StormPro BA33-V Sump Pump  

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Storm Pro BA-33V is popular because it has a vertical float, is energy efficient and has a high pumping capability for a 1/3 HP submersible sump pump. It also has a piggyback switch so you can convert it to run using an adjustable float switch style of your choice.

All you do is buy a piggyback float switch, unplug the pump motor from the existing piggyback switch, plug the new piggyback float switch into the socket, plug the pump in and you have a pump with an easy to service float switch and you can determine the height at which you wish the pump to turn on. 

Check out the piggyback switches this pump will run on.

"StormPro BA-33V - 1/3 HP High Efficiency, Low Wattage, Heavy Duty Sump Pump"

Why is StormPro BA-33V a good choice? It has quality features and is a work horse for homeowners who have an average amount of water during a heavy rainstorm. 


This sump pump is built to last. This pump has stainless steel pump housing with a cast iron volute and impeller. A cast iron impeller is stronger than a glass-filled one with a metal insert.  The top cap and handle are poly resin.


The shaft is silicone carbonate. This material was chosen because it has low density, high strength, good high temperature strength, resistance to oxidation, thermal shock resistant, high hardness and wear resistance, chemical resistant, low thermal expansion and high thermal conduction.


The piggyback switch for this pump is a big plus if you live in an area with high water tables and have a deep sump pit. You can purchase a piggyback float switch type of your choosing, unplug your pump motor from you old piggyback switch, determine the height for the new float on the discharge pipe, tape the old float switch to the discharge pipe so it is not in your way, plug in the new piggyback float switch to the wall switch, plug the pump motor into the piggyback switch and you have a float switch designed to meet your needs. If you attach the float switch to cut in at a higher water level, it will not run as often as a fixed float switch (hard-mounted switch). Like any other sump pump the switch will not last forever and needs to be changed every 2-3 years depending upon amount of usage. Since the float is not hard-mounted it is easier to replace. Remember a vertical switch attached to the discharge pipe requires less pit diameter which leaves room for a backup sump pump if you have an eighteen inch diameter pit. The design of a vertical float switch decreases its tendency to get hung up on the sides of the sump basin.


It keeps solids and debris from clogging the impeller by using the stainless steel screen which prevents anything larger than 3/16 inches from flowing through the intake.


The 1/3 HP efficient motor is powerful. It can pump 50 gallons per minute at 10 foot lift (or 3,000 GPH). It has a greater pumping capacity than some competitor 1/2 HP brands. Maximum head it will operate at is 25 feet. The motor is 60 Hz, hermetically sealed, has reset thermal overload protection. Voltage is 115V.  It is safe for continuous duty.

The screws and bolts are stainless steel. The cord is 8 foot.  

The size of the pump is a smaller footprint with height of 12 ½ inches and maximum diameter of 7.9. It will easily fit into an 18 inch diameter pit along with a backup sump pump. 

As for the cost, the price is very competitive with other name brand pumps of same pumping capacity.

In fact Storm Pro is a better deal since it has many quality features. Its cast iron volute and impeller, its stainless steel housing, its energy efficient 4.5 Amp motor with its vertical adjustable float switch are some of its great features. The cost of this pump ranges from $180 to $220.

Here's a link for the Storm Pro BA-33V for $199. This is a good deal.

"StormPro BA-33V - 1/3 HP High Efficiency, Low Wattage, Heavy Duty Sump Pump"

Customers give the StormPro BA33V a good rating. Here's what some customers are saying about the Storm Pro BA33V.

Great Pump, March 29, 2011

By W. G. Karl (WI)

I attached a different piggyback float switch to this pump so I could set the float switch anywhere on the 1 1/2" pipe. It is now totally adjustable up or down to match your water height. It plugs into the motor plug. Its called the piggyback;  then you put into the outlet. Since the floats not fixed on the unit you control over where you place it.


Works Perfectly, March 27, 2011

By Dan ( Lexington, MA)
I choose this pump because it was small. I installed it pretty easily and it works perfectly.
The vertical switch is adjustable and lets me choose where the pump turns on and off. It seems quiet and pumps water quickly.


Excellent Pump, March 18, 2011
by Mike (South Salem, NY)
I couldn't be more satisfied with this pump. It is very well built, and the switch is an excellent design. This pump is so smooth and quiet I actually went out and bought a water alarm so I could tell if it wasn't working.


Great Pump, March 12, 2011
Ryan (Downers Grove, IL)

The StormPro installed in a flash and is so quiet. It's a workhorse and pumps very quickly for a 1/3 HP. I feel good knowing that the electrical amp is low too.

Pictured is the StormPro BA-33V 1/3 HP Submersible Sump Pump.

StormPro BA33-V 1/3 HP Stainless Steel Housing, adjustable vertical float, 3000 GPH @ 10 foot lift, 2 yr. warranty.

"StormPro BA-33V - 1/3 HP High Efficiency, Low Wattage, Heavy Duty Sump Pump"

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