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Review by Comparison
What is unique about Sump Pump Parts & Accessories?
There are two featured products we highly recommended:

The Campbell Quiet Check Valve
For years we used the traditional check valves and always heard a loud clap/hammer when our pump shut off. We thought this was the quietest a submersible sump pump could be going through a pumping cycle.
One day we tried the Campbell Quiet Check Valve B-0823-25. We couldn't believe how much quieter it is from the traditional check valves we used in the past. We are glad we made the change.
Check it out now.
Hydrocheck Sump Pump Switch
We tried the traditional sump pump float switches (tether and vertical), the dual float switch, and newer microprocessor with water sensing probe. Each of the switches has failed within two to three years. We kept looking for a sump pump switch that would keep going and going. We found it: the Hydrocheck Sump Pump Switch HC6000.

The HC6000 has a lifetime warranty. It is built to last forever. Read all about its great features. We did not have to buy a new pump. It was compatible with our existing cast iron pump. The switch is compact, requires no tools to install nor any plumbing or electrical changes. We are so glad we found the Hydrocheck HC6000. Since we are so pleased with it we wanted you to know about it.
Check it out now.
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