Myers MC1033 (MCI033) Sump Pump Submersible  

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Myers MCI033

is popular because it has cast iron pump housing and volute. This makes it heavier for solid performance. The float switch is two pole which provides longer reliability. The float is very much like that used in the Zoeller pumps. It is made of buoyant material.

It comes with an anti airlock hold already drilled in the pump base. This makes installation easier and removes the possibility of the installer to forget making the hole.

Myers Submersible Sump Pump MCI033 1-3 HP

Why is Myers MCI033 a good choice? It has quality features and is a work horse for homeowners who have an average amount of water during a heavy rainstorm. 


This sump pump is built to last. Most one-third horse power pumps are made of thermoplastic; however the MCI033 is made of cast iron. The cast iron pump housing and volute provides stability to the pump.


The volute base and impeller are made of fiber glass reinforced polypropylene for longer wear. The impeller also has a threaded base insert for additional strength. The vortex style impeller is not as prone to get clogged. The pump itself will handle 1/2 inch solids. The shaft and motor seals are carbon and ceramic for a long lasting seal.


The vertical float switch is built to last longer since it is a two-pole. The float is also much more reliable since it large and made of buoyant material. There is a protective guard for the float switch to keep it from getting caught on the side of the sump pit. The shaded pole motor eliminates failure-prone switches and relays.

The pumps turns 'on' at nine inches and 'off' at four inches.


The pump will fit in a ten inch diameter sump pit. The float switch guard protects the float from getting hung up on the basin wall.


This pump has good pumping capability for a one-third horse power pump. It will pump 40 GPM @ 10 foot lift or 2880 GPH. The shut off head height is twenty-four feet. As a 1/3 HP pump it pumps more GPM than most other 1/3 HP pumps. The average pumping capacity for 1/3 HP sump pumps is 2400 GPH.


The MCI033 requires 9.8 amps to run and fits a 1 1/2 discharge pipe.


Unlike many one-third horse power pumps the Myers MCI033 is very serviceable. The intake screen volute base, switch and power cord can be replaced.

As for the cost, the price is very competitive with other name brand pumps of same pumping capacity made of cast iron. The cost is around $159.
Currently the Myers MC1033 is not available. The following link will take you to the details of Myers MC1033 and show it is unavailable and may not be available again. Myers MCI033 1/3 HP Submersible Cast Pump, Vertical Switch)
Therefore we are recommending some good primary pumps that are very comparabile.
The recommended submersible primary pumps have cast iron housing, vertical float switch, are made in the USA, handle solids of 1/2 inch and have a vortex impeller. These recommended sump pumps are also on the top 20 best sellers and best rated by consumers list. They are very much like the Myers MC1033.
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