What Is Water Powered Sump Pump?

Facts About a Water Powered Sump Pump

Water Powered Sump Pump  

Where is the pump placed?

There are two kinds of water powered sump pumps.  One manufacturer, Basepump, has the water powered sump pump placed above and outside the sump pit.  Other manufacturers such as Wayne and Zoeller require the water powered sump pump to sit in the pit next to the primary pump.  


How does the sump pump operate?

A water powered sump pump operates by the pressure of water thus no battery,  electricity or charger is required. 


When water raises the float, a valve is activated which sends municipal water under pressure through an ejector. At the same time suction is created which sucks the sump water from the pit through a pipe and is ejected out.  The check value prevents the water from flowing back. 


Will it work with a house well water system?

A water powered sump pump requires the usage of a municipal water supply.


How much water pressure is required from a municipal water supply?

The amount required to ensure peak performance varies by manufacturer.  60 PSI is great.  It can vary from 40 to 100 PSI.


How will I know if it is working?

The basepump model has an automatic alarm indicating when it is activated. The other manufacturers models do not have an alarm. 


What about the GPH?

A water powered sump pump has a much lower capability: a GPH rate of 251 to 1400.  This is less than what a 1/6 HP primary sump pump can remove.


What about life span?

The water powered sump pump should last longer than the battery or primary sump pump especially the ones that are installed out of the pit above the primary sump pumps. 


How big must the pit diameter be?

This depends upon the manufacturer. The Basepump requires 10" while the Wayne and Zoeller require 18". 


Using the basics to determine if a Water Powered Sump Pump is right for your situation


  • If your pump is very active and must move a lot of water, a water powered sump pump will not keep up with the demand.
  • If you have house well supplied water or your municipal water pressure is low, the water powered backup system is not the right solution for you.
  • If your sump pump rarely runs, has a small volume of water to move when it does run, and your home has municipal supplied water with good pressure, the water powered sump pump will save you money and worry since there are no moving parts and no battery or charger to be concerned about.