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Float Switch Adjustable for Submersible Sump Pump is important because

  • This is the mechanism that triggers the operation of the pump.
  • Without some kind of trigger the pump will not operate.
  • A vertical float relies on rising of water to trigger the switch.
  • A vertical float is the most common float-switch type and depending upon manufacturer is protected from obstruction, but like all other float-switch types eventually stops working.  The vertical floats may be manual or magnetic.  A vertical manual float is raised as the water rises and trips the switch. A vertical mechanical float trips the switch as a metal magnet located at the top of the float rod triggers the switch to operate. 
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Vertical Float-Switch Adjustable - Submersible Sump Pumps

Watchdog Basement Chrome Series BW1033  Submersible Sump Pump

1/3 HP Reinforced Thermoplastic Vertical Dual Float Switch 2200 GPH @ 10 ft. 3 yr. Warranty 1 1/2 in Discharge

Watchdog Basement Sump Pump (BW1033)
Watchdog Basement Chrome Series BW1050 Submersible Sump

1/2 HP Vertical Dual Float Switch Reinforced Thermoplastic 2820 GPH @ 10 ft. 3 yr. Warranty 1 1/2 in Discharge

Watchdog Basement Sump Pump (BW1050)

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