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What is unique about Sump Pump Batteries? 
  • Electricity is not made by them; they store it. 
  • 100% efficient cannot be attaines since some energy is lost to heat and chemical reactions when charging and discharging
  • Lead acid is used in flooded (wet), gelled and AGM (Absorbed Glass Material); however the contruction of their plates is different.
  • Plate thichness of the positive plate matters. This is the plate that gets eatten over time.  Thicker plates last longer.
  • They are grouped by amp hours.  Group 24 is 70-84 amp hours; Group 27 is 85-105 amp hours. Group 31 is 95-125 amp hours.
  • Calculation of continuous runtime is determined by the number of battery rated amps divided by the number of amp hours required by the pump. For example, a 6.5 amp pump will run approximately 12 hours with a Group 24 battery rated 70-84 hours.
  • Gell batteries must be charged at a lower voltage than flooded or AGM batteries. Overcharging a gell battery causes voids in the gell which never heals and causes loss in battery capacity.
  • AGM batteries require no maintenance, are sealed thus having no fume, leakage or spilling. Adding these features raises their price to twice as much as the flooded batteries.
  • Flooded batteries are more prone to leakage and fumes. If this is not a concern, these are the cheapest batteries to purchase.

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Flood Wet Battery


Glentronics 24EP6 Sump Pump Battery For Emergency Basement Watchdog Pump

Glentronics 24EP6 Battery 6 HR for the Basement Watchdog Emergency BWE Sump Pump Wet Type Maintenance Required 1 yr Warranty Basement Watch Dog Battery 24EP6 for BWE Sump Pump

Basement Watch Dog (Glentronics) 30HDC140S Sump Pump Battery For Watch Dog Emergency Special or Big Dog Battery Back Up Sump Pump

Glentronics 30HDC140S Sump Pump Battery for BWSP or BWD1212 Watch Dog Battery Back Up Sump Pump 7.5 HR Deep Cyc Wet 1 yr Warranty Maintenance RequiredBasement Watch Dog Battery Back Up Sump Pump 30HD140S for Emergency Special or Big Dog

Wayne WSB1275 Back Up Sump Pump Battery for Wayne ESP15 or ESP25 Back Up Sump Pumps

Wayne WSB1275 75 Amp Hour Sealed Lead Acid Sump Pump Battery 1 yr Warranty 8 hr Continuous Run for ESP25 or ESP15 Back Up Sump Pump Wayne WSB1275 Sump Pump Battery 8 hr. Continuous Runtime


 Glentronics B-1000 Battery for PHCC1730 and PHCCPro Series Back Up Sump Pump

Glen Tronics B-1000 Standby Deep Cycle Battery

 Glen Tronics B-2200 Deep Cycle Battery

Glen Tronics B-2200 Standby Deep Cycle Battery

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Gel Cell Battery 


MK E27 SLDG Battery Gel Cell for Backup Sump Pump

MK E27 SLDG Deep Cycle Gel Cell 12 Volt Battery for Backup Sump Pumps 3 yr Warraty Self Sealing VentMK E27SLDB Gell Cell Back Up Sump Pump Battery
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AGM (Absorbed Glass Material) Battery 


MK 27 HR 3500S Battery AGM for Back Up Sump Pump

MK 27 HR 3500 S Deep Cycle AGM 12 Volt Battery for Back Up Sump Pumps 2 yr Warranty MK 27HR3500S AGM Sump Pump Pattery

Miscellaneous Battery Related Items 


Little Giant 513402 Power Head for Batteries for Back Up Sump Pump

Little Giant 813402 Power Head for Battery Back Up Sump PumpLittle Giant 513402 Power Head for Battery Back Up Sump Pump