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Simer is known for having something for everyone. Learn the various options available so you can make the best pumps selection for your water pumping needs. Their options include warranty period, power cord length, housing and base material, float switch type, horse power, pump performance, size and weight. Review the specification comparisons below decide which features are most important. Then check out the discount prices for the Simer model.

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Three Switch Types

The three switch types are the tether float switch, the vertical float switch and the IntelliShield Electronic Switch.

Simer 5950 Submersible-sump-pump-with Tether-FloatThe tether float switch requires the most basin room; however it also has a greater distance between motor ON and OFF which means it pumps more water during one cycle. The tether float switch ON and OFF distance differential is approximately 8 inches. The vertical float switch ON and OFF distance differential is approximately 5 inches. In an 18-inch diameter pit that would be a difference of 3 gallons pumped per cycle.

Both the tether and vertical switches are triggered by the floats raising and lowering as the increases and decreases in the basin.

The IntelliShield Electronic Switch is found only on the 3989. An electronic switch can be very effective since it requires no moving parts and very little basin diameter; however the design of the Simer IntelliShield has proven unreliable as of 2018. The most reliable electronic switch controller sold to date as of 2018 is the HC6000. We installed it in 2011 and have had no failures yet. This is a truly remarkable switch. In fact, the HC6000 could be used with any of the Simer pumps that have a piggy back plug. Learn more about how the electronic switch HC6000 can be used with a Simer pump.

The pumps 2161, 2163, 2165, 2905-05, 2943, 2945, 2985-01, 2943, 2945, 3985-01, 3995, 3996, 4185 have a tether float switch.
The 2164, 2166, 2168, 2165, 2168, 2883, 2886, 2944RP, 2955-04, 2957-04, 3984-01, 3986-01, 3988-01, 3997, 4186, 4188, and 4190 have a vertical float switch.

Four Housing and Base Materials

Simer offers four housing materials: cast iron, stainless steel, zinc and theormoplastic.

Simer 5975 Submersible-sump-pump-with Tether-FloatCast iron is the best housing and base material. It has the following advantages: adds weight to keep the pump more stable during heavy, continuous pumping; dissipates motor heat well; will not warp, easily crack or bend; is stronger than metals such as zinc, stainless steel and thermoplastic.

Stainless steel is second to cast iron. The advantages of stainless steel over thermoplastic is that it dissipates heat better; is stronger and will not wrap, crack or bend as easily.

Zinc is third to cast iron. Zinc dissipates heat better than thermoplastic, is stronger and will not wrap, crack or bend as easily.

Thermoplastic is the least strong and durable. With motor heat over time it will warp, crack and bend.

The pumps 2161, 2163, 2165, 2905-05, 2943, 2945, 2985-01, 2943, 2945, 3985-01, 3995, 3996, 4185 have a tether float switch.
The cast iron housing and base pump models include: 5950, 5955, 5975, 3884, 3996 and 3997. Since cast iron is a superior material, pumps made from it have a 5 year warranty.
The cast iron base and stainless steel housing pumps include: 3984-01, 3985-01, 3986-01, 3988-01, and 3989
The cast iron base with zinc housing include: 2883, 2886, and 3994.
The zinc base and housing models include: 4185, 4186, 4188, and 4190.
The Simer models which are made from thermoplastic for base and housing include: 2943, 2975PC-03, 12356, 12558, 2161, 2163, 2164, 2165, 2166, and 2168.

Five Horse Power Options

The Simer sump pumps offer five horse power options: one-quarter (¼), one-third (1/3), one-half ( ½), three-quarters (¾ ) and one (1) horse power. The greater the HP, the greater the pumping performance curve.

The one-fourth horse power pumps, 2905-04 and 2161. The pumping capability of the 2905-04 is low at 17 gallons per minute at a ten foot vertical height. Though the 2161 is only one-fourth horse power it has a higher pumping capability than a 1/4 HP at 36 GPM.
The one-third horse power models are 2163, 2164, 2883, 2943-01, 2955-04, 2956, 2957-04, 3996 and 12558. Their performance curve ranges from 1,620 to 3000 gallons pumped per hour. The 2957-04 is only capable of pumping 1,620 GPH.
Simer 2886 Submersible-sump-pump-with Tether-FloatThe one-half HP models include: 2165, 2166, 2886, 2945, 2975PC-03, 3985-01, 3986-01, 3994, 3997, 4185, 4186, and 12356. These pumps are capable of heavier continuous rain storms. Their pumping capability ranges from 2700 GPH for the 2945 model up to 4140 GPH for the 4186 model.
The three-quarter HP pumps include: 2168, 3988-01, 3989, 3995, and 4188. The water pumped per hour for these pump ranges from 3540 to 5040 GPH.
The one HP pump, 4190, has a pumping capability of 4,980 GPH.

Four Warranty Periods

Warranty period reviews reveal Simer provides more options than most sump pump manufacturers with their four warranty period options: 1 year, 2 year, 3 year and 5 year warranties.

The Professional Grade Models 5950, 5955 and 5975 come with a 5 year warranty. The warranty is longer because the housing and impeller are cast iron. Cast iron is known for its strength and durability; thus the warranty is five years.
Three other models: with a cast-iron base and stainless steel housing, 3985-01, 3986-01 and 3988-01, also have a 5-year-warranty.
A 3-year-warranty is provided for those pumps with a cast iron base and zinc housing. Zinc is not as strong as stainless steel and certainly not as strong as cast iron, but it offers a good alternative in the 4185, 4186, 4188, and 4190. Even though two pumps have thermoplastic housing, 3945 and 3995. Simer is confident the tether float switch will last longer than the 3-year-warranty.
Two cast iron housing models, 3992 and 3984-01 have a three year warranty.
A two year warranty is offered for two pumps, 2883, 3884, and 2886, with a cast iron base and zinc housing and seven pumps with a thermoplastic-housing, 2161, 2164, 2165, 2168, 2943, 2955-04 and 2957-04.
A one-year-warranty is given to six models: 2163, 2166, 2905-04, 2944, 3994, 3996, 12356, and 12338.

Gallons Per Hour (GPH)

Simer Pumps provides a pump performance curve for each sump pump. The performance curve indicates how much water each model can pump in an hour (sometimes the manufacture provides the measurement in minutes) up a defined vertical height. Obviously the higher the vertical height, the less water can be pumped per hour because of negative friction.

Use caution when comparing Simers performance curves to Zoeller, Liberty or Wayne pumps. Simer only includes the vertical height and does not consider the negative friction that check valves and elbows cause. Their negative can require the addition of three feet to the total vertical height of the discharge pipe from the pump port to the final horizontal pipe which carries the water to its final destination.

For the Simer pump performance curve to be useful, know what the vertical height of your sump pump systems is. If you have one check valve and 2 or 3 elbows add an additional 3 feet. Take your measurement and find where it fits on the chart. This will tell you how much water the model being considered is expected to pump.

If you are looking to purchase a pump with more capability, know how to calculate how much water enters the basin during a heavy continuous rainstorm. If you have an 18-inch diameter basin, the distance between the ON and OFF point for the float switch is 5 inches, the pump runs every 5 seconds, and the vertical height is 7-feet plus 3 feet for check valve and elbows, you will need install a pump that can handle at least 60 gallons per minute or 3600 gallons per hour.

Based on the pump performance curve provided for each pump at a vertical height of 10-feet, here is what each model should be capable of pumping:

The 2905-04, one-fourth HP, gallons pumped per hour is 1020.
The 2955-04 and 2957-04, one-third HP, GPH is 1,620.
The 2161, one-fourth HP, and 2943, one-third horse power, GPH is 2,160.
The 3996, one-third horse power, pumps 2,280 gallons.
The 2163 and 2164, 1/3 HP, pump 2,400 gallons.
The 2944RP and 2945, one-half HP, remove 2,710.
The 2165, 2166, one-half HP, 2883 and 3884, 1/3 horse-power, move 3,000 gallons.
The 3997, one-half-horse-power, pumps 3,480.
The 2168, three-fourths-horse power, 2886 and 3994, one-half-horse-power, remove 3,540.
The 3986-01, one-half-horse-power, removes 3,840.
The 3988-01, three-fourths-horse-power, pumps 4100 GPH.
The 4185 and 4186, one-half-horse-power, remove 4140.
The 4188, three-fourths-horse power, pumps 4,500 gallons per hour.
The 4190, 1 HP, moves 4,980 GPH.
The 3995, three-fourths-horse power, moves 5040 gallons per hour.

Power Cord Length

The standard power cord length is 8 feet. The Professional Grade Models 5950, 5955 and 5975 have a 10 foot power cord.


Basin Footprint Size

Many of the Simer-pumps have a small foot print in the basin. Be sure to measure the horizontal and vertical room in your basin before reviewing the width and height of the following so you can focus only on those that will fit your pit.

The two narrowest pumps are the 2905-04 and 2955 measuring 7.5 inches long x 12.75 inches high.
The 2161, 2163, 2164, 2165, 2166, 2168, 2943, 2945 are 8-inches in length and 12.625 and 1275 inches high.
The 3994 and 3996 are 8.13-inches in length and 16.13-inches-high.
The 3995 is 9.625-wide and 14.25-inches high.
The 4185, 4186, 4188, 4190 are 10-inches-wide and 13.5-inches-high.
The 2957-04 is 11-inches-long and 13.75=inches-13.75-inches-tall.
The 3984-001, 3985-01, 3986-01, 3988-01 are 12.375-inches-wide and 15.5-inches high.


The weight of the sump-pump is related to the housing material used. The heavier the pump the more stable it will be in the pit with less chance for the float to get stuck on the basin wall.

The lightest pumps are the 2161, 2163, and 2164 which weigh 7.7 pounds.
The 2905-04 weighs 8.7 pounds.
The 2165, 2166, and 2168 weigh ten pounds.
The 2943, 2945, 2955-04 and 2957-04 weigh 19-pounds, 10.15, and 10.75-pouonds.
The 3995 weighs 12-pounds.
The 2944RP, 4185, 4186, 4188, 4190 weigh fifteen-pounds.
The 3984, 3985-01, 3986-01, 3988-01, 3994, 3996 weigh 24-poumds.


Simer sump pumps offer many specification options. Before buying a new pump, identify the housing, HP, GPH, dimensions and pump performance curve or your existing pump system. Is your existing system adequate? Identify why you are or are not satisfied with your existing system. Then look for a Simer pump that fits your needs. The above detailed specifications by model will help you to select the best sump pump for your water pumping needs.










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