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Gallons per minute (GPM) pumped for submersible pump is important because
  • Horse power (HP) does not necessarily mean a higher GPH pumping capacity.  
  • For example, Zoeller and Little Giant do not make a submersible sump pump larger than 1/2 HP; however, the Zoeller M137 and M139 can pump more GPM at 10 ft lift than a Simer, Flotec or Wayne 3/4 HP pump.

Facts about gallons per minute

  • Most manufacturers measure gallons pumped by gallons per hour (GPH).
  • Therefore, we are presenting pumping capacity by gallons per hour. 
  • If you need to know gallons pumped per minute, divide GPH by 60.
  • The pumping lift varies per pump application.  We have chosen a 10 ft lift because that is most common.  If your lift is less than 10 ft, the pumping capacity will increase up to 20% more.  For example, at 10 ft lift the StormPro BA33 pumps 50 gallons per minute.  At 5 ft. lift the StormPro BA33 pumps 60 gallons per minute. 

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