Zoeller N137 Sump Pump Non Automatic 

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Zoeller N137 is the best sump pump for anyone when converted to an automatic submersible sump pump with the Little Giant 15DFMMD2WOP Double PiggyBack Float Switch. 

Zoeller N137 Non-Automatic Flow Mate Cast Iron Sump Pump

When converted it becomes an  automatic submersible sump pump by adding the Little Giant Double Piggyback Float Switch.

Little Giant 15DFMMD2WOP Double-Float Piggyback Mechanical Float Switch

Pictured is Zoeller N137 Non Automatic Submerisible Sump Pump Add a Double Piggyback Float Switch to Make it Automatic.

Why is Zoeller N137 the best sump pump? It has flexibility and high pumping capacity plus all of the quality features of a great pump.

This sump pump is built to last. This pump is cast iron - pump housing, volute and impeller. It is built to handle heavy duty continuous use.

This sump pump will not clog. It has a vortex impeller design which prevents clogging. It is also build to pass 5/8 inch spherical solids. This is more than adequate for my needs. It has no screen to clog.

Since it is non automatic it can be converted to automatic by installing the Little Giant double piggyback variable level float switch (# 15DFMMD2WOP). This provides the following benefits:
  • Easy float switch replacement when it requires replacement. I do not have to replace the entire sump pump.
  • Freedom to set the 'cut on' and 'cut off' height of the float switch. It is best to clamp the lower float tom the PVC pipe 9 inches from the bottom of the sump pit. However, I can change the height of the upper float switch based on incoming water conditions. When it is sunny and the water just trickles in I can set the distance between the 'on' and 'off' to 12 inches or more. When the heavy rainstorms come, I can change the distance between the 'on' and 'off' to eight inches. 
  • Decrease tendency to get hung up. It is a vertical float switch and raises up no more than 6 inches. It isn't like the tether.
The float switch is the first thing to fail on a pump. How good to know that it can be  replaced easily. 

The 1/2 HP efficient motor is very powerful. It can pump 93 gallons per minute (or 5,580 GPH) at 5 foot lift and 79 gallons per minute at 10 foot lift (or 4,740 GPH). It has a greater pumping capacity than competitor 3/4 HP brands. Maximum head it will operate with is 25 feet.

The motor is 60 Hz, 1725 RPM, oil-filled, hermetically sealed, has automatic reset  thermal
overload protection. Voltage is 115V. Amps is 10.7. The Upper and lower
sleeve bearings run in a bath of oil. It has a c
arbon and ceramic shaft seal.  It can handle a maximum temperature of 130 degrees F.

The screws, bolts, pump handle, guard, arm, and seal assembly are stainless steel. The cord is 15 foot,
UL Listed 1-wire neoprene cord and plug.

The size of the pump is medium with height of 13 inches and maximum diameter of 12 inches. It will easily fit into an 18 inch diameter pit. 

As for the cost, the quality, flexibility and high pumping capacity make the initial cost worth it. The pump will perform maintenance-free for many years. The only part that will require replacement every 2-3 years or so is the float switch. The cost of the pump ranges from $280 to $325. The variable level float switch ranges in price from $80 to $115. This is a great deal.

If the pump is out of stock, be patient. Check back again soon. 
Zoeller N137 Non-Automatic Flow Mate Cast Iron Sump Pump

In addition to the N137 having the necessary quality for durability and dependability, customers like Zoeller.

Here's what customers are saying about Zoeller.

Zeoller makes the BEST sump pumps!
March 21, 2010 By Amazonion (Boston, Ma. USA) -
I bought a Zoeller sump pump in *1987*, 23 years ago!, and it still works like a champ! Super quiet
( so I know it's still lubed and running smooth ) and moves tons of water straight up 8 feet and then another 50 feet out to the street through 1.5" PVC and 1.5" hose.

High Quality Pump, March 2, 2010
By D. J. Kober - Finally had to replace my Zoeller pump after 12 years of service, actually I didn't really replace it. I just bought another one, I will put a new switch in the old and keep as a spare. We have a very high water table here and the pump runs every 2-3 minutes most of the year. I'll never run anything other than Zoeller.

This is the sump pump standard, May 30, 2010
By JDB Contracting "jim" (Michigan) - I work in new construction and put Zoeller in every home.

18 YEARS AND STILL GOING STRONG!!!, December 2, 2009
By K. Patte 
Don't go out and buy a pump from China from a local store. Go with a Zoeller! Maybe it is time to replace it after 18 years but since it's working fine I think
I'll just let it keep going! Really a quality product!

Great durable heavy duty pumps, March 7, 2011
By Peter (Fairview, CT) - My review is really on my great previous experience with Zoeller Sump Pumps. I've had a Zoeller working tirelessly for over 15 yrs, pumping out water that drains into my sump pit whenever the water table gets too high, from heavy rains and melting snow. I have a drainage pipe system installed around my basement perimeter that drains any incoming water to the sump pit, and sometimes the pump will therefore run on/off for a couple weeks at a time until the water table drops.

Zoeller N137 Non Automatic Sump Pump Can convert to Automatic Little Giant Double Piggyback Float Switch for use with non automatic sump pumps

Zoeller N137 -The sump pump that meets my pumping needs best. 

 Zoeller N137 Non-Automatic Flow Mate Cast Iron Sump Pump

Little Giant 15DFMMD2WOP Double Piggyback Float Switch Little Giant 15DFMMD2WOP Double-Float Piggyback Mechanical Float Switch

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