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1. Basepump HB1000
2. Basepump RB750
3. Wayne EWP10
4. Zoeller 502-0005


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1. Basepump RB750, HB1000, CB1500 Review
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#1 Basepump HB1000 

Kept my basement dry for 4 days

By Dan Malwitz  Orchard Park, NY  October 18, 2006 
We just had the October surprise snowstorm of 2006. Our power was out for 4 days. The rain that followed and melting snow meant that the Basepump HB 1000 had to run every 5 minutes to keep up with the peak water flow. It never missed a beat. The only negative was the loud water hammer when it shut off. I plan to add a water hammer arrestor to the supply line sometime. It is a great product that performs exactly as advertised.


Homeowner on a hill

By Candece Hanahan  March 21, 2007
I live at a bottom of a hill and it is a necessity to have a backup. When I moved into the home the owner installed this pump. Just had a plummer in here and said these are the worst you could have. My main pump died (didn't know it) back up kicked in and now it died. so for the past two months it has been running on water and sucking water when it wasn't necessary.


Costly, but works great., January 12, 2008

By S. Nicholls  High Bridge, N.J.

When I recieved this, I couldn't believe it was all plastic for the price I paid. But I went ahead and installed it anyway and I am not disapointed in its performance. It works terrific. It is loud as it runs and does cause water hammer at shut off but it does what it is supposed to. Just make sure you correct any high water pressure problems or you will get water blasting out from the head gasket when it shuts off. Also it is very loud because it is mounted right to the floor joist. The one time it kicked on because of a power outage overnight, it woke me up in a second floor bedroom, which when you think about it was actually a good thing so I could check on things. It is pricey, but it works. I just hope its all plastic construction holds up.


Great Backup Pump,  March 5, 2009

Byi Danschy  Chicago, IL

Bought this pump on recommendation from a friend. I lose power a couple times a year. I have used a battery powered backup pump for years, but it does no good when I lose power for a couple days. Plus there is the hassle of replacing the battery every few years. This pump installed pretty easily and works great. No more worries about how long my battery will last. Highly recommended.


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#2 Basepump RB750

Great Product works as advertised, October 15, 2007

Kristian Burkhardt,  Chicago, IL

I bought this product in Oct of 2007. I bought the version that goes inline on your current sump's discharge pipe.

It came 90% preassembled, so there was very little assembly work to do other than the actual install.

The install is straightforward, but time consuming. Cutting a section out of the PVC discharge pipe and installing the basepump was easy. Running 3/4" copper pipe to feed the basepump took me about 4 hours, but I'm a novice with plumbing, and this was my first real plumbing job.

Now that it's installed, it works great.

One recommendation I have is to install a water hammer arrestor near the pump. One of the other posters recommended it, and I did it, and I'm glad I did - the pump shuts off pretty suddenly and it would have been really loud without the arrestor.


Works GREAT - amazing product, June 30, 2008

Caseybea,  Greendale, WI

OK, so when I installed my primary sump pump a year ago, I thought about a backup-- but, didn't think much because my crock BARELY drips, and we live in an area with little or no power outages.

Whoops. 3 weeks ago we had a massive series of storms, and our crock went from drips to a steady stream of water pouring in. Oh yeah, and we lost power for SEVERAL hours. Fortunately, this time we were home and sat by the crock and bailed. And bailed. And bailed. TONS of homes in our area had flooded basements.


The next day I ordered this unit, the RB750. Even under the worst conditions, this version rated way above the max water we ever get.

Set aside a good day for the installation- the plumbing takes the longest (considering you need a new valve, union, a few elbows, a "T"). I am skilled at plumbing, so the installation for me was relatively easy - just time-comsuming because you need to take care to do this RIGHT.

When I hooked it up and fired up the water supply, I have to admit that although I was a bit skeptical, my attitude quickly turned to amazement because this thing works GREAT. As a test, I unplugged my primary sump pump and started filling the crock with water. *click*. *whoosh*- and the pump turned on and instantly started sucking water. I did some measuring and this thing emptied about 3 gallons out of the crock in 15-18 seconds, which actually does match the rating of the unit (750 gallons an hour).

Some people complained about "hammering" (loud noise) when the pump shuts off, I didn't notice it that much but we have arrestors in other parts of our plumbing. I suspect this is more prominent in the bigger model (RB-1000).

Despite the majority of the parts being made of plastic, I highly recommend this as a backup system for your sump pump. One afternoon and the install is done-- and no maintenance required, no super-expensive batteries, etc. And it works quite well.

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#3 Wayne EWP10


Does the job, March 23, 2009

By boyscout35

from Cleveland, OH

I installed this for an emergency backup in my sump well. I didn't want to deal with replacing a battery in a few years. Recently the power went out at night during a rain storm and when I awoke this was working like a champ. It is not as fast as an electrical pump but does the job fine. Make sure you have decent water pressure or it will work very slow. If your hose spray will reach approx 30 feet it should be enough. If you are installing this through a sump cover it is a little difficult to set up.


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#4 Zoeller 502-0005

By Todd October 26, 2008

I've had this secondary back-up pumping system installed for over two years now. It is a very cost efficent. 



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