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Campbell 1.5 in Quiet B-0823-15 Sump Pump Chk Valve
Brady Chk Valve 1-1/2 in Quiet B-0823-15 Sump Pump Quiet Chk Valve
AY McDonald 1.5 in Quiet 4424-100 2069C Sump Pump Chk Valve
Valterra Quiet Check-Valve 200-CU15 1.5 in Clear Solvent Weld
The quiet check valve is really quiet. The spring-loaded internal flapper silences sump pump check-valve noise.
By installing a quiet check valve there will be no need to ask why there is such a loud sound when your sump pump shuts off. There will no longer be a loud clunking thudding sound. The quiet check valve will ensure quiet operation greatly reducing the noise level in your finished basement and on the first floor.
Surprisingly, your pump runs quietly; the noise you hear is the check valve. Discover more about how the quiet check valve works and hear on the video below how much of a difference a quiet check valve makes.
Learn how the quiet check valve works. Understand how the loud noise happens, how the design makes a difference in the noise level, how to install them, and what other consumers say about the quiet check valves for sump pumps.
Select specific topic for quiet check valve for sump pump. Learn about quiet check valve. They are silent. Compare quiet to traditional. Shop check valves.
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Why does a check valve make a loud noise?

The force of water flowing backward through the discharge pipe when the sump pump shuts off causes a loud clunking thudding noise as the water hits the check valve. Eliminating the check valve is not the solution.
A check valve is placed in line with the PVC discharge piping connected to the sump pump discharge port to prevent water remaining in the discharge pipe to flow back down the pipe through the pump and back into the pit when the pump motor turns off.
The check-valve prevents the sump pump from pumping the same water over and over and prevents unnecessary wear and tear on the pump.
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Check valve installed with sump pump system

How does the design make a difference in the noise level?

The sump pump motor and impeller give velocity to the water as it moves upward. The check valve gate opens upward as the water comes through. The profile of the gate makes a difference in how the liquid flows through.
The more specifically the gate is designed to give passage to the water and air without causing a change in its velocity, the smaller the amount of pressure loss. The lower the pressure loss, the quicker the gate moves back into closed position preventing air and water from going through the sides of the gate and causing water hammer.
The more precise the fitting of the gate to the wall of the inner chamber the better the seal and the lower the chances of water hammer.
By applying the explanation provided above, it becomes obvious there is a distinct difference between the hydrodynamic design of the Brady, Campbell, AY-McDonald and Zoeller check valve and the common hardware stocked check valves.
In addition, when putting ones finger inside the inner chamber and feeling the movement of the gate, it becomes obvious that the spring gate of the Campbell check valve will close rapidly.
The noise level of a spring gate and a swing flapper can be compared to a screen door which does or does not have a compression arm that controls the doors closing. 
Screen doors with a compression closing arm at the top do not bang shut. The arm controls how fast the door closes and prevents it from slamming shut.  In the same way the spring of a quiet check-valve controls the closing of the gate.
Screen doors without a compression closing arm at the top of the screen door bang shut because there is nothing to control the closing. The swing valve does not have a spring and therefore bangs shut when the pump shuts off and the remaining water in the pipe flows backwards down the discharge pipe towards the pump.  
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Sump pump check valve design comparison
More Quiet Check Valves

How does the noise of sump pump check valve brands compare?

The Campbell check valve is most quiet. It has a highly defined hydrodynamic design and a ½ pound stainless steel spring for the spring gate.
The Brady model is also manufactured by Campbell. It has a highly defined hydrodynamic design; however the flap gate is hinged and does not have the strong steel spring.
Some Zoeller models valves also have a hydrodynamic design. Customer reviews indicate the Brady and  some Zoeller models are as quiet as the Campbell.
The Basement Watchdog comes in third. It has an additional air chamber to absorb the noise.
The traditional flap Zoeller, Little Giant, Flotec and Wayne rank fourth. They work fine if you don't mind a noise every time the sump pump shuts off and a small amount of water running through the check valve and back through the pump and into the sump pit.
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Sump Pump Check Valve Noise Comparison

Are quiet sump pump check valves more expensive?

Quiet sump pump check valves are not more expensive than other sump pump check valves.
The Campbell and Brady were very comparable in price at the time of this comparison. Campbell was $16.56 and Brady $17.55. Zoeller Quiet Model was around $24, The Basement Watchdog Klunkless was most expensive at $24.99.  Wayne was cheapest at $9.61. Traditional flap Zoeller and Little Giant check valves were the same price $11.25. Flotec was $13.25.
Based on price comparison, Campbell and Brady are the best choice - their price is competitive and they are rated by consumers as the quietest check valves.
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Do consumers say quiet check valves are really quiet?

Read consumer reviews to see what they say

The Brady is quiet    September 21, 2014
By James White, New Hampshire
My plumber put in a new sump pump. The new sump worked fine, but I began to notice after it finished its cycle there were two loud "clunks". I began to investigate and found the noise was due to the check valve closing and the pressure in there was making a "water hammer" clunk. I mentioned this to the plumber. He told me he put in a good quality check valve, but I could tell he did not seem to know as much on this topic. So I did more research and found the Brady model, purchased it and asked him to install it for me. He seemed a little skeptical, but said he'd try it. There is barely a sound now. I am so glad I found this.
Silence at last!  August 1, 2014
By Cindy Johnson, New Jersey
Total silence. This has changed my life. To think I listened to the clunking thudding sound for over 20 years. Its so quiet I have to remember to check the sump pump system to make sure it is working. I do not hear a sound. I really think it is cool to see the gate work through the clear plastic. I love my Campbell check-valve.
This works  July 31, 2014
By Jim Yates, Chicago, IL
I have a one horsepower pump. I was having trouble with all other manufacturer check valves either blowing apart (rubber type) or failing prematurely. I was wondering if I would ever find a good check valve. I found the Campbell. It works with my one horse power pump. I can see the internals to see if everything is working properly. There is no noise either. If you want a reliable quiet check valve look no further. I have bought 3 of these, one for each pump in my house, and will never turn back to any other type.
Why did I not know about this sooner, July 15, 2013
By Judy, Illinois
The Ay McDonald silent valve has changed my life. Everything is so quiet in the house now. We live in a high water table so our pump runs every 15 minutes during dry days. I got so used to hearing the clunking sound but now I can't hear it upstairs any more. This is a great invention.
No more water hammer sounds,  April 22, 2013
For years I listened to the water hammer sound when our sump pump went off. I installed a Campbell silent valve 23 inches above the pump, and it solved my problem completely. No sound at all now! I have a 1 1/4 PVC so bought adapters to transitiion to the size of my 1 1/4 PVC since the ends are 1 1/2 inches. It was not that expensive either.
A quiet check-valve at last,   March 5, 2013
By Dale Johnson, Indiana
Our sump pump made such a noise when it shut off. I thought it was the pump. In talking to a plumber I learned it was the check-valve. I asked him what he would recommend. He suggested the Campbell quiet-valve. I found one at Amazon for a great price. I installed it myself. Not really hard to do. Now it is so quiet when the pump runs. This is a great product.
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Listen! Quiet Check Valve is Quieter.

Listen for yourself. Can you hear the difference between a traditional and quiet check valve? The following video clearly demonstates the difference in noise level.
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How to install a quiet check valve

Quiet check valves are easy to install. Here are the steps.
  • Note how your old check-valve is attached to the PVC discharge pipe. Many valves have a rubber coupler on both ends held in place tightly by a screwed band. The quiet check valve has a coupler fitting that can be glued directly to the discharge pipe and a union that unscrews from the coupler fitting.
  • Hold the new quiet check-valve next to the existing valve. Note the difference in length. Quiet check-valves are around nine inches in length. If the new valve is longer, then the PVC discharge pipe will need to be shortened. If the new valve is shorter, an additional length of PVC discharge pipe will need to be added.
  • Before turning the pump off by unplugging it, remove as much water from the sump pit as possible.
  • Remove the old check-valve expecting the remaining water in the discharge pipe to shower out when the old valve is disconnected.
  • Determine if the distance between the two ends of the discharge pipe where the check valve is installed is sufficient. To shorten, mark where the discharge pipe should be cut and use a hack saw to shorten it. To lengthen, add an additional piece of discharge pipe attaching the extra piece by either using a rubber union and stainless steel clamp or gluing a PVC coupler to attach it to the existing PVC pipe. We added an additional coupler.
  • Make sure the new check valve is in the 'up' position.
  • Glue (prime first then glue) the quiet check valve coupler to the PVC discharge pipe. Wait for glue to dry according to manufacturer specifications.
  • Plug the sump pump into the electic outlet.
  • Listen how quiet the check-valve is.
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Quiet Chk Valve for Sump Pump

Which manufacturers make the Quiet Check Valve?

The Quiet check valve, also known as the silent check valve, is manufactured by MagicPlastics for Campell Mfg. and Brady Mfg, AY McDonald Mfg., Zoeller, Valterra, Spears, Pasco and Jim Murray, Inc. The most known manufacturer for the valve is MagicPlastics Campbell with a Number One Best Seller ranking on most online stores.
The most popular model of the Campbell is B-0823 which has a clear outside chamber wall so the operation of the check valve can be monitored by the homeowner. It is fascinating to watch the gate (flapper) open and close. The valve is so quiet that many homeowners say they watch the flow of water through the chamber and the movement of the gate (flapper) to see if it is still operating. The Brady Model has a solid white chamber outer wall in case you do not wish to see the valve in operation.
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What sizes do the Quiet Check Valves come in?

One and One-Half Inch Diameter
The most popular size for the Quiet check valve is 1 1/2 inches (one and one-half inches). Both Campbell, Ay McDonald and Zoeller make the 1 1/2 inch model.
Two Inch Diameter
Fortunately the quiet check valve also comes with a diameter of 2 inches. It is nice to know that two inch diameter models are available because a homeowner with a 2 inch PVC disharge pipe is very likely to have a lot of water pumped from the sump pit during heavy rainstorms. Eliminating the loud slapping sound or water hammer would be very noticeable and make a very big difference. Both Campbell, Ay McDonald and Zoeller make the 2 inch model.
One and One-Fourth Inch Diameter
Only AY McDonald manufacturers the 1 1/4 inch valve.
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When should an old Quiet Check Valve be replaced?

Quiet check valves do not wear out quickly. If your sump pump does not run much you will probably never have to replace it.
With a clear valve body you will see when the spring flapper no longer keeps the water from running back down the discharge piping and into the pit. When the pump shuts off, listen for the sound of water flowing back into the pit. When this water situation occurs it is time to replace an old valve.
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Campbell 1.5 in Quiet B-0823-15 Sump Pump Chk Valve
Brady Chk Valve 1-1/2 in Quiet B-0823-15 Sump Pump Quiet Chk Valve
AY McDonald 1.5 in Quiet 4424-100 2069C Sump Pump Chk Valve
Quiet Campbell 2 in Quiet B-0823-20C Sump Pump Chk Valve
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Campbell 2 in White Quiet B-0823-20 Sump Pump Chk Valve
Brady Campbell 2 in Quiet B-0823-20C Sump Pump Check Valve
AY McDonald 2 in Quiet 4423-072 2068S Sump Pump Check Valve
Ay McDonald 2 in 2069 Series Sump Pump Check Valve
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Zoeller Quiet Check Valve 30-0041 1.5 in Clear Solvent Weld
Ay McDonald 4420-465 2069 Check Valve Quiet 1.5 in
Ay McDonald 4424-111 2065 Check Valve Quiet 1.5 in.
Ay McDonald 4420-493 2069 Check Valve Quiet
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Zoeller 30-0042 2 In White
Zoeller 30-0043 2 In White
Valterra 200-CU15 1.5 In. Clear
Valterra 200-C15 1.5 In. Clear
Return to Pump Check Valve table
Zoeller 30-0181 1.5 in.
Zoeller 30-0151 2 in.
Zoeller 30-0021 1.5 in.
Superior 99555 1.25 or 1.5 in.
row 6
NDA Prinsco 2251 1.5 in.
Parts2O FP0026-10 1.25 or 1.5 in.
Wayne 66005-WYN 1.25 or 1.5 in.
Little Giant SCV114 1.25 in.
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