle battery can provide long term protection in case of a power outage. Installation is very easy, requiring only a few wires to be connected in addition to the typical sump pump installation tasks. The pump is small enough to fit alongside a main pump in a standard sump pit.

By nitrostreet August 11, 2008

from Mayetta, KS

This pump was packaged well, fairly good instructions on how to install it, tests okay (haven't had to use it, yet, luckily)

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#2 Basement Watchdog Special BWSP

Basement Watchdog Special Battery Backup                                                    By Aimee Bohn Rochester, NY                                                                              I have never had a problem since I got this product. Our basement used to flood all the time, but now I can catch problems at the first sign of water!

Good System, November 2, 2009 By Mark from Minnesota                          Basement Watchdog instructions are very specific, clear and comprehensive. Yes, you need to use their battery which costs around $130 or so, but they tell you this in no uncertain terms up front. It's a special deep cycle battery that requires acid at first then distilled water sometimes, but NO sump pump system is maintenance free so get used to it. If you are not inspecting and maintaining your system at least annually you are taking a big gamble if you have a finished basement and an active sump.

We've have this system for around 6 years and it's worked great. Just replaced the battery after 5 years. The control panel tells you when it's time.We've had power failures and main pump failures (sticking switches) and each time the control panel tells you what's wrong and if necessary the back up pump goes into action under battery power. We thankfully have not had a long power outage with lots of rain, if so the back up system might be stressed... but any system would be stressed in that case.

The alarm is loud... that's a good thing. It's in the basement so it has to be loud to hear it. If you are unable to remedy the problem right away and your main pump is working just pull the fuse and unplug it until you get it fixed and the alarm will be quiet. But under most circumstances the reset is all that's needed... the alarm is an excellent and totally necessary reminder you need to fix the main pump, battery, etc.

The instruction manual is one of the best ones out there to get your system working properly. If you have water problems you need to get right, and Basement Watchdog helps you do just that. Compared to the tremendous hassle and expense of cleaning up a flooded basement taking care of the Watchdog system is a breeze. It's a simple adage, take care of your stuff and it will take care of you.                     

Decent...BUT Buyer Beware, April 6, 2009 By Robert Teller                                   I purchased this product 5 months ago. It operated as expected until one month ago when the battery alarm sounded daily. I contacted customer service at Glentronics and they tried to convince me that I was resetting the alarm incorrectly. After trying this a few more times, I un-installed the unit and sent it back for repair.                  

Glentronics later contacted me stating that the Diehard battery I had been using doesn't work well with their unit. It would have been nice to know this before I spent $250 on this unit. They stated they could only guarantee their battery to work properly. Of course their battery is 2x expensive AND they would not give a discount nor would they fix the incompatibility issue. Please beware when buying this unit that you will likely have to spend another $130 on the Glentronics battery.

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#3 Wayne ESP45

No customer reviews are available for the Wayne ESP45 Battery Backup Sump Pump.

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#4 Basement Watchdog Big Dog BWD12-120C 

So far.....I am very impressed with this backup pump kit.  April 2010

The Basement Watchdog Big Dog Backup Pump was installed about 10 weeks ago. It was relatively easy to do, the instructions with diagrams were easy to understand. 

I tested it and it worked great. I especially like the light on the control box that tells me if the backup pump is engaged. I now have more peace of mind.

I would definitely recommend this setup to anyone wanting a backup sump pump

Stan McGregor, IA




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#5 Zoeller Sentry 507 

5-Star solution for a leaky basement!                                                                     March 31, 2007 By Victor H. Agresti Gaithersburg, MD                                      Zoeller 507 Backup Sump Pump A house we are remodeling had a leaky basement. Heavy rains lasting a few days resulted in an inch or more of water in the basement. A real mess. We got bids from 6 basement waterproofing companies. Five of the six said they used Zoeller equipment because they had the most reliable pumps, and past customers whose pumps failed were bad for business. Our contractor installed a sump basin with TWO pumps: a Zoeller model 507 as backup to a 110 volt Zoeller M-53. At a 5 feet head (rise from pump to water discharge), the M-53 is rated at 43 gallons per minute, and the 507 is 23 GPM. The 507 provides extra protection if the M-53 should fail due to a storm, blackout, damage, mechanical malfunction, obstruction in the pit, or when the M-53 fails to keep up with excessive water due to rain or overloading. It uses a group 27 or group 31, 12 volt, marine battery. The only disadvantage of a battery backup pump other than price, is that the battery needs replacement every 4 to 5 years. Our large 12 volt marine battery sits on a strong shelf two feet off the floor, and the battery charger is attached to the wall. As far as I know, our model 507 pump has never kicked-in due to an emergency, but it certainly alleviates worries about basement flooding.

It works!                                                                                                                    October 23, 2009 By A. Diccion Illinois                                                              My home has two Zoeller pumps in the pit: a Zoeller M53 and the 507 Basement Sentry. Coming home from out-of-town one weekend (during which we received about 5 inches of rain), I arrived with the battery alarm in the basement going off. Upon checking the state of the pumps, it turns out the M53 was obstructed, but the basement was completely dry. The alarm went off because the battery was draining...this meant that the 507 did its duty when the M53 malfunctioned. Since this incident, the M53 has been functioning fine. I glad I invested in the 507!

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#6 Zoeller 510 

No customer reviews are available for the Zoeller Sentry II 520 Battery Backup Sump Pump.

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#7 Basement Watchdog Emergency BWE                                                         

OK Philadelphia, PA Oct. 24, 2009                                                                   Had for five years works fine. Do not like the fact that it constantly charges the battery 24x7. I need to refill the battery twice a year with distilled water. So I guess its overcharging and boiling off into the air we breath in the house. Going to purchase the Special it shuts off when charged this should improve the air quality in the house and eliminate the need for semi-annual refills.

YIKES! Dan, Illinois, Oct. 19, 2009                                                                 Can't turn off alarm while power is off! Yikes! Ok, yes it works (realize battery will only last MAX of 3 yrs) but you'll have to listen to the alarm all night long! Should Have Bought One Sooner Mike, Roanoke, Indiana, Feb. 12, 2009 Great Product Easy to install...actually used it due to power outage the day I installed it..worked great i should have not put off buying one for so more worries about water in the basment...

GREAT PRODUCT... Works Great! Easy to install and operate.                              John C., Missouri, Jan. 16, 2009                                                                          I have owned 2 of these for about 2 years and they work like a charm! I'll be buying a 3rd for a 3rd location today. They are easy to install and super easy to operate. They have also saved me a lot of money when the main pump stopped working.

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#8 Little Giant SPBS-12 

There are no customer reviews available for the Little Giant SPBS-12 Battery Backup Sump Pump.

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#9 Wayne ESP15

A Real Basement Saving Product By Gory Storm City, Iowa                                  I see now that I ordered this pump exactly one year ago tomorrow, on 4/26/07, and kept putting off the installation until 3/9/08. Had the battery on trickle charger all winter to keep it alive. Installation was challenging, but only because of having to work in the sump. I used the Wayne pump in a temporary mount ( duct taped to a two-by-four ) to keep the sump drained while I reworked the plumbing. Managed to end up with a fairly tidy piece of work. Tested OK, and then began to wonder if it would ever see any action. Yesterday it saw plenty of action. Almost three inches of rain and the float switch on the main pump failed. My wife asked me when I got home from work, "What's that beeping noise I keep hearing?" Well, it was the Wayne pump saving our finished basement and all the stuff in it from becoming a flooded junk pond. I really like my Wayne Backup Sump Pump. Really

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