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Want to find backup power source for your sump pump? Want to find best source for backup sump pump power when electric power fails?



You do have options. There are four backup power sources to be considered.

  • Batteries
  • Water
  • Fuel (propane, gasoline, diesel and natural gas)
  • Solar 

Whiich power source is best?? That depends upon your pumping needs.


Batteries provide flexibility in that they can be used to power two types of sump pumps: the battery backup sump pump and an electric sump pump. 

Naturally batteries provide direct current (DC) power used to power battery backup sump pumps; however battery power can also be converted by an inverter (or converter) to alternating current which runs an electric sump pump.  This means you can use your existing electric sump pump.


Battery power can run a 1300 to 3000 gallon per hour pumping backup sump pump continuously for six to nine hours or for days if the pump runs intermittently. The length of time a battery back up sump pump will run is dependant upon the amount of charge the battery is holding, the size of pump and battery, and its maintained condition. Batteries come in many sizes: group 24, group 27 and group 31. They require varying degrees of maintenance: flooded (wet) cells require adding water throughout the life of the battery. Gel and AGM batteries are maintenance free.



Good choice! Even though batteries require replacement every three to seven years, they provide a great power source and will run the equivalent of a one-third to one-half horse power backup sump pump.  


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Water provides a very convenient, hazzle free source of enegy for water powered sump pumps designed to run only on water. The source for the water must be municipal rather than a private house well. Some water powered sump pumps force two gallons of sump water out of the pit using only one gallon of city water. Others  require one gallon of city water to force one gallon of sump water from the pit. 

Water powered sump pumps have fewer moving parts and thus a lower pump failure rate.  This type of power works well for those home owners who require a one-third or less horse powered electrical pump. The highest pumping rate is 2,000 gallons per hour.

Good Choice! Less moving parts to fail! If you have municipal water and need a pumping rate of less than 2,000 GPH, this could be the pump for you.


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Fuel (Propone, gasoline, diesel and natural gas) provides sufficient power to run any sized horse power pump. The key is knowing how many watts your sump pump requires for start up and continous running. 

Portable generators running on propane, gasoline or natural gas require a manual start so are not convenient if you need the pump to automatically start when the electricity fails. Portable generators will run as long as the source of fuel is present. Generator power is measured by watts so they power electrical sump pumps.

Good Choice! If you are home when this backup power is needed. No need to buy a special sump pump. Your existing electrical pump will run just fine.  

Standby generators are powered by natural gas or propane tanks. They start automatically when the power goes out if equpped with a tranfer switch. This type of power will also support any sized horse power sump pump. Standby generators are costly; however their full value is realized when other home devices are plugged in. They are equipped to run furnaces, air conditioners, refrigerators, stoves and many other devices. Standby generators are a very wise choice for those homeowners who experience frequent and lengthy electric power outages.

Good choice! Very worry free! Everything is automated with a transfer switch. No need to buy a special sump pump. It will run your existing electrical sump pump including a three-quarter HP and larger pump.


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Solar Power provides energy for an electric sump pump when solar energy is run through a converter unit. The number and size of solar panels determines the horse power sized sump pump it can support. It is key to know how many amps your electrical pump requires to run. A 10 amp electrical sump pump can run continuously on solar power for fifteen to twenty hours. If you have mostly sunny days, this type of power source can be very economical. A generator converts solar power measured in amps



Good choice! Solar energy is environmentally friendly! If you have sunlight and require less than 1,000 GPH, this is may be a good alternative backup power source. No special pump required. It runs an electric sump pump.



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