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The Hydropump DH1800 is reliable and easy to install.  It is also flexible in that you have options based on your water needs. It has good quality and cost. It pumps 30 gpm or 1800 gph at 10 foot lift.

Hydropump DH1800 Battery Backup Sump Pump

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Pictured are the parts included with the Hydropump Model 1800 Kit.


Hydropump DH1800 Backup Sump Pump Review

Are you looking for a reliable battery backup sump pump? The Hydropump DH1800 proved to be reliable for 12 hours during the electrical outage due to the most recent hurricane. The pump ran every 20 seconds. The water kept coming in; however this battery backup sump pump kept pumping away to keep the basement dry. That is what one customer had to say about this backup pump.

The following review is written to let you know why this battery backup sump pump is a good backup sump pump solution.

Pictured is the Hydropump DH1800 Battery Backup Sump Pump. It is quick and easy to install.

Easy to Install

This DH1800 pump is easy to install. The pump kit includes the fittings you need. Here is a quick summary of how to install the pump.

The kit includes a battery backup sump pump that is bolted to a bracket, and all required fittings. One of the fittings includes a stainless steel L shaped mounting bracket to which the pump is bolted. The height at which the pump is bolted is generally 2 inches below the water level at which the primary sump pump comes on. The L bracket keeps the backup pump close to the basin wall allowing more room to access the primary pump. It is held in place by the battery case containing a 60 pound battery of your choice. This eliminates the need to drill, cut or glue.

A flexible discharge hose fits into the pump discharge and into the solid state PVC piping for the primary pump with tee, check valve, and 90 degree elbow. The backup pump is installed above the primary sump and its check valve. The installation instructions are very specific and describe negative outcomes if not followed. Failure to install the backup pump piping above the primary pump and its check valve causes water to be sent back down through the main sump pump and pumped again and again never leaving the sump pit resulting in a flooded basement if the primary pump is not operating properly. The tee, check valve and 90 degree elbow must be glued using primer and then cement. Failure to do so will result in water leakage.

The junction box comes already connected to the pump and float. The last item to be connected to the junction box is the battery cables. The terminals are very well marked so it is a matter of attaching the battery cables of the junction box to the battery terminals - negative to negative and positive to positive.

The battery charger is the last item to be plugged in to an electric outlet. Generally there is enough charge to test the pump. After testing it is necessary to wait overnight before a new battery is fully ready for usage.

Pictured is the installed Hydropump DH1800. The placement of all fittings is shown.

Flexibility to suit your water needs

The Hydropump DH1800 allows the homeowner to install the pump to fit their pit size and water pumping needs.

For narrow sump pits, the tether float can be removed from the pump and placed on the discharge pipe. Based on your primary sump pump set up this may provide better protection against float hang up. 

For longer pumping capability, a second battery box, battery and jumper cables can be purchased. A second battery doubles the pumping time. Three sizes of batteries can be selected for usage as long as they are no larger than the following dimensions: 13 ½ inches long, 7 inches wide and 10 inches high to top of battery post. The larger the battery group size the longer the pumping capability. Group 24 batteries provide approximately 6 hours of continuous run time. Group 27 batteries provide approximately 8 to 10 hours of continuous run time. Group 31 batteries provide approximately 12 to 15 hours of continuous run time. The second battery must be identical to the first battery to function properly.  

The battery type of your choice can be used to operate the Hydropump DH1800 as long as it is a 12 volt deep cycle marine battery. Some prefer the sealed lead acid, others prefer the AGM or gel. The AGM is known as the best performer however it is also most expensive.

Homeowners who prefer to use a solid state PVC piping rather than the flexible hosing can glue a short piece of PVC piping to pump fitting, add a 90 degree elbow and PVC piping long enough to glue to the tee. 

During continuous usage the thin red alarm wire can be removed from the terminal block to keep the alarm from sounding every time the pump cycles on and off. Only four screws need to be removed from the small junction box cover to disconnect the wire. This is a very unique feature for a battery backup sump pump.

Pictured is the float switch flexibility when installing the Hydropump DH1800 battery backup sump pump.

Warnings and Alarms

A high water alarm sounds when the Hydropump DH1800 is operating. Unlike other backup systems, the alarm for this backup pump turns on when the pump is running and turns off when the pump has finished its pumping cycle. This means the alarm will go on and off during pump usage unless the red connecting wire is disconnected. The battery is monitored by one status light which indicates when the battery needs replacement.

Other Interesting Features

Since the pump is bolted to an L bracket which is suspended above the primary sump pump, the pump will not become clogged.

The junction box monitors the voltage of the battery. When it reaches 10 volts the pump won%u2019t work. This means the battery is never recharged from a fully depleted status. Since the battery charger is 1 amp it takes 24 to 36 hours to recharge the battery. When not in use the battery charger keeps the battery in ready state since it is a finished charger.

All components of this battery backup pump are made of thermoplastic, a corrosion-resistant material.

The Hydropump DH1800 has a one year warranty and a 30 day complete satisfaction guarantee. If for some reason you are unhappy with the backup pump the entire pump kit can be returned for 100% refund excluding the shipping charge.

Pictured is the Hydropump Model DH1800 battery backup sump pump with its junction box.

Is the Hydropump DH1800 Battery Backup Sump Pump Right For Your Water Needs?

If you answer %u2018yes%u2019 to the following questions, the DH1800 backup pump will be a good fit for you.

Do you have a small pit and are concerned about float hang up? The tether float requires a 10 inch pit; however a vertical float requires no additional pit space. Space is conserved because the backup pump is attached to an L shaped bracket which hangs from the side of the sump pit.

Do you need over 12 hours of continuous pumping capability during a single water emergency? A second battery can be added with another box and cables. A group 31 battery increases the continuous run time to 12 %u2013 15 hours.

Would you like a backup sump pump that provides more room to maintain the main sump pump? The DH1800 is installed on an L bracket which is hung from the side of the pump. This provides room to get at the primary pump, especially if the flexible hose included in the kit is installed.

Are you looking for an alarm that can be silenced during backup pump usage? The junction box wiring is unique for this backup pump. The wire connecting the alarm can be disconnected to silence the alarm for as long as you choose.

Do you need a backup sump pump that has the pumping capability of a 1/3 HP primary pump? The DH1800 pumps 30 gpm or 1800 gph at a 10 foot lift.

Are you looking for a backup pump system that is competitively priced? The Hydropump DH1800 backup pump is reliable, provides the homeowner installation flexibility and sells for a reasonable price. Check it out now.

Hydropump DH1800 Battery Backup Sump Pump

What are customers saying? (Customer Reviews)

Here's what some customers are saying about the Hydropump DH1800.

Excellent Pump
From Dan, New York   August 15, 2011
I tried various local building supply store battery back-up pumps. I didn%u2019t feel good about them so I ordered the Hydropump DH1800. When I tested it I could tell it was much more powerful than any other battery pumps I had tried.
Even though I could have used the flexible hose, I decided to install PVC piping. I can still get at my electric pump because this backup pump is installed to an L bracket on the side.This pump is well worth the price. In fact it is cheaper than some backup pump systems.
Easy to install
From George, Illinois   August 11, 2011
I am not very mechanical, but the instructions for this pump made it easy for me to install. With the help of the installation pictures and step by step directions I did it. It was easier than I expected.

Pictured is the Hydropump DH1800 Battery Backup Sump Pump The Hydropump DH1800 Battery Back Up Sump Pump provides flexibility for the homeowner, protection against clogging since it does not sit on the bottom of the pit, provides an alarm that can be silenced and provides strong pumping power equivalent to a 1/3 HP primary pump at 30 GMP or 1800 GPH at a 10 foot lift.

Hydropump DH1800 Battery Backup Sump Pump

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